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Posted in: Trump backers downplay rough week after poll shows him lagging Clinton See in context

If this were the case, then why is there thousands and thousands of people attending Trump's Rally's? And Hillary can't even fill a school auditorium? I've never seen a man with this much momentum, passion, drive and energy! There's no way she can keep up with him...she just doesn't have it! Have read she has to have fourteen hours of sleep and a full-time physician with her at all times! Don't think she's healthy enough to be President! Think Trump had a great week and he will be a Great President!

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Posted in: GOP frustrations with Trump mount as allies weigh options See in context

This is total BS! Can't believe folks believe everything the stinking media says! This is a MOVEMENT and people are sick and tired of the same ole, same ole phony, plastic, GMO politicians! I've never in my life seen a man so persecuted over every little thing that comes out of his mouth! It all started at the first debate when everyone watching was stunned by that ridicules stupid humiliating question and raise of hands! Trump has gone above and beyond to do everything right ,to even signing he would not tun on third party! Trump has exposed corruption in both parties$$$$ the cameras won't move at his rally's that are drawing thousands and thounds of people but we can sure hear them yelling USA! USA! USA! BUILD THE WALL! This country is in a mess and Trumps the only one to clean it up! I've heard Japan doesn't even allow illegal immigrants in! I may be moving there!

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Posted in: Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' release in China See in context

Old Bernie was just a plant$$$$$ it's all rigged!

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Posted in: Japan to propose 50% cut in young tuna catch See in context

Sure would NOT be eating any tuna! It's hard to conceive in the 21 century JAPAN is butchering dolphins alive at that hell cove in Taiji! The world watches in horror!!!!!! Please do the honorable thing and stop this now! Dolphin meat is loaded with high levels of mercury!

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Posted in: Hacker group Anonymous takes down Wakayama website to protest dolphin killing See in context

Why can't Taiji learn something from Toshima Island? Turn this hell cove into a Beautiful Blue Cove Dolphin Oasis? A place where tourists would want to come and even take dolphin excursions to see dolphins swimming and jumping for joy in the wild! From what I've read this is a poor village of apprx. 3000 people and these dolphin killers are the only ones living in the big houses! Sure is a contrast! Sounds like something fishy has been going on in this little village and the Truth to their dirty little secret has been exposed! Tourist trade would bring prosperity to everyone in this village year round! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_sgV47UFyo

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