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Posted in: Democrats hit Trump on abortion in key election states See in context

This may be wiser than attack his beliefs in God. I do believe he found God in his late life. « Never condemn a sinner who want to do it right and forfeit his past sin, unless yourself you have never failed and never sin. ». There are crimes that even god can’t forgive, but I do believe Donald Trump is a man of faith today. We all live it differently. At his level, there is a lot more freedom than for a beginner. He is a very astute man. And God have saved worse than him.

The problem is that Mister Biden can’t muster as much as faith as he does. It is hard to lie about your faith in America.

And for abortion, this is the choice for the woman and not the church. The church can advised but the choice is for women to make. They have lost all credibility since earth goes around the sun and not the opposite.



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Posted in: Fire destroys JAL plane after collision with coast guard aircraft at Haneda; 5 dead See in context

Sad start for the new year in Japan ! My condoleances for the mourning families. With the earthquakes, this is a difficult start for everybody in Japan.

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Posted in: Depardieu accusations expose divide in France over sexism See in context



« pedophilia sentences about a little girl doing horse » was the real problem. The women you mentionned were actually strong believers those were lies and false documentary. They had to hire a professional expert of the state to check if the video were manipulated in any way which was not.

In France, we have strong protective policy laws against rape of all kind. The most advance in the world actually. And we, experts, we discovered those law were not enforced or used by attorney, police, judge… only 1% of rape goes to trial and those are about over violence, and previous rape. They only went after the dumb enough to be taken in public. The rest of the law system was just use for propaganda and make media and elite accept women were liars or all was safe for french women.

It took eight year to find conscious path in french elite in power to make them realize a system was in place, a political system, well financed and deep rooted in politics (the main client of this system protection is political and VIP). But to not be noticed in my country who don’t accept political favors, they had to disband the whole sex crime police system. Nobody was pursued to protect the ones in charge.

Those women, on this list, they are people with no choice, or naive, or corrupted. Bouquet have taken a step back after understanding the problem Depardieu is giving to the autorities. This is not just him, this is a system that is breaking down very much like Johnny’s corps system in place. It look like a man hunt with oversize powers, but this is the result of a long battle against this organisation that protect rapist in France and Paris. Military have done their job, and suddenly those women used to have a strong opponent, have no more opponents. So it looks excessive but trust me, it is not and we can’t let our guard down in a Europe without frontier were rapist are organised through the christian churches and helping each others.

metoo in France went a bit far. They were under LGBTQ control. Their ways to do politics was not in women best interest at all, making more enemies than allies with no result but women rights going backward for men’s rights and protections to progress. Women who defended women rights and freedom were suddenly all gays and dressed like men or naked whores in the streets. There were whores advocating the right for several sexual partners, all kind of partners, more sexual sado-masochist freedom… the return of the right to prostitute themselve as a show of freedom for women and progress…. And nothing on rape, the pedophilia rape on little girls, nothing about pedophilia on little boy being homosexual… There was a women freedom movement starting in France and it was destroyed by #metoo. They started to clean the #metoo movement after Deneuve and a few others women describing the corruption of the movement movement in France who went against women best interest in politic.

This is a long battle for us to get public men pursue by the justice system. Politician are starting too to be sue. One senator tried to rape a deputy with drug, and this one, this time, is sued by justice system and was heard by media. We know Gerard Larcher is protecting those men. We know Hollande is protecting those men (like he protected DSK ex director of OMC). We knows they protect the worse too on the political international ground like USA, London, or Germany. The investigation progress. Military are involved to protect the investigators. That was a long run where everybody though this was normal protection when in reality this was something nobody was aware on the state official top military side as suspected by myself.

Even Hitler had to hide his extermination and concentration camp from his own army to stay in power. Even nazi were disloyal to the final nazi solution (not like Tsahal and Israel actually doing worse on that steps). So in France, in Paris, this is the same. The numbers of corrupted was larger than expected but the state held it strong and start to clean the mess and the savagery in power step after step.

