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Posted in: Science lacking on whether death penalty deters murder See in context

When people commit a crime they are not thinking if they'll eventually get a death sentence or not.

Not all murders are crimes of passion or unpremeditated. Some are quite premeditated and those people would do the calculus (i.e hired guns).

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

Wow, something to make women even more uncomfortable in the summer. Imagine how hot it gets with bra + top + this thing.

And to think but a few decades ago breasts weren't even considered erotic in Japan. How things change.

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Posted in: Science lacking on whether death penalty deters murder See in context

t's about making the best use of available resources, and at present the death penalty is too expensive.

That depends on country. In China, Africa, South Asia and Middle East, it's very cost-effective (and in some places, due to organ harvesting, cost-negative). In North America, Europe and some other places, it's cost prohibitive.

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Posted in: No monkeying around for world's fastest man on four legs See in context

Hmm. The title is misleading.

He actually walks on two legs and two arms.

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Posted in: 14-year-old student arrested for stabbing bus driver at Hachioji See in context

Stabbing a person does not mean that you are tough... pretty much anyone can stab a person with a knife.

In this case, tough is a stand-in for "psychopath". I think the did prove he was psychopathic.

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Posted in: NBC producer fired over editing of Zimmerman's call See in context

He got sacked? A small glimmer of integrity in the very dark cave that is modern journalism!

You know, it's true. But the thing is that Journalism, while it's had ideals, it has rarely attained them. I think it's wishful thinking that there ever was an age when journalism was about neutral reporting. Being neutral is really, really hard. Word choice, coverage, etc. all carry connotations.

Moreover, this gal or guy could have been overworked and just not realized how awful that sounds. Or, it may have well been structured that way on purpose. We don't know.

In any event, more important than this story is the impact of immediate quasi-informational dissemination and opinion in the internet age disguising itself as canonical. Infamous cases like these which get pushed into prime importance by the principles involved as well as third interested parties brings a very difficult question to the table.

How does one in this day, in the age of instant mass dissemination, control a case so that it not become tainted and that it not become tried in public by interested parties?

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

Thai - it's US colony ?

Nyet, extradition treaty it's called.

Can you give some examples about Russia?

You know FSB, yes? You can ask your brothers in Caucasus region. I need say more?

Now you talking about Abu Ghraib or Guantanomo ??

No, I'm not talking about a few known terrorists. Im talking about thousands of plain Jane and Jack journalists and politicians and organizers in Russia who oppose comrade Putin. Please try make better example. People who want reform to motherland People who want curb graft and corruption in motherland.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

Non American and non Thai citizens are not a part of this treaty.

Really? So if a Maltan were to visit Disneyland and let's say he/she killed someone while there. Meanwhile the suspect gets on a plane to Thailand, The US cannot ask Thailand ex-post to extradite? You must be joking.

In any event, you are arguing against fact. Thailand disagrees with you, obviously. You may say water isn't wet, and perhaps it's dry to you, but in fact it actually is wet.

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Posted in: Chavez heading back to Cuba for cancer treatment See in context

Not sure why you're taking offense.

He's not. He's saying he would if he were Venezuelan, which he isn't, so he isn't.

if you need a doctor in Japan, you will cross half the world to see a Mexican one?

Why? Elbuda is already in Japan. The question would be, why would he go to Japan for treatment, if he lived in Mexico --which he does not.

But, yeah, if he thinks Cuba's got better medicine, why not? All other third worlders tend to go to places that have better treatment for serious medical conditions. Now, that does indeed indict the local medical community. But that's not surprising.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

Thailand's co-operation doesn't absolve America.

How do you know this? Have you read the extradition treaty?

An offense shall be an extraditable offense for prosecution or for the imposition of a penalty or detention order only if it is punishable under the laws of both Contracting Parties by imprisonment or other form of detention for a period of more than one year or by any greater punishment.

For the enforcement of a penalty or detention order for such an extraditable offense, extradition shall be granted if the duration of the penalty or detention order still to be served amounts to at least six months. (2) An offense shall be an extraditable offense if it consists of preparing or attempting to commit, aiding or abetting, assisting, counseling or procuring the commission of, or being an accessory before or after the fact to, an offense described in paragraph (1) of this Article, provided that such are punishable under the laws of both Contracting Parties by imprisonment or other form of detention for a period of more than one year or by any greater punishment.

