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This flight is not for family nor for my husband. It is promoting "sexism"and targeting for pervert passengers only.

In Japan, there are train cabins designed for 'Women Only'. Here we have a special 'Men Only' Low Cost Carrier.

Think... Haven't we got enough of "Groping" & "Up skirt photo"'s issues? And here the Stupid CEO is saying for attracting more customers. This implied your "quality" customers are all will only fly with you if women dressed less and willing to expose more part of their body.

I am sorry, sexy doesn't needs to be dressed less if you Want. Some women have sexy smile or sexy eyes looking.

After all, we don't want to promote sexiness on an aircraft! A pilot or co-pilot might gets erection after watching their stewardess bend over or reaching up high to get luggages on the top cabin. Pilots could started to have fantasy and lost control over their plane.

We don't want to have another tragedy please!

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Posted in: Japan offers Tunisia $465 mil in loans See in context

Exactly! Please help people in your own country first as many have already trying to end their life due to depression after losing hope..

"Democratization" at other country can't be more important than life threatening condition in your own country. Please wake up Japan!

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