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lwsydney comments

Posted in: New iPad app 'The Legend of Momotaro' brings Japanese folk tale to life See in context

Well when they release it for Android i,ll be more excited.

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Posted in: Strip clubs face existential crisis in era of digital porn See in context

Isn't it a good thing they're going down? Tell the 'lamenting managers' to re-think their lives and put their skills to good use promoting something honorable. One less sexist wart on Japan's social backside. One down, 50 jillion to go... -_-

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Posted in: AKB48 scoops 8 Gold Disc awards for CD sales See in context

Thank heaven I saw Namie Amuro's name in this article. I still believe in the human race!

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Posted in: 9 phrases that make Japanese men fall head over heels See in context

This would actually kinda scare the heck out of me, but..

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Posted in: Spielberg's 'Lincoln' gets 12 Oscar nominations See in context

Lol thunderbird, true enough. I saw it and it wasn't all that great. Most of it is downright fictitious. But, the subject matter makes people feel good about themselves as you say

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

Not to be sexist, but those two ladies in the thigh high black boots are stunning.

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Posted in: Fitness meets cute anime girls in exercise app See in context

To get in shape you need someone yelling at you, not simpering.

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Posted in: 14.8% of Japanese housewives claim to have committed adultery See in context

More like "14.8% ADMIT to Cheating". I may or may not have contributed to this number, and have reason to believe it ain't right.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt tweets to Chinese that he's coming See in context

This might cause a row--it worries me that Pit fancies himself some kind of social rights activist.

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Posted in: Japan needs women power to galvanize economy See in context

Economy AND Society need this.

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Posted in: 54% of cities hosting nuclear plants OK restart: survey See in context

Not valid as in "Not until my check clears" or as in they simply broke down and sobbed at the very thought?

@yildiray or, as in, not until I get close enough to retirement.

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Posted in: 6 cars torched; tires on 32 others punctured in city hall parking lot See in context

I'd say these were just nutty teens BUT for the fact that it was obviously targeted at public officials. And we all know Japanese younglings couldn't care less about political machinations. It's yakuza.

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Posted in: 3 bizarre part-time jobs: Man-boy for AV, balloon watcher and fake wedding guest See in context

Being a fake wedding guest would be a ball. You'd wanna be on your toes the whole time though...and make sure you meet the couple before for story corraboration!

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

'Time will tell' is usually an excuse for inaction, and so annoys me. But the Utada song is good.

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Posted in: Microsoft slams Google on 'proper' YouTube app See in context

I smell a rat, and in microsoft's camp

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

Exactly @herefornow I took a class with a bunch of Japanese students and every other word I said made them convulsed with laughter. I didn't realize why until recently. Also, they use a lot of those butchered english words on TV all the time

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Posted in: Snowstorms delay 299 train services in Hokkaido See in context

I wanna see Sapporo in snow sometime

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Posted in: Don’t forget your towel - experiencing mixed public bathing for first time See in context

Well in theory it sounds okay. I for one would feel super weird. I felt pretty weird just doing it with only males. Guess it's just my being western..

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

Hell, how hard is it to say "I'm sorry, I was wrong," and move on? Sometimes I just don't get adults...

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Posted in: Acai skin balm See in context

I need me some of this

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim says lifting living standards top priority See in context

Kimmy's more fond of words than his dad it seems. For his people's sake I hope he's also more fond of them too.

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Posted in: In 2023, when people look back at 2013, what devices that we are using now do you think they will find quaint? See in context

Our respitory systems. Ok, maybe not, but I wish

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Posted in: Why Japanese men can’t stop spending money just to drink and talk with girls See in context

I am still not sure what's so sketchy about these places. I'd say that they're pretty harmless by Japanese nightlife standards..

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Posted in: Prosecutors urge 5-year sentence for former judo champion over rape charge See in context

@Ebisen has summed up the whole thing fabulously.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing her child to death in Saitama See in context

imagine how she felt, alone, with no one in her life to care, or help..i'm not defending her but this stuff brought on by social isolation is so common here. It's probably really immature of me, but I wish I could be there for everyone like this...

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Posted in: Ishida says he'll work to patch up relations with China See in context

Now, if they could just stop squabbling about the Dokdo islands too....

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Posted in: More Japanese choosing fertilizer as burial option See in context

In this way one's ashes can give some beauty back to the world after death. Sounds romantic

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Posted in: Apple to drop patent claims against Samsung phone See in context

I can't believe they even listened to apple in he first place. How ridiculous it would be if Calvin Klein sued Fruit of the Loom or something saying "They stole our elastic waistbands idea!" Apple just wants to knock out the competition, plain and simple.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

The best was meeting the most amazing woman I've ever met, and the worst was letting her pass me by.

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Posted in: Food and sleuthing for women, provided by 'Closed Restaurant' See in context

Well, at least it isn't something sexy, like the previous ideas from japanese entrepeneurs...

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