So Depardieu, this is THE man of the fall of a system were sex political mafia had hold in communication, media and cultura breaking all human vigilantly from the public press and art. We will be able to do art safely again, and this is urge step.

Depardieu is not innocent. The woman who sued him first, was a barely adult woman. She was like his niece. He knew the father. He played with her as a little girl. He made her drink, and then had sex, force sex, violent sex, no care and love sex, with a minor that could have been his niece. He repeated the sex offense an other time when the girl tried to understand what happened (no proof but she was probably drugged in her drink her behavior is typical of rape drugged women, they have difficulties to process it as a rape since they had no reflexes to defend themself or bite or say « no »). This started a process of delation of several important public men, Depardieu is one of the many sex scandal going on in Paris right now.

To resume, Deneuve was right to call #metoo back in order. There was a problem in the political movement run by whores who were undermining political progress for women in politics. It is much better and efficient today, now the cleaning lady have done its jobs properly.

Bouquet is regretting her signature after being explained the case. She is suspected to be a victim of Depardieu. Her puritan style is actually perfect for a rapist who need a good public image against the police and made it look like an accident.

Adjani, she is « lost ». She is a child ingenue of our movie art, used as a sex symbol and manipulated by the « web » around Depardieu and who was protecting him. She is the well know rich woman suffering from stockholm syndrom in a James Bond. This is good portrait actually.

The first lady … she is a mistery. Her sister was dating a rapist and she was in denial on her boyfriend being a rapist. She supported him during the scandal. It took a bit of time to remind the first lady that she had a daughter to protect before her sister. She have been manipulated for sometime by what could be considered her brother in law. It can have lasting long term damaged if not helped by a proper psychanalyst. He was intelligent and very manipulative of his victims according to the first profile (he was a movie maker about to reach Cannes if my memory serve me right).

Those signature are the one of victims or men who are corrupted and didn’t see Depardieu with a possible double personality like a sociopath or a Doctor Jeckill and Mister Hide. We believed he was a talented actor able to reach a high level of comedy and caricature. We never believed this was his true personality and not an actor. Many have start to show regrets to have sign or show support. Let’s remind ourself he was estranged of his daughter until recently.

Sorry for the lenght, but in the light of Johnny’s case, I think your journalist can have a field days learning about the same investigation problem in France.



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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context



This teacher must be put under survey and the family under protection watch. I am french and fluente in english. And my « killers » they were chocked I understood english. This was like an impossible things for them. In my country, they speak english very badly even with england as an historical neighbor with a direct train access in Paris. They can speak commercial english, a bit of political or science english, but the language itself ? That’s a drama and a joke. Cultura about London or Washington is a joke too.

They were rumors about colonial preventive acts against anybody who speak english to prevent terrorism and spying in foreign country fully not affiliate with anglicans colonisation habits and over violence. They send teachers that are there to notice progress and students that are grasping the language (show talent for language) and they sent a word to somebody who send private mercenary black ops damaging the communication part of the brain (the left side).

That’s rumors, but the Israel genocide objective on Gaza’s children were too a rumor.

This teacher is racist. He attacked the student who was speaking well and was thinking probably better than him. He was getting out his « little monkey » perfect zone for a racist christian and teacher full of himself. This is clearly a dangerous man who attacked an innocent child wanting to put him back in his place. And they always end up complaining to a friend with more active and violent means to put the « little savage » in his place like a working intelligent woman must be « put back in her place ».

Nice piece of news.



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Posted in: Macron says French film star Depardieu target of a 'manhunt' See in context

At the time, we had only one woman on the victim table and she was a bit « psychologically fragile ».