(3) Extradition shall also be granted for illicit or criminal association, as provided by the laws of Thailand, to commit any offense described in paragraph (1) of this Article, and for conspiring, as provided by the laws in the United States of America, to commit any such offense.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

My dear american friend don't look on the planet Earth as at your personal custody.

Obviously you misunderstood. I am not doing anything. I am simply agreeing with the result. I personally, do not see myself having dominion over Earth.

He is not citizen of Thailand also not property of Thailand

That might be your preference, but it's not something Thailand cares about. Again, sorry about that.

So if Russian take US citizen in Thailand and will judge him - it will be logical ?

I guess you not follow news? US and Russia have tit-for-tat. It happens. US agent become lost, killed, later Russian agent get lost or imprisoned -maybe sent undesirable place; you understand now?

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

Thailand did it as well.

Then logically your issue would be with Thailand, not the US, actually. Imagine I ask a guy or a girl out on a date. I can ask all I want, but only a few will oblige. It's not my fault for asking. Either way, US or Thai, they "did the right thing". You can go on about how it was not your understanding of int'l law, etc. or you would rather things work otherwise. The thing is, brass tax, the guy is out of circulation. Lawyering is for lawyers --I don't mind them objecting, that's their job. I do mind people missing out on the obvious benefit to having this guy out of circulation. Like I said, I'm practical. Little good in this world comes uncompromised, in some way.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

The US had no right to put an arrest warrant out when Bout isn't a US citizen

Obviously the Thais disagree with you. Sorry about that.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

it's about America extraditing a non-US citizen from areas of outside US jurisdiction and flouting international law.

The US put an arrest warrant out, the Thais obliged and the US got him. Standard business (no flouting) You (Russians aren't even bringing the extradition up --they expressed that the trial was unjust). If you are incensed at the seemingly arbitrary reason for extradition, are you also incensed at the way any political opposition in Russia is silenced (i.e. murdered?). Are you incensed at the arbitrariness of how those the state cannot afford to murder are incarcerated under dubious charges (you know, actually made up)? If you are not, I cannot see how this would incense you any more. At least the other guys (and gals) are trying to bring a better Russia. This guy could give a rats arse about Russia.

As I have mentioned before Russia, UK, France, etc. all extract non-nationals from foreign territories. Don't pretend they don't. Ignoring this reduces your credibility considerably.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

If a policeman cops a baddie and doesn't get all his paperwork in order, all his evidence bang to rights and all the other t's crossed and i's dotted, the baddie will likely walk on a technicality.

Really? So all those coerced confessions and Human Rights findings on Japan are all wrong and they have it out for Japanese police forces. Listen, there is the face for public consumption and there is the face of reality. I'm sure dotting I's and crossing T's it what results in 99% conviction rates. Uhhuh!

Let me ask you this. If you had him in custody (personally) and you had absolute power to keep him captive or let him go about his business (with no risk to you), what would you choose? (Think about it for a few minutes). Let him go? Fine. That's where you stand. Personally, I'd rather see his abilities to illegally export arms curbed.

US kidnapped Russian citizen.

Hmm, not really. He was extradited from Thailand, ergo he was not "kidnapped", nice editorializing though. That aside, this is not an original case. French, Russians, Britons, etc., they all at have actually extricated people they have wanted extricated from foreign soil. Don't pretend this is the first such case ever. It's not. Now, I'm okay with a Russian expressing care about a fellow Russian --that's normal, though not logical, but it's forgivable.

There is also the potential for his being a pawn in international affairs. That's not saying he's innocent. Far from it --innocent people are not drawn into these things. It's saying that he might have been pulled in as a piece in a chess match. This always happens btwn the big powers. They get some of "our" guys or gals, we get some of "their" gals or guys --and we trade (or keep them in our pocket for later use. I'm just saying this is a possibility.

There is no question this guy was involved in illegal arms trade. Whatever sting he was involved in, I don't care. That's the technicality which gets him roped in. What matters is he was roped in.

