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Posted in: Ginza drive See in context


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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

Kinki Kids have to be the most famous, but I think "Kinki Tours" bus company has to take the cake.

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Posted in: Japan says it will abide by court ruling on whaling See in context

So does that mean Paul Watson will have to find a real job now?

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Posted in: Hosokawa challenges Abe's energy policy as Tokyo governor race begins See in context

He should come out here to Chiba and smell the air now that all the fossil-fuel power plants have been turned back on after 3-11 to supply power for energy hungry Tokyo. Fossil fuel power plants that were all phased out over the last 20 years to ease pollution. Nuclear energy isn't safe, but burning coal and natural gas is not the right alternative.

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Posted in: Flu season See in context

Novenachama: You may be getting confused with methyl mercury, which can be harmful but even if it were in flu vaccines you would need to have thousands of flu vaccines in one year to get a dose capable of doing any damage.

Anyway, the mercury you are talking about is ethyl mercury, which is not harmful, and actually isn't in flu vaccines nowadays either.

Vaccines are harmless, the myths that fly around each year about vaccines are harmful. That has been well proven.

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Posted in: Typhoon weakens off Japan's coast See in context

Sensei, A tsunami isn't like a wave, it's like a rising river. The water level rises 1/2 a metre so all the waves for a short period would be 1/2 metre higher than usual. If you're in a quiet port watching the boats sitting in the still water, they would all rise up 1/2 metre for a while and it would probably do that over and over again. I've seen a 1/2 metre tsunami come into an estuary once. It was low tide and the water was out so most of the sand was exposed. When the tsunami came, water rushed into the inlet like a high tide. The inlet was shallow so the edge of the water was more than a kilometre higher than 10 minutes before. It was only a few feet of water but you wouldn't have been able to stand up in it, it was like a river. It did that 6 or 7 times over an hour. Scary!

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Posted in: Japan scaling down 2020 Olympic stadium after criticism of cost See in context

This article doesn't mention that the Stadium was already set for upgrades for the Rugby WC in 2019 with a budget of $1 billion. That was decided back a few years ago.

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Posted in: Japan dreams of beating All Blacks See in context

That's rubbish. No Japanese fan thinks that Japan has a chance of beating the All Blacks. Japanese rugby fans love the ABs like basketball fans love MJ. The game sold out is because people want to see the All Blacks play live. Come Saturday week and 70% of the Japanese rugby fans will be wearing all blacks shirts. Should be a good spectacle, Japan won't get within 50 points of the All Blacks given the current form of the two teams.

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Posted in: Winning move See in context

Spudman, If you can ice skate for 5 minutes without breaking a sweat, we'll let your "Arts and Culture" protest stand.

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Posted in: Royal exercise See in context

inakaRob> Thanks for the completely random post about bodybuilding!

Meanwhile. Nice photo, great to see Princess Aiko growing up over the years.

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Posted in: Colorful sight See in context

Can't have been Ochanomizu, they had the same rainbow out in Chiba :) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=695355090492895&set=a.541938972501175.138122.541929245835481&type=1&theater

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Posted in: Chiba schoolgirl missing for a month See in context

Chinpira, Sue Jones, Ambrosia,

What often hapens here in Japan is the parents ask the police not to announce it because they think she has just run away. So the police have actually been already searching, and the media and neighbours have known about her being missing, but it hasn't been announced. After a month, the parents give up on beliveing she's just gone iede (runaway from home like a teen rebellion), and the police have got parent's permission to ask public for help. Teens running away from home for a week or two is pretty common here in Japan.

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Posted in: Water break See in context

Jungle Crows get such a bad wrap, the more you watch them the more interesting they are though.

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Posted in: Japan coach slams clubs over All Blacks stance See in context

Jayman. Yup, and it's teams like Ireland, Scotland and France that Japan should be trying to organise games with. Hard though, because the ABs are big bucks in Japan so worth them coming here, whereas it's harder to get the European teams to come here. All the more reason why the Blossoms need to start doing annual tours to Europe. Eddie Jones knew well what he was getting into, he's been involved in Japanese rugby for a long time, and I think he's doing the right thing taking it to the media. Don't stop there Eddie.

What a shame all us rugby fans are going to have to watch the flop that the 2019 WC is gonna be.

Anyway, as long as the ABs win I'll be happy!

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Posted in: Japan coach slams clubs over All Blacks stance See in context

Spudman, that's all the more reason for Japan to front their best team and start practicing now. A good score against a 2nd rate ABs team is what Japan rugby needs to get some media attention here.