Technically, Macron said that there was no proof enough for now. Manhunt was a formulation used as a general concept that remind us that a manhunt can’t move the honor legion. This is not based on temporary moral concepts but achievements. You need hard proof to take it back because people can lie too and moral can change from « kill gays » to « love gays ». Those moral changes can’t affect the honor legion. This is like « go slavers » to « hate slavers », the cultural cleaning black lobbies asked in France is forbidden because this is moral needs and we need those stepstones of achievement and dark to not redo them again. They show our human progresses and remind us, those progress are not that far back in history..

Depardieu is a man of his timeline were woman sexuality & body was freed to have more sexual objects for them to use and abuse. This was morally accepted in Paris’s politics. Putting rape as a moral change in France, today, is a bit of a scandal. But Macron is dumb. There is no reason to take back his legion of morally but penally may be. This need a good trial though. Those achievement of men are history steps stone and if he finished in jail the memorendum could be perfect as a retire honor legion. But this is dangerous because a lot politic was done on those achievement honor legion. Blocking them because of sex crime is not on the Paris political table at all because all foreign male in power are sex slavers with their spouse or close by. So he may never loose his honor achievement.

At the time, we didn’t know much on Depardieu and some were saying French public television made a mistake. An investigation confirmed there was no mistake this weekend. Macron speak of nothing (he is married to whom could be considered his mother, he is not at the top on the matter, and sex scandal are high numbered around his presidency). He is badly sitted at the table on any kind of sex pervert scandal from the beginning being chosen and helped by the Table Of Paris.



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Posted in: Depardieu family denounces 'conspiracy' against him See in context

Depardieu is friend with a crowd of child porn lovers who think there is no rape if the minor say « yes ». They dream about LOLITA and incest in public as an art form mainly hidden from women. We have too several case of adult pedophilia or « sleeping and marrying into the age of your daughter or grand-daughter » around him with the same type of chosen speech. They pick adult who can pass for minor as sex partners and see women as sex object and not human being. They see them as prey to put in their bed for their manhood pride, and not as human being. They lie to have sex, which is a crime in France (surprise rape, because consent to sex was biased). Lying is not courting, but for them, this is courting. Semantic seems to have no value for those expert in french language suddenly.

Depardieu is linked to groups of men who are in public just at the frontier of the law and complain about the law since the 80ies. So I suspect the level of Johnny’s corp corruption in french media and art too (less open or obvious or numerous but with more deads in the witnesses if the profile is confirmed). So now, we will watch to see if he end up in jail or whom will end up in jail in his stead (the table of Paris was found through this kind of helps).

We will see, but he probably had a double life. The public to reassure the crowd, and the hidden. That’s the problem in Paris’s politic right now. In France, this is illegal to lead such a double life because of the surprise rape laws. But they were not enforced the last decades apparently. So this is a reparation matter today.



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Posted in: Depardieu family denounces 'conspiracy' against him See in context



Depardieu was one of the best actor of his generation. At least, we thought it was an act and a caricature of himself when apparently, this was his true personality lightened for large public show. He couldn’t stay in Russia too apparently, so I worried about the why. Now we know. Poutine is not fond of sex crime public offenders for the russian advertising.

People have difficulties to accept the level of sex scandal in France. For Belgium and Canada, his main fault is to have been caught red handed altogether. They are the main historical dark sexual crime influence upon France and blocked most of the police action against those rapist. Sex crime is a priority for « NONE » in Europe or USA.

Depardieu admitted at least two rape (what law see as a rape). He is not accepting those could be rape or felt as rape. His children in France are nowhere to be seen in media so this article is quite nice piece of news.

France use to have a sex crime very hard policy. So the change under the left side in 1980 was not understood as the come back of those crimes even if some talks and publications from ministers where worrisome. We though them as political communication mistakes (philosophy taken too far). Depardieu is part of a generation who was open about sexuality in France. This was a nice change to be less puritain. But nobody expected to have rapist behind the movement.

