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Posted in: Japanese firms may face rocky road ahead on China's policies See in context

China is not that bad as some posters says here. businessmen is clever and wise to sense where is friendly to their business and where to profit. so just learn from the businessmen whose action tell everything and will not cheat you. China may cheat you for 1-3 times, but never always cheat you unless yourself is a pure and absolute fool.nobody can save a real fool!

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear arms ban treaty leaves Japan in a dilemma See in context

It is very aburd if Japanese people view China as the number one enemy, view back history,China did not cause harm to Japan which on the contray harmed baddly on China. and it is now obvious Japanese view US as close friend who dropped nuclear bombs on Japan.

take the picture as whole. something must be wrong , need to be corrected.

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Posted in: China on the agenda See in context

see today as a show and game, tomorrow Japan will stand with China to rival the US. Just wait to see.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

the bully is on the decline, very few willing to lick its ass. this is the trend now, be clearer with time.

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Posted in: China wary of Japan's pro-Taiwan defense minister's moves See in context

Regarding China's claim over Taiwan, this is absolute , for be it is CCP or KMT, even DPP whoever was in the position of the ruler of Mainland, definitely will pursue the unity of Taiwan.

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Posted in: China wary of Japan's pro-Taiwan defense minister's moves See in context

in the long term , Japan and China will have to get along in harmony. there is no need for the two to conquer the other. the time has changed way far from the old past. further China and Japan have the same cultural bonds like the Confucius philosophy which is peaceful and torlent.

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Posted in: Shock, sympathy, mockery: World reacts to Trump virus infection See in context

I wish the couple survive the virus. and they will recover with new ideas of the world,hopfully a positive turning point.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA to resume some China flights as virus rules eased See in context

Airlines are economic players. they follow trends and industries's needs. talking of nonsense only entertain the fools themselves.

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Posted in: China eager to keep stable ties with Japan after Suga elected LDP head See in context

Japan and China are close neigbours.a good relation is always better than poor one.

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Posted in: Reform hopes rise as China focuses on inward economic shift See in context

this is the right direction. will benefit people in China and other countries by increased domestic demands.

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Posted in: China's rise takes the world into uncharted waters See in context

"Twice in the 20th century, Japan challenged the West, first in a military-led attempt to become an imperial power and then as an industrial powerhouse. Now it is China’s turn to take the global stage."

China takes the turn with goal never seen before. not to conquer anyone but to build a shared desitiny and community with equally benefits .

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Posted in: Fears grow over China's possible massive sales of U.S. debt as weapon See in context

Global financial and economical transactions or developments are just like go have to look at it as a whole.countries or players will and should put the overall and longterm benefit as the primary goal instead of the "kill to eat meat" approach.

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Posted in: Full bloom See in context

this kind of common scene always prompt strong love for life.we should value and enjoy everyday we have.

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Posted in: War's end meant years of pain for Japanese girl in China See in context

this lady is lucky for being able to return to Japan. it is unknown if she knows why she was in China at the end of the second Pacific War as part of the second WW. tens of millions people perished in China. the most important thing is to prevent history happen again, letting everybody enjoy warm sunshine and fresh air freely.

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

I prefer to believe people who are actually from the scene, not the opinion from people outside.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai arrested under security law See in context

it is better let hk people have their say. also we can judge if HK is turning better or worse. if people are getting happier and economy is getting stronger what the difference is between one system or two system.we should not impose things we like on other people. Different people have different opinion which is true democracy.

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Posted in: China economy rebounds in Q2 after virus hit: poll See in context

when China economy rebound, countries nearby will rebound including Japan and south korea. and other Asian countries.

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Posted in: France won't ban Huawei, but encouraging 5G telcos to avoid it See in context

the French decision is understandable. having multiple players in the 5G rollout is better than relying on only one. but at the end of day technology and cost advantages will lead the longer trend . European companies have to be competitive over HUAWEI in the long term.

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Posted in: Russia says China would be needed in expanded G7 summit See in context

it is possible China will join in the G7 Group which also covers both Russia and USA. Which now seem impossible. however who can predict the situation five months on or even five years on? just like nobody foresaw the situation now just one year before.

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Posted in: Australia considering safe haven offer to Hong Kong residents See in context

Australia is helpful by her act. good for HK and the people who have different idea from China. happiness for everyone is the ideal results.

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Posted in: Man suspected of stabbing Hong Kong officer arrested on plane about to leave for UK See in context

in many ways Japan Today is more neutral and objective than other western media outlets. after all this violent body-harming crime is reported here . When something is bad the standards for being bad should be applied universely.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, France prod companies to rely less on China, but few respond See in context

from the very first beginning Humans need material benefits/corporate profits. there must be strong enough reasons for them to reject the benefits and act accordingly . at this moment politicans are not making strong cases to their purpose.

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Posted in: China passes controversial Hong Kong security law See in context

People should wait to see if HK is really down or rise after the national security law is implemented. be it US or China the one who can develop HK is winner. let us give judgement say in two years.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers ask Zoom to clarify China ties after it suspends accounts See in context

Zoom's behavior is only the beginning. for China's economy is only beginning to be one of the super economes now (the US is surely among the few super economies).it is easy to see China's momentum is still at the teenage stage given its huge population and land mass. then we should know what next say in 5-10 years.politically right is not always economically right.this kind of dillemma is only to rise.

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Posted in: China drives global oil demand recovery out of coronavirus collapse See in context

Hope this trend will continue.the key guarantee will be the pandemic is contained in Asia,Europe and America in the latter half of the year.

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Posted in: China urges citizens not to visit Australia as dispute simmers See in context

Economic sanctions were more frequently employed by US before and now. now come the tendency China is becoming a new main owner of Economic sanctions. economy and livelihood are for the benefit of mass common people. the political cycles should find way to avoid this mutually harming approaches,politicans should not be lost in their idealogical persuit ignoring real needs of their people.

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Posted in: Johnson offers visas for millions in Hong Kong See in context

I really hope JB can honor his words to bring in HK people when China actually push forward the said national security law.and this move will cause China big loss because the would-be applicant to UK are all highly civilised and wealthy people who will move to Britain with their value know-how and wealth.

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Posted in: Anger over police killings boils over in several U.S. cities See in context

the US 's bad records for racial discrimination against minority people has been there for long time.Floyd's case is only one of many.the protests and riots just erupt as the injustice breaks the is really the time the US politician to reflect.

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