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Posted in: Japan coach slams clubs over All Blacks stance See in context


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Posted in: Land prices in Japan fall at slowest pace in 5 years in 2012 See in context

Interest rates have crept up a bit the last few months too, but they will plummit again as soon as people get bored of Abenomics. I still don't understand why couples waste all their money on buying new houses though, they are they only reason the housing market hasn't completely collapsed. The population is dropping, salaries are dropping, employment is dropping, there shouldn't be any demand for new houses.

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Posted in: 150,000 protest in Paris against gay marriage See in context

Really? How did they count?

un ...

deux ...

trois ...

quatre ...

cinq ...

six ...


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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

Ebisen. Wearing weird plastic outfits is completely normal in Japan, now all they need is a mascot character!

Jokes aside, you make a good point, but good on them for having fun. Nothing will help change views in Japan against LBGT anyway.

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Posted in: Mating pandas off to good start at Ueno zoo See in context

That picture is way too anthropomorphic. I think we should turn their bedroom lights off.

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Posted in: Scientists clone 26 generations of single mouse ... and still going See in context


AIDS is almost under control, Cancer, well we are getting there too, and medical science has made a lot of progress in the last few years. Numerous scientists have received Nobels for the progress made in the battle against cancer. The problem is the media likes to sell it like there will be one single cure for AIDS, and one single cure for cancer, and the unquestioning public have bought into it. Cancer isn't a virus, it's a generic term for many different diseases that share similar characteristics, there will never be "the cure". Current medicine has given us a 60-70% decline in death rates for AIDS, the bigger problem today is education and funding in controlling the spread in poor countries etc.

Research like the above example are very important, until we do it we don't know what we are going to discover. I wish Japanese would spend more money on this kind of thing than on research for forecasting cherry blossom dates !

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Posted in: Shinsei Bank to begin overseas remittance service See in context

Anybody used Currency-Online. com to send money from Japan? I've used them to send money to Japan and they were by far the best option.

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Posted in: After Higgs Boson, scientists prepare for next quantum leap See in context

Above is the result of what happens when someone who doesn't understand science writes an article about science.

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Posted in: 74,483 danger spots found on roads around public elementary schools See in context

Typical Ministry response will be to build more "Guard-Rail" and put up more Tobidashi Chui Signs, instead of doing the rational thing and reducing the speed limit around schools like other developed countries did decades ago. The general speed limit in Japan is 40k/hr , which means it's ok to do 60, this should be reduced to 20k/hr in school zones, and needs to be enforced otherwise what's the point.

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Posted in: David Bowie readies 1st album in 10 years See in context

Good point

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Posted in: David Bowie readies 1st album in 10 years See in context

Nessie and Aisai,

If you've heard the new song, you'll realise why there is no point mentioning Bowie's old stuff. The new song is a poppy balad, nothing like the real good Bowie stuff. eg. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars!

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Posted in: Humanoid robot to keep Japanese astronaut company on space station See in context

Is it really a robot if all it can do is talk? Surely it's just a machine or software program., kind of stretching reality a bit.


Hardly childish. Compare costs of sending a robot with sending a rent-a-date human or a commander which have to eat drink and poo and you'll soon see the financial advantage to sending robots. Nasa has now canned all it's manned space missions and has opted for robotics. China, which has the biggest space budget these days is aiming to send robots to the moon by 2020, which is currently the most exciting space mission any nation is working on. Robots are the future, this one is just has a Japanese flavour and so may appear childish to us.

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Posted in: Back to Middle Earth See in context

Anyone know how to find out which theatres are showing the 48fps version in Japan? I've been having no luck finding out so far. Kanto area info wanted

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Posted in: Ishihara formally launches new Party of the Sun See in context

Cue Rage against the machine music.

It's comin' back around again, This is for the people of the sun! It's comin' back around again.

It's comin' back around again, This is for the people of the sun! It's comin' back around again.

I'm surprised Ishihara showed up after getting put in his place by Tanaka Makiko last month.

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Posted in: Great nature See in context

Looks pretty impressive, but unfortunately Japan spends so much of it's energy producing gaudy random senseless displays and monuments that it's impossible for anyone to take anything seriously nowadays. To me this just looks like a massive clump of Daiso xmas lights. Wouldn't surprise me if there is a character mascot waiting around the corner.

Nature my #rse!

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