Globally, I have started an information campaign toward media and french presidency on rape and crimes against women in Paris a bit before #metoo actions in New York. My clients became more and more my patients, and it was 5% growing fast 10% in Paris when I was at barely 2% outside Paris. Since I have military accesses and police too, we manage to uncover a deep political sex scandal deep rooted in politic but media too. « The table of Paris » was a lobby club where you needed to have a sin under the belt to enter the table (incest crime run high). And with no sit at the table, you couldn’t be in politic, business, or any kind of major influence sit at the table of Paris who is our table for the world.

This was 5 years ago, the table was uncovered and cleaned. Since then for the last 5 years, we have repaired the justice law and system around sex crime with a lot of oppositions and set back. Depardieu coming into trial is a major break through (the police ministry had a suspected sex crime under the belt so it did help to rise the interest and he cannot protect anybody related to sex crime - they even marry him at some point, he is on a redemption path on many fields) after Patrick Poivre d’Arvor and several high profile men.

Globally, Depardieu was protected from any inquiries (like most men in general if they don’t rape in front of a camera and police is not called, only 1% of rape were procecuted in France and it took 5 years to get the number hidden behind a urge propaganda saying we were at the top of the field). This is a major progress. There is no doubt about the rapes at this point. The question is around when did it started ? And media have leaked an interview by an ex idol, minor, who was slap on the face for the sake of art by depardieu. It is obvious she was sexualised by expert in sex code while ignoring them at the time. And the speech used by the team in that film (80ies film), leave little doubt to experts on the type of crowd Depardieu was friend with. We could have victims upon 50 years like with Johnny’s corp. Sociopath tend to hide well in public. Sex offender too. Their family don’t understand they are pudibond because they can’t be normal otherwise if they touch people.

For now, we have an old man who is now not in control of his dick for many years and need to be stopped. But this could go much further.



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Posted in: Okinawa rejects court order to OK revised U.S. base transfer plan See in context

Technically, Okinawa want USA to leave the Island, which is understable after so long. They are problematic when they are in a country or a region. They manipulate election and décision through corruption and black ops.

Okinawa people leave under discrimination by Japan. They suffer the US military base and we don’t know much about the effort done by Tokyo to alleviate their burden. They should be very reach and tourist zone by now. But for USA security, this is probably forbidden to do a lot of thing to develop the island.

It is time to speak about choosing another Island. They can stay in Hawai. For Japan safety on long term, it is important they go back to Hawaï. And the new base will just replace USA by SDF that will do the same. This is understandable to block the project for Okinawa if they want a future without military regulation on site.

This is about « living normally again » too.

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Posted in: Avoiding a catastrophe if Mount Fuji erupts after major quake See in context

With so much sin under the belt…. Fuji-san had probably an alert recently when they stress so much the matter.

Against a volcano, you need mask and boats (with filter for the motor not in open air). That’s the most efficient.

How long it would take to evacuate toKyo and its surrounding ? There is a lack of anticipation and information here.

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Posted in: Japanese ruling party lawmakers questioned over fundraising scandal See in context

This is bad. This money served to do what ?

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Posted in: Japanese scientists create world's 1st mental images with AI tech See in context

that’s fake science. They have a brain map link to a picture. They show the picture. That’s not really what you think.

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Posted in: New firm managing ex-Johnny's performers named Starto Entertainment See in context

Starto ? A bit Russian and English too. Neutral. We will see, but Japan have push forward Kitagawa’s vitims, and there wasn’t just Kitagawa. So starto, this is just a beginning for me. We are just uncovering a tiny bit of the scandal. Even if Kitagawa manage to create is only harem field, he needed to survive the first trial and lost independence. All data converge about more coming down. And the sex field in Asia is becoming overly dark again, you won’t have a choice but to clean the firm down to the root. We are talking about the main Tokyo idol firm. There is a giant hidden in shadows. The giant goes legit or the giant must be put down on earth. This is more dangerous than you think. Sex business are in league will all world terrorism today. This is much more deadly than a nuclear attack from North Korea and should be your main priority. Once imbedded in politic, only military can clean the ground.

