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M_Lammerse comments

Posted in: Japan ranks 22nd of 54 countries in EF Global English Proficiency Index See in context

Actually, the Scandinavian countries took the top spots: Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, and Norway. http://www.ef.com/epi/

Firstly,The Netherlands is no Scandinavian country :-) Secondly, as a Dutchman (that is some one coming from the non-Scandinavian country The Netherlands) I can asuer yoe we doe speek and wride the best englesh in the world.

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Posted in: Obama, Abe firm on N Korea; no decision on TPP See in context

For cars and consumer goods, Japanese prefer the products of their brand name co-operation.

The big difference is that many Japanese prefer to buy goods which are not only sold by Japanese companies but also made or better said constructed in Japan.

Now the home electronics market is extremely competitive, and you can see by int. sales figures that Japanese companies lost a lot of int. marketshare the past 5 years, to mainly South Korean companies, Samsung is the best example. These market shifts will keep on, but the Japanese high tech specialized industry is still miles ahead of it's Asian competition.

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Posted in: Japanese ask: Is U.S. backlash on Toyota a ploy to boost American auto producers? See in context

Branded at 11:49 AM JST - 7th February Mlammerse- "The US car industry is for a large part dead" So is the European and Asian.

True, especially those companies bought by US companies or part of it, Saab is an excellent example. Volkswagen and several others got hard hits but they are not so bad in relation to the others.

Over production and focus on the US market by Asian auto companys like Toyota. The fact that Americas markets are completely open to all major manufacturers- but the same is not true in ther markets where US auto makers must jump a variety of hurdles and then face an onslought of negative media lies.

The reason that both the US and European markets are open for cars and other products is related to trade. Believe me, it will not be opened if it did not give some good deals for both sides. Besides, companies as Toyota and other makes are nowadays international companies, the number of 'Japanese' cars produced and sold in Europe and US are exceeding those made in Japan and exported. Keep that in mind when you do not want to buy a Toyota because it is not an 'US' car, it probable is, it just has a Toyota label on it.

Nonsense ! The backbone of the American economy has, and will always be- tourism ! Come on over and check it out for yourself. And drive a Ford while you are at it.

I did not write that, read please. The Back bone of the "US heavy industry" (was) the automotive industry, it actually still is but it hardly exists anymore.

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Posted in: Japanese whaler, activist ship Bob Barker again collide off Antarctica See in context

Paul Watson attacks ships, he is responsible for dangerous acts causing human lives at risk. He is specifically targeting Japanese whale hunters, not those of Norway. The reason is that the Norwegian marine sees any violent action against it's whale fleet as an act of war, they warned him before for that. In a way Paul Watson is a very cowardly man. The Japanese marine should take an equal standpoint as the Norwegian, time of politeness should be over.

Whale hunting is very cruel, it is of a similar cruelty of hunting down any other animal. That it is a whale or a wild bore does not matter, it matters only for our human hypocrisy to give one animal (it doesn't matter if it cute or intelligent) the status of sweet and the other the status of meat.

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Posted in: Japanese ask: Is U.S. backlash on Toyota a ploy to boost American auto producers? See in context

The US car industry is for a large part dead, ask you self the reason why, it is largely related to price/quality ratio and running behind in technique and market strategy. This car industry was for years the backbone of US (not America!)economy by means of heavy industry. To get that industry healthy and at a similar scale it once was is impossible. For that you need a healthy economy and a car hungry market, and we're not even half the way of the economic crisis.

Within a couple of months everybody forgot these news items and the story is further fought out in court. Toyota has a good service history, even the most naive US citizen will understand that it are incidents and not common production problems. Might be that some US priders will use to make Toyota black, but it will not help on a serious scale.

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Posted in: Obama signs massive economic stimulus bill See in context

Doing mostly photography work for a large economic related newspaper, I hear sometimes the horror stories which come by. For example that there is still about 15.0000 billion dollar which still will be vaporized..This crisis is an international crisis, which can only be solved international, from China to that of the US, from Japan to South Africa. You can also not compare it with any crisis before, the situation is completely different, there are demographic and many other factors which were of no role by the crisis in the '30s for example. The only thing which is sure, is that the economic models of all modern nations will change. from capitalism -free market to a much more ny state controlled form.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Taro Aso replaced as Japan's prime minister, and if so, who do you think would do a better job? See in context

He is like the 'Balkenende' (google)of Japan...a replacement would be wonderful, Kitano Takeshi is the perfect candidate for it... (^^)

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Posted in: Iceland, Norway resume whale meat exports to Japan See in context

@Graywolf0813: I love herring, herring are for me the most cudely animals (fish) in the world, their cute eyes and tale makes me want to have one as a pet. So sad, that miilions are eaten every day makes me cry when I see that, or see them in the supermarket. I have nothing with wales by the way, fat blobby fish, which arent't even real fish after all, go ahead eat my day I would say...but herring, so sad...

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Posted in: Obama picks up 9 superdelegates See in context

Politically hardly anything will change in Americastan, by either Clinton or Obama into power. Economically the country will slide down, not only by their huge political mistakes in the past by Bush but also because of a combination of 3 major world wide problems (energy, raw materials and a rice in costs of anything related to the first 2, including the production of food.) Foregin politically and for world stability seen it might be better a democrat will get into power (which one makes no diffrence) Oh, yes and for all those thinking that Americastan will quickly retreat from Iraq after the 'change' forget it. A retreat will mean a high unstabile situation in Iraq and more improtantly to the oil price, and than Amricastan (by means of oil price stability, the reason the war wa started) is back into 2003.)

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Posted in: Saddam feared getting AIDS in prison See in context

Don't know what is more rediculous, believing that he could get aids in prison or that he was related to the 9/11 attack or was in the possession of nuclear weapons. Well at least such kind of news is cooling off the US fiasco in Iraq for again a day.

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