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Posted in: I consider myself very close to both ancient and modern Japan. See in context

Well, what do you expect him to say? That Japan is a mysterious country?

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Posted in: Foreign nudists flock to Gunma hot spring resort See in context

they make it sound like theres a secret gaijin onsen appreciation society

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Posted in: Fetish fashion See in context

oh no, consenting adults engaging in somewhat unusual sexual activity. civilization will surely collapse now.

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Posted in: Life a series of magical mystery tours for aerial contortionist See in context

I wonder what her chances doing this would have been if she had not been home-schooled.

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Posted in: French seize pirate ship as threats mount on U.S. ships See in context

if insurance companies stopped paying out for piracy related incidents in this specific area, there might be less hijacking going on. however there's been no mention of this, which is suggestive of something else going on.

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Posted in: Recession a good opportunity to return to Japan's core virtues See in context

Another academic pontificating about poverty without knowing the difference between being poor yet having opportunities or social mobility (via education for example), and being poor with no hope of ever seeing things improve.

To point out the ludicrous nature of his argument, he uses voluntary destitution as an example of freedom, a situation that very few sane people willingly consider today.

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Posted in: Supermarket investigator exposes slipshod quality management See in context

In canada, I've been in supermarkets where meet was kept in 13C fridges, or kept in aisles for hours before being put away. Not to mention mice. It's more about the quality of management rather than regulations.

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Posted in: Tokyo is the best food city hands down. That's where chefs are going for innovations. There's also a history of food traditions. They are so far ahead of us. See in context

I think you've managed to miss out on the UK food revolution if you're surprised about London. I believe theres been more new Michelin stars awarded to UK restaurants (many in London) in some recent years than in France.

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Posted in: The need among applicants for a more efficient job-hunting process is increasing as foreign banks eliminate senior positions. See in context

i'm surprised at the lack of snide comments about crashing the party to laugh at the invited. there's usually no shortage of schadenfreude here.

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Posted in: Sharp, Pioneer to establish joint venture for optical disk business See in context

oh yeah same old story jv, spread risk, accounting tricks, offload baggage, cross licensing ip, pray for market success

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

the mention of lack of empathy and wrist cutting sounds suspiciously like they have mental problems on the sociopathic spectrum like borderline personality disorder etc.

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Posted in: Who you gonna call? See in context

EETimes should feature a teardown (analysis of the internal electronics) of this device.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

Call me cynical but this sounds like the beginning of an alternative Chinese economic stimulus plan.

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Posted in: Pakistani Taliban chief threatens strike on White House See in context

Its the same song all the time..

Western power bombs from afar, pissing off some people whose culture prefers mano-a-mano fighting. Latter beats chest and salvages pride with tactics the Western power calls guerrilla or terrorist. Repeat.

It ain't gonna end anytime soon.

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Posted in: Rumors of domestic abuse persist in Fujiwara-Jinnai divorce See in context

She probably chose her words carefully.

@tokyokawasaki: in my experience, constant nagging despite obvious discouragement is often indicative of specific health problems (endocrine dysfunction, toxicity, etc) when associated with anxiety, mild obsessive, compulsive or bipolar behaviors are present. you'll find very few doctors will understand this however.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers worry about fate of GM, Chrysler See in context

gotta read between the lines. are they afraid of nationalized automakers, or the crippling of the partsmaker network which has remained in the background?

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Posted in: Ukraine prime minister See in context

i'm surprised nobody mentioned that she is essentially an oligarch and she attained her later wealth like every other oligarch.

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Posted in: Ryanair chief says he's serious about pay toilets on planes See in context

I once saw a woman defecate in a public parking lot.. and anyone who has been hospitalized has had to urinate in something not much different than a water bottle. I forsee this is what some people will resort to.

Joining the mile high club will take on a new dimension of spite.

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Posted in: 'Marriage-hunting' is latest buzzword See in context

what can you say.. love is elusive

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl arrested for abandoning mother's body in Okinawa home See in context

sad to hear about this and it sounds like another fracture in an already fractured family.

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Posted in: Japan lifts ban on imports from 2 U.S. beef packers See in context

let me guess.. they still don't test every animal for mad cow in north america like they do in japan.

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Posted in: Disgraced former-NTV announcer to hold lavish wedding reception See in context

Theres nothing like love that's been tested by hardship.

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Posted in: Chill out See in context

ah those childhood pleasures of milk ice and shaved ice with noxious food coloring. wax me nostalgic.

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Posted in: Porn producers look for more daring locations See in context

no, seriously

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