Normally predators are found around sport, art, school and children. Johnny was is all the main risk field for sex predators but bars. Bad people had to gravitated around him. Silence about rape in a media space is bought with death and mercenaries in France. It is doubtful Japan is less violent on those problems.

Lie detector in Justice is coming for all. USA lied about the bad results risk. The last detector never shown on TV is very efficient and enough to confirm is an agreed testimony to the police is true or false. This is what I advice to france : do the normal police job, and just use the lie detector to see if the declaration is true to have a consolidate hard proof to work on and with. So it will come soon. And since policemen will have to pass the test too, this will change a lot of things.

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan urge stronger international push to curb N Korean nuclear program See in context

Honestly, they will never back down. North Korea need to protect its frontier from Mongolia, China, South Korea, USA. Japan is just the easy target to not make enemy on their side of the wall.

I don’t think they will attack Japan. They would be hit immediately by Moscou to avoid any nuclear contagion strike. This is mainly dissuasion. You get the bomb to never use it.

The most dangerous bomb bearer is still Israel who is on this side on the wall, admit they have it and still refuse international control on them. They are the worse risk of atomic terrorism on this planet actually.

North Korea use Japan. This doesn’t mean they will attack Japan. Understand « dissuasion » concept.



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Posted in: Kishida again denies knowing of Unification Church members at meeting See in context

Moon sect was bad news.

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Posted in: Japan, France unveil new road map to boost defense, economic security See in context

It is important to mention partnerships.

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Posted in: Chilean insists he did not kill Japanese ex-girlfriend at conviction appeal in France See in context

I must add France do accept lie detector test in those trials. This is officially used by public law office. This is used with good intelligence of course, but if an accused want to prove his good faith, he can. The new lie detector, very hard to break to be honest and used with other lie detection technics, is the safest way to get out free of charges.


Here, there is no doubt he is guilty. A body or not is no more necessary in France when somebody is missing and all evidence show this wasn’t their choice. They are treated as dead.


The future won’t be a trial based on the word of a policeman or a DNA test, but on the lie detector to guaranty the truth in trials. Justice system will change a lot with the implementation of the new lies detectors technology.



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Posted in: Woman gets life in prison for killing woman, tossing her body from bridge into river See in context

Crazy people.

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Posted in: 'Napoleon' movie too 'anti-French' for some in France See in context

He was truly a great genius. And even if they have sublime some part, don’t underestimate the third revolution against Vatican in France.

1789 : La bastille : this is the poorest.

1791 : The end of the king : the rich and small nobility starting the age of true terror

1804 : A small men crown himself emperor and show all the talent of a revolutionary roman emperor starting to build school, justice, military and better administration.

Three revolutions in France. His was the most dangerous in the world to do. The most complicated one. He is defeated because they can’t let a poor man rule without dynasty blood even if chosen by God. Too dangerous for all those fake kings and emperors.

Emperor became a rank with special security from nature thanks to French unknown thinkers. You have to show god choose you to keep the rank. This is an IQ rank but with a bit of magic too to please the english.

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Posted in: 'Napoleon' movie too 'anti-French' for some in France See in context

Napoleon is the poor man who become an emperor equal and better than all emperors one to one while being a peasant or near for them. This is a self made man who made another revolution after the rich people of Paris who followed the poorest one at la Bastille. He crown himself and immortalised it in a still very protected painting.

No emperor in Europe recent history can do that painting. They all inherit it by blood doing nothing to deserve those thrones and powers. And one man manage to be emperor, full rank and honour while having been done nothing to rich this level and he beat them all.

He was not the finest man. But he had greatest mind for a poor from his generation who didn’t even have a father (just a mom and sisters). Even today, do you have the level of difficulty for a man to build himself without a dad ? It was even worse at the time in Corsica.

