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It's more a matter of lack of established art laws to protect the artist as well as to convene adequate structure to or with a production studio/agency. When laws & adequate contract management are in place, there's no such thing as exploitation happening at such a rise. Quality is quality for a reason: its worth its high price for its value & rarity.

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semperfiToday 07:52 am JST

So when its tough, you just up and leave instead actually doing the WORK required and actually be loyal, loving & responsible?

They are the BEST couple to respectfully instigate contemporary mindsets & values that are necessary to challenge age on traditions as Japan is crippled with huge issues (e.g. low birth rates, aging population, sexism, gender equality, etc) for its own survival to a successful future.

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Posted in: 'Short skirts cause sexual assaults,' according to Japanese school uniform poster See in context

Immature MEN who are primal savages that refuse & can't be civilized among the rest of the mature kind hearted intelligent & strong gentlemen, IS the issue here. Not how a woman dresses.

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Posted in: Temperature soars to 41.1 C in Kumagaya; highest ever in Japan See in context

It was 48 Celcius here in Montreal Quebec Canada 3 weeks ago. 41 seems mundane lol

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