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Posted in: Model Jessica Michibata, friend arrested over MDMA possession See in context

Those drugs are often used to rape men by prostitute. They are more easily manipulated to tell secret and give more money with a bit of drug mixed in the drink. In France, this is called rape drug method. So carrying those forbidden drug are a really strong offense and can imply a planned crime (rape is a crime). This is not just recreative drug today. This is money and information drug too.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan has apologized enough for its colonial past concerning South Korea? See in context



This is about setting history on truth instead of continuing a lie. Colonial past from Japan hide the actual problem of American actual colonisation in South Korea. Japan is just the easy target for a pain that don’t stop because colonisation method are still under way from America's side. Japan is just the easy scapegoat or is still the black hand of America in Korea.

So you will need to apologise for a long time if Korea don’t start to realise the bigger problem she have : USA. The same that Japan had and have. And you don’t solve this problem just by opposing to it. The world is discovering the bully who is called America. It is an opportunity that won’t happen again for a long time. America want to change, because America didn’t even believe their politician and military could have plan those horrors to be rich. This is the moment to clean and speak out loud some truth. America’s military in both your countries are the actual colonisation problem.

So ask money from USA to continue to apologise, or say the truth : Japan is taking heat from the problem South Korea got with America who block the reunification with the North Korea with mock attempt to help.

There is a balance to understand here. Many people could help South Korea to grow. But the possible foreign helper who got stronger from it is America. This is about breaking the « only one god » democrat opposition logic here. Only one friend, only one enemy… only one. And you oppose each time to someone depending on the calendar America set. When America is found, Britain is lying in wait. And when you are fed up with Britain, America again. Before communism, Russia was the third betrayer. France was your helper to understand all this.

Damn easy to manipulate by Vatican.

You have again the famous triade christian problem. China is russian helped, Corea is USA helped, and Japan is Britain helped. Each need each of you to never talk to each other together. Of course, there is exchange mostly between USA and Britain, but with Kirill, if he played colonisation bad, this is an explosive situation.

Colonisation is bad. The one who refuse to back down from it right now is America. This force all of us to be colonialist instead of good economist and firm builders. Britain is apparently the USA reason for it all. I am not so sure about it. I feel USA’s democrat feel really confortable with this easy target position Germany have taken upon Europe. This is a time to understand occidental colonisation and set you free of it, or disminish its influence. My advice is to get this bomb Abe wanted or something as dissuasive. Those rare earth materials, they are a gold who need higher protection than the army who need it to the point of Ukraine war organisation.



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Posted in: South Korea to restore Japan's trade status to improve ties See in context



South Korea and Japan are opposed so America can control both countries. If you get along, you can be independent and mainly Japan is free from America and Britain.

The question is about trusting each other. There is big money to do with betraying the other one. Korea betrayed more recently, but Corea had help. Somebody was injuring Japan at the same place Korea invested. South Corea is not clean today but may be she want to ? need to ? The same with Taiwan.

South Corea have benefit of helping America in very terrible acts. Japan did the same to survive once upon a time with Britain then USA. But both economy are no more in survival time. You need to normalise and become independent. Not military stupid but independent. China was supposed to be behind all your problem, I am not sure we are talking about the independent China from America at the time.

ASEAN got america in the mix when nobody wanted this giant continent to have access to small island economy. China was not needed, and was used to make you accept USA, and now China is blacklisted ? This is so convenient. Time to put ASEAN on hold far from america, and create an ASEAN who is an asian association against China too heavy power without America’s weird luck in the mix.

With China you are all neighbours. Neighbours need to speak to each other and find solution to problem wisely. This is not about democrat bullying choice but because of the right choice for asia, pacific, and Japan.

You will have betrayal set back. Why ? Because someone bigger have political interest seing you unable to get along. But the people in Korea who betrayed Japan have betrayed Korean too and they are you natural allies.

I can only give advice to open your eye. This is how you stop the bullies in this world : never picking one over the other one. And the small need to be united to be big without the bigs inside. Abe has this wise moves in mind.



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Posted in: Can Paris 2024 deliver a 'climate positive' Olympics? See in context

I had to call urgency because there was so much pollution in the air that my bedroom was like having gaz leak in it. The positive environment ? Nope. Just only if you pick rich things for rich people paid by the poor ones.

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Posted in: Should commuting to your workplace count as work time? See in context



First, if you analyse the commuting time, you realise director don’t have any in comparaison to the main labor. There can be local people free to hire and they don’t because this is a bit more expansive than to hire people from a place where the salary is less expansive because the life cost is lesser too. So the competition is a bit illegal. Commenting hour payment solve the problem.


Globally rich first stay together and never goes where they hire their main workers load. This is why we pay commenting hour and those commuting time are considered like work time if you have an accident travelling it.



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