I have done the same. So I know how much the English throne is weak and the Japan throne is weak without its millennia natural bloodline safe keeping. You will have to prove the choice of God. And this will be hard because somebody manage to make very believable copy on first sight.

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Posted in: 'Napoleon' movie too 'anti-French' for some in France See in context

Napoleon and his teams, they really did great realisation showing a higher IQ and mind finesses. English disposed of him because he was not stupid enough. So the way he is depicted in the film show him like a brutal little peasant with no finesses and no moral. This is something unable to inspire great realisation. He defeated all armies by the Russians. The English would have soon fall so he could get back some colonies.


What you must understand is that English side and French side within USA were at war, and this war is still going on because this is about monarchy against liberty in Europe. They treat USA like an English colony they can take over. They control it like they control Canada or Australia but this is not official. So Ridley Scott he make happy his English or Canadian producer or whomever they hide behind.


A film is no more an investment of an artist. This is more like a propaganda. Napoleon was a chess player. He was somebody who was know to work 18 hours a day. He inspired a most advanced progress in the French state. He put an end to the anarchy in Paris after the revolution where English were starting to kill a lot and manipulate the people with lies. He put an end to the terror period and protected France by doing the war needed. He was emperor rank, and this nobody ever doubted it. He has the mind and the realisation all over Paris. He invented education for military and new strategic. What he didn’t own, he was able to control.


This is a complicate period of history. He made some big mistake to win this war. He paid English for peace a too high price. And was about to come to take back this price. So he was disposed off. And we have still an English monarchy problem in France who always try to destroy Paris power to not be overpowered. And they have no low downer to go for this objective.


America need to do a French critics because USA is remembering all they love and are proud of, this is about them being French after all. The Liberty Statue, this is even French creation.

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Posted in: Japan's teamLab readies renewed digital museum in Tokyo mega complex See in context

But this was a stolen idea of France in the beginning and the protection is about to fall out. Somebody lied to find the thief.

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Posted in: Asia trade talk stumble is another setback for U.S.: analysts See in context

Fair Warning


Europe was built to sell the economy of Europeans to trade from america and asia and reinforce USA power in the Asian world. Those great organisations are used to increase the power of USA and they lie a lot on the real benefits of those countries that do more victims than successes. They pick one, they give the best advice, the best cut on production products. So those selected countries sign the corruption trade agreement with USA and accept to lie (Germany). But Europe have not much anymore to trade in perspective. Germany got it all and is too big to be a competition today. And this became obvious the free open market is just a propaganda to hide the manipulation of USA’s democrats (this is more a democrats things and extreme right got his shares because she knows the lying b1tch part) and their friends of economy.

So why Asia union commercial trade ? Because USA need a replacement to Europe and win power in Europe by selling you like Europe was sold to you. They trade the futures laws of europe they can buy through easy lobbying to your firms. But France is used to those manipulation. We have compensation system that are put back in place very fast. So Europe will be shut down market for economic political trading soon. For decades, they opposed Asia and Europe to reign happily in the over and only richest in paradise. And they will reverse the process. You will be the market sold to Europe.

So be careful, because those trade with USA, they come with a lot of military black ops manipulation behind the scene that break all human and social progress. And if you are not a chosen one, all your biggest firm will fall. In France, anything who could compete with USA computer domination was destroyed slowly and bought back by IBM. This is very old trade and strategic. And I see in Asia, the beginning of what they did to France after Charles de Gaulle had no choice but to get ride of USA military camps in France. At the time, this was harder to hide black ops. This was an attack move in my country to create Europe. Always been. So if you are more communist and not enough christian you will be sold to more christian amenable countries. This is a bible interest choice only. They had never a better economic science or firm. They have better capitalist black ops to get ride of the competition that don’t pick USA and vote for democrats. We have to survive to do money, when they have nothing in front of them to block them.

