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luthierinseattle comments

Posted in: Japan eyes 20-year background check for those working in jobs involving kids See in context

Why only 20 years? Once a molester, always a molester.

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Posted in: Many Japanese outside major urban areas do not engage with foreigners: survey See in context

I have been visiting Japan for some time. A friend who retains his family home in Kyoto brought me there, and I continue to visit both with and without him. I try my best to get out of the major cities and touristy places. I try very hard to interact with Japanese people away from the big cities. It is difficult, but I really do cherish each and every real connection that I can make.

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Posted in: ‘You don’t know why they’re filming or what they’ll do with it:' Flight attendants on being unwilling stars of viral videos See in context

In the US, the Supreme Court, for what it's worth, determined that the expectation of privacy when in public is not reasonable. Meaning that there/here you can take photographs without consent. Question is: is an aircraft a public space or not?

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Posted in: Ex-doctor denies consensual killing of terminally ill woman See in context


Yes, Oregon does allow. Washington, where I am at, does as well, but it is difficult and expensive to access the care.

It should be a available to all, with minimal government intervention.

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Posted in: Ex-doctor denies consensual killing of terminally ill woman See in context

We don't do a very good job with this in the US, but end of life care should include the right of self determination. I, as a Nurse, have taken care of pts with ALS. I wouldn't want that end of life for myself.

It can be abused, just like any other right or law, but the choice should be available to the individual.

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Posted in: High raw material costs plus weak yen threaten Japan's recovery from COVID See in context

Wanna help Japan? Let the tourists in! I have a bunch of yen that I would love to spend in Japan. I will contribute.

Economic recovery for Japan requires that the borders be opened freely to tourism. I have no grand numbers to put forward, but I am sure that it would help greatly.

I have a place to stay near Kyoto, and I am wondering just how many of the establishments that i usually visit will be gone when I return.

That, and find some way to get Russia to behave. Nothing like being on the precipice of a global war to destabilize economic recovery from a pandemic...

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Posted in: Vietnam bans new Tom Holland film over South China Sea map See in context


It's Hollywood, so probably more Ignorance than anything else...

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Posted in: New law in France bars unvaccinated from restaurants, sports arenas and other venues See in context

Well, since the French Open is held in a Sports Arena, I guess that rules out Djokovic in advance.

Strike 2.

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Posted in: All U.S. forces in Japan exempted from virus tests since Sept: Hayashi See in context

As an American, I apologize for this. Won't change a thing, but this is just one more reason to be embarrassed of my military and government. We should follow the rules. Period.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber caught up in Saudi human rights row See in context


He is Canadian. We, the USA, don't claim him.

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

I and millions of other humans have gotten multiple doses of the vaccines and still we do not die!

Causation and correlation, not the same.

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

When I was a Nurse, a couple of decades ago, we still often had glass ampules/vials that had to be broken open. To avoid glass in the syringe, we used a filter needle to draw up the medication, then switched the needle for injection. In reality, if you can see a metal fragment in a vial, it won't be drawn up in a 22 or 25ga needle.

Personally, I'd like to see my vacca without metal fragments, and we now see one of the many issues with passing off manufacturing information to secondary companies for use. Not all companies strive for the same standards.

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Posted in: Zero risk? Virus cases test Olympic organizers' assurances See in context

I just read, on another Japanese news website, The Bach had asked PM Suga to allow spectators. This confirms that Bach is simply a dolt who does not understand basic Science. Or, perhaps, he simply cares only about money and doesn't care about the Japanese people. Just. That. Simple. Money over safety. Although I hope for the best, I am betting on many more cases and positive tests by the end of the week. SHAMEFUL MR BACH! yes. I meant to raise my screen voice because he doesn't seem to be hearing the polite voice tone...

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Posted in: Bach says canceling Tokyo Olympics not an option despite COVID See in context

While I realize that most Olympians only get to participate in one Olympiad, multiples being the exception, saying that cancelation is not an option is Hubris and Greed. I feel for the athletes, not for the organizers or the IOC. Let them declare Bankruptcy because they accept no liability if there is a problem but desire all of the control and profit.