@m5c32., you're using the same justification that those who invaded Iraq used

No. This guy actually, really was involved in illegal arms trade. Sadam, is another story. He bluffed (directed toward Iran) but unintentionally (by him) the West called his bluff. So, yes, intelligence failed and an unnecessary war, did happen. Then again, we're not discussing Iraq but Viktor.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

So now who is going to extradite and bring to justice the person who signed the contract for the resumption of US arms sales to Bahrein?

Listen. Don't pretend the world could be made into your perfect vision of peacefulness. As if you never got into a disagreement in your whole life.

You take what you can get. There will never be full peace, not with our species. Given that, there are bad sides and there are worse sides. That's all we have. You can in principle and practice be a pacifist, that's fine. The world will survive. What will not survive is a community that would refuse to fight the good fight. And fighting that fight includes a lot of ugliness. There is no way around that.

Let's put it this way. If you were part of a police force and part of your job put you in the path of criminals, psychopaths, etc., there would come a day when you would have to decide to harm someone or be harmed. As a single person, without any other responsibility, you can decide if you want to allow yourself to be sacrificed for principle. On the other hand, if you have a responsibility to a community at large, you would have to use force, to the best of your judgement, faling that, you would not only sacrifice yourself, but you are also potentially sacrificing others who do not share your principle. If people did indeed share your principle ad infinitum, eventually, only the criminal would be left.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

So, people care more about whether judicial procedure abides by int'l law than whether someone who injects gasoline onto the fire that is the conflict areas of Africa, over the misery that that would impose on victimized Africans?

It's not as though it's disputed this guy was an illegal arms dealer. That he was. It's not typically disputed by most international observers. So the furore is over how he was detained and by whom. Great. Procedure is way more important than results. I get it. I'll take results over procedure, when the greater good is at stake.

This is not a victim here. He is a victimizer who did this without any overarching strategy except profit and psychopathy.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

Do I care it was France that took in Carlos the Jackal? Do I care if they followed the letter of international law? Not at all. That someone took a murderous sociopath out of general circulation is what is important. That's what I find practical.

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Posted in: Hackers hitting Macs with virus: industry experts See in context

It's not virus, it's a trojan. Trojans don't self-replicate.

This isn't the first either. This is a variant of something that has been out there for a while. What's different is that they are C&Cing them and they are part of a botnet --whereas before they were not botnetted.

This has several vectors, the most effective, as of now, is the drive by, facilitated by the fact that 4MM webpages out there have the code. There is no way for someone not running AV to avoid those webpages -unless they uninstall their browsers or uninstall Java.

Comparing MOSX to Windows XP, a 10 yo OS is disingenuous. If you were to compare Vista or Windows 7 with MOSX, then that's fair. The newer versions of these OSes are pretty solid. There aren't many gaping holes (compared to before), so hackers being practical, are taking the easy route and that at the moment is third party Software like Adobe and Java RTE and your browser (Chrome just patched again, a second time in two weeks).

They are not striking at the OS, they are striking at third party SW which is not typically updated via the same channels as the OS --meaning there can be significant lag and thus a window of opportunity to attack. Now, if you are really important, they will get you, no matter what. There are tons of zero-days waiting to be exploited.

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Posted in: Russia blasts 'biased' U.S. sentence of arms dealer See in context

There are two things. The legality of the basis for extradition and then there is the question of "is this a man who deserves freedom."

What is more important, principle, or the fate of an illegal arms dealer? I suppose that's a personal choice. Personally, I'd rather see him locked up, rather than making money by pumping more arms into conflict areas. There are idealists to whom everything is black or white and there are practical people, who take what they can get. Realpolitik seems to have the upperhand, in life --even in interpersonal relationships.

If 'realpolitik' can be predominant in the smalest of circles where a person has the most influence, why would it be unnatural to see it also rule macro environments?

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Posted in: 4 family members found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

I can see where a 28yo and an older sibling can commit suicide. I cannot see how a 9yo and 7yo would "commit" suicide. They were murdered.

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Posted in: Lawson to expand in Myanmar See in context

Great, just what a country with a long culture needs; kids serving preservative laden snacks and light porno 24/7 Cynical? You bet ...

Agreed. Convenience and destruction of mom+pop shops is not what they need. They need an infusion of light industry and assembly operations. Things like dish-making, tool-making (light tools like wrenches, shovels, knives, etc.) putting motorbikes together, mfg bikes and so on. Something to get them jump-started into industrialization and away from subsistence farming and penury.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend's 4-year-old son See in context

Boyfriend probably deserves a bit of Giuliani Time to have him come correct.