We are reaching the end of a system Biden have no will at all to end. Once Europe is rich, you can be rich again at least if you have elite alive able to build a firm.

Welcome to economic war of America. This is why nobody must build higher industry in other continent. This is impossible to oppose several continents. Their IA level of system and advanced calcul technology is not strong enough. There is a limit on what military help can manipulate without being noticed by economist. In france, our top economist are no more. The top Level of Dauphine have fallen to a level that make cry any lover of true French social and economic science. We were slaughtered in France by capitalism (sorry to sound communist, but this is the truth in hiding I am afraid beyond any political engagement ring) mercenaries.

Let’s resume,

Asia and Europe have been put in opposition trade by america. This is a trade that favour Asia. And america even more. They can make the most money out of it and stay the only ruler in paradise. They hided their continent software programming manipulating the dots. Europe won’t be the same market possibility for Asia. USA know that much. They will reverse the old trading economic political agreement that made the riches rich and richer. You will have to open your market to europe goods and USA will enter their own product the same way. They will produce in Europe with a black hidden slave market like in California with the Mexicans today like with the black yesterday. They use slave to cut the prices in California openly. This doesn’t mean they don’t do it somewhere else. But in Asia slavering trade is harder. So they are building it in Eastern europe market. We have a slavering market in construction in Europe behind Germany’s economic growing power.

I know this is a bit technic for newbie in economy. But those big economic union are about to banned from the World. I doubt USA survive it because all USA power is build by private mercenaries that manipulate the free market expansion in political objective that only make democrats christian firm who close their eyes on the USA mercenary business win.

Good luck ! Make sure to have a good security before letting USA enter the deal. They play the « hard to get girl » when they are the perverse and narcissique bully manipulating his harem (their words not mine).



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Posted in: Roger Waters claims 'Israeli lobby' blocking his Uruguay, Argentina hotel stays See in context

In France, Tsahal probably blackmailed the senate president and a constitutional political judge to have propaganda hiding the genocide of Gaza’s children in the first three day of bombing. 3000 children deads because they bombed school willing like you execute civilian to force somebody to do something. Human crimes by thousands… and that’s not the first time they hide the public show of intimidation.

They use blackmail to get what they want. You just need to investigate on the Hotel Direction to find a big scandal that can’t be in public or bought off your way in jail.

Going against Israel is suddenly being a jewish racist. This is like not agreeing with the gay lifestyle being suddenly homophobic. This is political manipulation. Honestly nobody but a most extreme ones ask for the death of Israel citizens. Islam is not overly violent about this after what we uncovered on Tsahal true behaviour. In France, with 10 millions of Muslims, we have less than one hundred anti-semitic delict and crime per year. When you know the real level of Israel behaviour against them, this is not that much.

Since Tsahal is protecting extreme right in Israel with those blackmail technics, I would wonder the file they got on your extreme right in Japan. Once they got a file, they control your politicians thru blackmail. So they have plan in motion to help them rise to power. They need somebody they can blackmail, and him in a place of power. We were looking on the nazi side. But Tsahal have the same profile today after the Gaza’s children genocide (UN is agreeing on the genocide possibility more and more, this explain a long term pattern of behaviour).

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

Poor girls are often chosen by rich boys that want to hide their gay behaviour. Media can’t compromise themselve today because this is a raped and very unhappy life for the girl. Imagine the kids who have such a father ?

That’s the difficulty when a prince pick a normal girl. Is he truly in love ? or does he want a weak girl that will have no choice but to protect him and accept his perverse ways of life ? (mistress, SM tendances, gay lovers..).

That way a question around the lack of nobility strength of the next empress. It is important they are educated to say « no » when they don’t have the background.

We are always careful today and media does a great job to prevent sex crime and protect those young naive girls who don’t know the rule of fame that let those men think they can do what they want when they want and don’t have to obey the law or anything. The message should be « don’t sell a fake dream wife for poor girls ».