Shame on Mr. Bach, quite simply, for pushing his and the IOC's agenda at the expense of safety and common sense (which is, by the way, not as common as it used to be).

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' anime studio, president indicted for tax evasion See in context

I am willing to bet good money, on which the taxes have been paid, that we never see a similar story about Miyazaki-san...

Gives new meaning to "Demon" and "Slayer".

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Posted in: Japan seeks to have vaccine passports accepted by over 10 nations See in context

I have a Japanese friend who is fully vaccinated and still sitting in quarantine right now. He is not at risk, and is no real risk to the people he encounters. How can Japan expect reciprocity when they insist on quarantining fully-vaccinated citizens and visitors? I would love to come back, am fully vaccinated, and not welcome. You'll let a bunch of unvaccinated athletes in, but not safe, vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated athletes spread, or have the potential to spread, the virus in a way that the vaccinated do not. Iove japan, but come on. Science should be trusted.

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Posted in: Britney Spears says she doesn't know whether she'll ever perform again See in context

While I feel for her, I am OK if she never takes the stage again. We already have plenty of recorded materials to tide us over.

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

Playing good cop/bad cop.

He is the PM, as Truman said, " The buck stops here." He ultimately bears responsibility for what happens, good or bad.

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Posted in: USATF says vaccines not mandatory for Tokyo-bound athletes See in context

US Track and Field says that vaccines are not required to come to the Tokyo Olympics.

Did they bother to ask the Japanese if they were required?

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

That photograph at the head of the story is NOT how you administer a vaccination! The Deltoid muscle is a good bit higher.

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Posted in: Suga dodges questions on whether Olympics can be held under state of emergency See in context

He's a gambler, as are most politicians. If the Olympics are held, and there isn't a disaster of viral proportions, he might just get to keep his job. If the Olympics are cancelled, or they are held and the virus spreads massively and creates more of a mess and causes more loss of life, then he will certainly be looking for other employment.

I wish he would just say NO to the IOC and protect the Japanese people. Plus, I want to come back to Japan, and at this rate 2021 is looking like a lost year for travel to Japan.

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Posted in: Follow me See in context

What, no mask?! Must be a member of the IOC!

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Posted in: Athletes should travel to Tokyo with full confidence: Bach See in context

Hubris and greed, plain and simple.

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Posted in: IOC tries to reassure Olympic athletes over virus liability waiver See in context

“No government, no health authority can or has taken over guarantees against infections,” Haddad told athletes. “This is a risk that we all bear. We are all following the same rules.”

No, they aren't all following the same rules.

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Posted in: Jolie says judge in Pitt divorce won't let children testify See in context


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Posted in: Jolie says judge in Pitt divorce won't let children testify See in context

The children are old enough to choose who they want to be with. Let them choose. Having them testify in court against either parent will be more trauma heaping on the already experienced trauma.

I was a Pediatric Nurse in a past profession. One Children's Hosp. that I worked at has an inscription next to the front door, etched in stone, "The Child Frist and Always". Let it be so here.

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Posted in: Japan's strict gun laws trigger problems for Olympic shooting See in context


I am here in Washington State, USA. We had a child killed with a pellet rifle last week. These are not anything like the pellet rifles that American (at least) kids grew up playing with. These are powerful weapons.

That said, it's the Olympics. Let them be, aside from the need to simply cancel the games this time around...

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki considers 'Demon Slayer' his rival, Studio Ghibli producer says See in context

Adjusted for Inflation, in 2021 dollars/yen, Spirited Away is still more successful, not to mention the story lline and animation is superior. Yes, times have changed, but Miazaki-sensei remains the Demon Slayer.

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Posted in: Onsen etiquette: Things to know before taking the plunge See in context

I will never forget my first visit to a sento. No warning. I came to Japan a decade ago. My friend, in his 60's, his Father in his 80's. It was a shock to an American, but when I saw my friend scrubbing his father's back, which he could not do for himself, I felt honored to have been brought along. It is unfortunate that we can not have these in the USA, and I miss sento and onsen visits during this pandemic. I especially miss Kinosaki and look forward to visiting again.

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee wins Olympic relay spot after leukemia battle See in context

Really and truly the only reason to hold the Olympics this year. She embodies the Olympic spirit.

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