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Posted in: Iran says advanced missiles can target any threat See in context

I agree, if the Iranian people let this stay at the current pace, and don't curb "their" Revolutionary Guard the outcome I fear will not be a peaceful one. The commanders who put these shows on and the goofus running the show need a serious reality check. Is it wise to keep trying to reason with this installed president in Iran? I'm sure he will mouth off until they do come up with a nuke while the US, Russia, China, France, and Germany keep listening. Until Israel has had enough of the talk and does something to stop it, and the sooner the better for all including the Iranian people. Politics with nukes on menu will surely give all countries serious heartburn. Goofus is not rational nor is he good for the Iranians. Those that back him are just as bad, maybe they don't understand what going nuclear will bring.

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Posted in: Microsoft, Yahoo reach online ad deal See in context

Google needs to come out with an OS that would kick Microsoft's and Apple's present OS systems. Then they would have to wake up and actually feel some competion. Result would only benefit everyone!!!! Go Google!

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I have to agree with X0707, fur is dead. I see no beauty or fashion in dead animal skin with fur on it. Nope, wouldn't pay a dime for it. And what on earth does that have to do with a Mercedes-Benz E-class new car intro? Show me the car !?

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