Congratulation to media for a great job !

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Posted in: U.S. carries out air strikes in Syria against Iran-linked facilities See in context

Biden reinstalled troups in Irak as soon as he was in power ? Islam were against starting a war down there. Macron said this wasn’t International but it is. And Syria is protected by Russia, so USA is attacking Russia’s space directly against all international agreement ? What Biden is doing down there ?

Trump have some default, but contrary what you think, he is a good leader. When you have economic anticipation plans, his answers fit right down the T. He is fast and reactive. He knows what to do to protect USA’s economy the best. And most of all, he hates wars. People vote for Trump because he is a professional world leader. This is a scientist in ruling. Biden just do political wars to finance military power all over the world and this is how they end up in a direct war against Iran and Russia to save Israel. But Israel went too far this time for the last time.

Middle East crave peace and Israel offer no hope for peace. It is a bit complicated but somebody create the anarchy on site and Tsahal just plead guilty proudly. This is why all Islam will united slowly against Israel. It may take a little time to ponder what happened in the light of what we uncovered in Ukraine, but they have no choice but to get ride of Israel now. That’s their only way out : full blown war. We can win a few years but a final decolonisation war of Islam from occidentals influence is coming hard because now we have the proof they are a colonisation very active power.

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Posted in: U.S., South Korea revise deterrence strategy over North Korea threat See in context

Nuclear dissuasion won’t work anymore. Once you have the nuclear heads, this is just to protect yourself from a nuclear countries nuclear heads. Nuclear don’t give any protection if you have not been attacked by a nuclear weapon. This is dissuasion not actions.

South Korea agreed to be nuclear bomb by USA is a way for her safety. That’s a bit risky. USA is very racist and a nuclear storm toward China by creating a war with North Korea is the Biden and friends type after what we have seen in Gaza.

South Korea need to be less naive about USA possible racist and colonial intents. If North Korea attack the south, this won’t be with a nuclear head that will create a cloud that come back on them. They will go conventional. And we know USA does the minimum you can pay for (overly I must add) in those case like in Ukraine.

So this strategy treaty seems to be poor and unwise.

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Posted in: Donald Trump Jr testifies about 'sexiness' of father's real estate See in context

In democracy, the penal responsibility in accounting and leading is to the head of the service unless he receive writing order to enforce the head of the firm decision. The accountant is a part of the system that justify the accounting is false or true. He is the one holding the penal risk. This way, with this power, he protects the accounting truth. This is part why France got AAA in market and interest rate. The accountant system have several heads who are in penal charge of the truth registered to state.

In France, Ghons and Nissan firm accounting problem can’t be possible. And normally USA got the same system which is a democrat spirit basic in institution : service leader got the penal charge and responsibilities. The top head can’t give illegal accounting orders this way. Accountant are known to be harder to sway when they hold the risk. But this is true for all services. When they hold the penal responsibility, they are in charge and say no to illegal orders from the top who want to please shareholders.



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Posted in: Donald Trump Jr testifies about 'sexiness' of father's real estate See in context

Luxury brand is not retain ? That’s strange. You pay for the selection of the people living in it by the price they can afford. Normally, this is legal. And the financial statement are done by expert who are in charge of legal and penal responsibilities. You need to prove a personnal involvement of the firm's head to sew him for anything else than a simple mistake. You need hard penal proof. And there is none in this article or in France.



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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court says it is adopting code of ethics, but it has no means of enforcement See in context



If this is not law bidding, this is not ethic by deontology. Deonthology is a work guideline that can suffer to be forgotten depending on the case. Ethic at Supreme Court level are part of the constitution and are law biding up to constitution level. Ethic is part of the science law of making laws. This is as flexible as math.

Under Biden, this court became a joke. With Trump sewing, we knew the justice was democrat and political. But now, they are no even professional of justice and laws universal systems & tools. Pitiful.



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