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Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan? See in context

I don’t really mind because Japanese people call me Gaijin-san. Adding the honorific makes it polite.

Alright, well if that's all it takes, good for you.

I don't know why people assume that I am dangerous.

Well, if everyone is giving you that reaction, maybe the problem is you. (relax, I'm joking)

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Posted in: NHK apologizes for April Fool's Day Twitter joke See in context

NHK, which received a barrage of inquiries from viewers, says that the tweet has since been deleted.

Take it easy, it was a freaking joke. Get a sense of humor. I mean, it's so over the top, who would take that as factual edict?

What's funny is they backpedal on a joke.

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Posted in: S Korean activists protest against Japan See in context

After all, the etymology of "history" and "story" are the same.

Hmm, you do realize that the the etymology of story does not necessarily require it to mean "made up" (as some casual usage might imply), quite the contrary, for most meaning of "story", it's a sort of a "telling of events"

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Posted in: Amnesty: U.S. ranks 5th on global execution scale See in context

Anyone who uses the death penalty to punish someone should be punished with the death penalty themselves. Killing begets more killing.

Isn't that the same logic people who favor capital punishment use?

China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq,

There you go. Anybody that wants more killing now knows where their brothers are.

It's not so much capital punishment that's the problem with those countries cited, the greater problem is due process is not robust. Apprehension, trial and execution can happen within a month's time --that would appear rushed. That would be the issue.

Serrano; The cost for keeping inmates on Death Row is 3 to 4 times more expensive than them serving a life snetnece in the general prison population.

If economics were the main motivation, then due process would be the first thing to eliminate. Economics, in justice, cannot be the primary concern, tho it should be a concern, none the less. Still, don't think that's a good argument. Some people might be swayed by the economics. People should be swayed by prevailing morality. Is it unusual? If only a handful of countries consider capital punishment justice, arguably, it would appear to be unusual.

On the other hand, despite the gruesome nature of CP, is it more or less humane to submit someone to CP or to commit them to life imprisonment. It's probably a personal choice as to which one might consider more difficult, on a personal level. On the third hand, dragging out the process decades kind of double whammies it. They get near life imprisonment with the added capital punishment.

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Posted in: Very high radiation, little water in Fukushima No. 2 reactor See in context

WTF, this is ridiculous. A year on and no semblance there was any contingency planning (plan A, plan B Plan C) no modelling, no scenario formulations, etc. The Ukranians might not have been good at finesse, but when they had to do something they did it. even it it was crudely encasing the whole thing in concrete.

This thing was not spewing the same levels of radiation as Chernobyl, they have had a year to try and do some whatiff scenarios, etc. and all they can say is that it looks like there is less water than anticipated and that there appears to be some leak?

WTF, is this amateur hour or something? I wouldn't expect them to have a solution the week or month after, but a year out and still look like a one legged man putting out a brushfire. That's serious disaster mismanagement. It's the worst kind of incompetence. It's not treason, but it should be.

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Posted in: Does violence in movies contribute to violence in society? See in context

Its undeniable that first world countries have less violence in society these days.


To blame media for what little is left is silly at best.

That's unrelated to the first statement. It's a matter of studies whether or not what is left is enhanced by the media. Surely copycat action is media-enhanced. Otherwise it would not be copycat*.

*Copycat can be real-life imitation (bank robber copies previous day's bank robbers MO) or it can be life imitating art (bank robber copied method used in movie or TV.)

If media had no impact, then advertising would cease to exist. It exists, profitably, therefore we know media exert some power on people. You might claim, "oh, but that's different" One is selling something obviously and the other is outright fictional portrayal of violence. I think it would be dishonest to claim we knew that such division is quite black and white in the minds of psychopaths.

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Posted in: TEPCO says Fukushima No. 2 reactor water level only 60 cms from bottom See in context

Keeping the cores cool is one of the most crucial things --to keep them cool they must have a given level of water --how is it that this measurement must be done manually. How can it be possible that it cannot be monitored remotely with sensors --double and triple sensors which are calibrated periodically as necessary.

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