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Posted in: When filmmakers make movies about real people or events, such as "The Social Network," "The King's Speech," "United 93," "Ali," "Nixon," "JFK," "The Alamo," and so on, how much artistic liberty do you See in context

As soon as you point a camera at something you create a version of reality. Sticking actors in front of it reciting lines written by a screenwriter makes it even more so.

I'm all for these kinds of movies, as long as they are prefaced by the caveat, "Based on a true story". Then it's clear that events, lines, situations may have been changed in order to make them more 'cinematic' or 'entertaining'.

For an example of how not to do it, look at the end of "Schindler's List". Spielberg parades the actual survivors past Schindler's actual grave along with the actors who portrayed them in the film. It seeks to validate everything that happened in the film as historical truth, when it really isn't at all.

I'm all for using historical figures though. That upcoming Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies movie looks like a lot of fun!

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Posted in: Why must Tokyo’s railways engage in aural assault? See in context

I'm sure the blind would love the silence and lack of warnings that trains are about to arrive or doors close...

Get over it.

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Posted in: Galaxy S handset See in context

How much? I guess it depends on if you're already a Docomo customer. It's setting me back about 30,000 to switch over. Monthly bills will be about 11,000 yen.

The store already had to call me to advise me that the handset may not be in until January, so I hope it's worth the wait.

I'm not really interested in using my mobile phone for flash photography or to make video calls, so the 'missing' features don't bother me much.

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