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Posted in: Sunwolves pick up first win of season, beating Reds 63-28 See in context

63-28, holy smokes Batman! That’s a lasting and a half! Wa ooooooo!

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Posted in: Hurricanes overpower Lions in Super Rugby See in context

Same could be said about Vince Aso... Experience perhaps a major factor in selection decisions. SBW back in at 2nd 5, Rieko to wing and Naholo to boot, maybe a bench spot Lam??

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Posted in: Hurricanes halt Highlanders; Chiefs rout Sunwolves See in context

Sunwolves best fans in the comp. Cries of “Ganbare” from the stands sums it up today,from a near miss 2 pointer vs the Lions to a drubbing at home today. Perhaps the Lions not as sharp as we suspect,Ganbatte :)

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Posted in: Chiefs beat the Bulls 41-28 in Super Rugby See in context

Chiefs doing really well so far with basically a B team, agree with Risky and Goldorak about the TMO,Kubo ready with the red but swayed by assistants with the argument of a "slipped in the tackle" BS. The Chiefs vs NZ teams games should be crackers! Go Landers!!

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Posted in: Joseph says Sunwolves role will reap Rugby World Cup rewards See in context

On the other hand, Michael Leitch has played Super footy for the Chiefs for the last few seasons, Ok, a broken thumb two years ago, but surely he has benefitted from the experience of playing in the hardest Rugby comp and conference on the planet to take into the Sunwolves and National teams :)...these players need real rugby, not just your local Hong Kong Saturday afternoon team, bro...

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Posted in: Jones promises England 'won't sleep' in bid to fix Scotland errors See in context

Apparently he got roughed up on the train back to London, that would have been quite a spectacle, poor Eddie!!

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Posted in: Despite Lions draw, All Blacks maintain gap See in context

The game that everyone will care about is at Twickenham on Nov 10th next year. That will be a game to chalk in on your calendar bro!

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Posted in: Australia's Castle shatters rugby union glass ceiling See in context

Robbie Deans must be having a chuckle to himself,.

Born in Australia but pretty much a kiwi,taking the reins of Australian Rugby will be a tough one, hope she does ok! Bledisloe will be a cracker next year!

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Posted in: France awarded Rugby World Cup 2023 See in context

What a crock. Same old story, money talks...Gotta sympathize with Sth Africa and Ireland, robbed..

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Posted in: All Blacks beat France 38-18 See in context

SBW, umm yeah...

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Posted in: Ireland smash Springboks by record 38-3 in Dublin See in context

No disrespect to the Irish, but the Bokke played woefully. Fair nuff, end of season but that’s a shocking scoreline.. ffs get it right fellas...

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup match schedule announced; Japan to open against European qualifier See in context

Ticket prices can be found better start saving..

Opening game runs at ¥2,500 for kids and ¥15,000 for an adult, they’re the cheap seats...

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup match schedule announced; Japan to open against European qualifier See in context

Same amount of shock here for Oita getting the Blackness,bring your binoculars to see past the running track..won’t complain, Fukuoka to Oita is very manageable by car...a reasonable sense of excitement to see the ball rolling with venues and games matched up!

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Posted in: Apple launches iPhone X See in context

Tried it out at Yodobashi today, wow factor.

Guy with white bag in picture looks like he’s about to kak himself, most attention he’s ever had in his life perhaps..?

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Posted in: Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern to be New Zealand's next leader See in context

Winston Peters makes some deals, Labour wins...Hooray! Time to fix NZ waterways and Housing prices, while you're at it, get immigration under control...chur...

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Posted in: New Zealand still deadlocked after postal, overseas votes counted See in context

Just stop immigration, clean up waterways, make housing cheaper, and keep the Blackness at #1 is pretty much all that counts. :)

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Posted in: Japan says it expelled N Korean fishing flotilla See in context

Spare a thought for the families back home in NK that would be persecuted, tortured and probably executed if their family member decided to defect, a big deterrent for some...

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Posted in: All Blacks, Wallabies take rivalry off field before 1st test See in context

I would never underestimate the Wallabies... I thought the Lions would be bounced off the park,reality bites and they nearly got a series win...who would know tomorrow night, lot of reasons for the ockers to fire up..could be a

test for the ages....

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Posted in: Western Force cut from Super Rugby; Australian chief resigns See in context

Real shame, lot of comments around on media about the fanbase and interest in the game being built up over the years..last stop before Joburg, don't think travel is an issue..Bledisloe cup will be very interesting, a real gauge of whats going down in Oz...

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Posted in: All Black Sonny Bill Williams available for Championship opener See in context

The man people love to hate. Gifted, all round legend? He's in and out of the All Black team whenever he sees fit and Hansen will select him above regulars time and time again, Fekitoa has taken note (& the moolah) and is off to France, sad for the Landers....but to be expected..

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Posted in: Sunwolves stun Blues to record first win against NZ side See in context

Good result for the fans, keep the interest alive! Like Goldorak said, who the heck scheduled this for a midday kickoff in the middle of a heat wave?? Several fans were carted off in meat wagons, gotta wonder how the players managed to go as long as they did...Broadcasters (Sky) dictating start times for viewership $$..?? Anyways, Super Rugby at the business end of the season, Lions to get it this year I reckon...

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Posted in: All Blacks' center Williams suspended for four weeks See in context

Trademark SBW human missile, Im sure he knows he's done what he deserved and apologized for it, Lions get a bit of " yeah, cool bro, you'll be needed next weekend" type of treatment from the judiciary...The blackness will conjure up everything they've got this Saturday, take that to the bank... Anyways Im looking forward to the Rugby Championship thats for sure!

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Posted in: O'Mahony to captain Lions in 1st test against New Zealand See in context

I'd say it's gonna be a tight one, Naholo not even on the bus to the looking ok..smothering defence will be an issue, I'm sure the Blackness will sort it out in a hurry, if not, I'll be throwing my speights at the TV :)

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Posted in: Lions beat New Zealand Maori 32-10 See in context

A roiling maul gathers no moss...and a kickathon makes for dreary entertainment, it'll go down in the books anyway as a win..shouldve put money on at the TAB for that margin...

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Posted in: Gatland rues mistakes as losses mount for British and Irish Lions See in context

Lions camping in the opposition backline one of the reasons Crusaders never fired. This game was refereed fairly,Highlanders B played out of their skins against Lions B, and the 'Landers deserved the win fair & square, hard to get a one in Dunners for touring teams. Bring back the 'Brook and a knighthood for Marty Banks plz!

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Posted in: Ireland makes 6 changes, Japan 5 for rugby test See in context

Cracker weeekend for Footy! Preload on ukon and enjoy!

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Posted in: All Blacks demolish Samoa 78-0 See in context

Gotta feel sorry for Samoa, lambs to the slaughter...Lions won't give this much room to move next week that's for sure, don't expect a runaway but the Blackness by 15!

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Posted in: British and Irish Lions arrive in New Zealand See in context

South Island doesn't get a test match...whoever planned this tour is "crazy".

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Posted in: Hurricanes rout Rebels; Kings beat Sunwolves in Super Rugby See in context

Agree with Random..also.making Singapore the Sunwolves second home to get rugby to the masses is a failed experiment..I would've paid going rates to see them in Fukuoka or even Kumamoto,..perhaps the cull will come at the end of the season?

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Posted in: Australian rugby star Matt Giteau to leave Toulon for Japan See in context

Japanese rugby retirement fund keeps on ticking...

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