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mabotofu comments

Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for strangling mother to death See in context

appalling!! kinslayer....

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Posted in: 3 bullets fired at home of Sega Sammy CEO See in context

a warning shot?

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Posted in: How a Japanese airline would deal with 'nut rage' See in context


So what would a Japanese airline do? Funny the writer never answers the question they raise.

they did..

Nikkan Gendai’s take on what occurred on the Korean Air flight is that had Cho thrown her fit aboard a Japanese carrier, she would have been physically restrained.

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Posted in: Police arrest man for brandishing knife at Docomo HQ in Tokyo See in context

urgh.. no grievance redressal mechanism that he cud use instead of taking the grudge too far? he cud have easily switched service providers too.

not sure if consumer courts exist and are effective in Japan.

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Posted in: From Sanskrit to Schroders See in context

Sanskrit is not hardest language in the world! In fact, its context free nature makes it easily adaptable to computers.


The idea of describing the structure of language using rewriting rules can be traced back to at least the work of Panini (who lived sometime between the 7th and 4th century BC). His notation to describe Sanskrit word structure notation is equivalent in power to that of Backus and has many similar properties.

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Posted in: Like me See in context

ミクシィ acquisition approval request!

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

I've seen trucks driving recklessly around that area. Bicycles too tend to ride erratically swaying back and forth between road and pedestrian walk, with nobody wearing any helmets. One lane roads and narrow footpaths means everyone contesting for small available space.. RIP Khari-san..

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Posted in: Courtesy call See in context

True @toshiko.. though a small correction. The language is called 'Hindi'.. 'Hindu' is the religion..

Great pic! Modiji's visit to Japan is getting lot of positive press back home.

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Posted in: Bottoms up See in context

Looked it up.. The International Linear Collider (ILC) is a proposed linear particle accelerator. etc etc.

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Posted in: Bottoms up See in context

I knew of LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Whats ILC?!?

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl hit and killed by train in Kagoshima See in context

Did she drop something which she went to pick up? I've seen people are very irresponsible at times around train crossings with bicycles, scooters and people rushing in while gates are closing. Some people even go and lift up the gates by hand giving no regard to safety. These people are not only putting their own life in danger, they are also setting up bad example for the children around who might just pick up on their habits..

Sigh.. RIP little girl.

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Posted in: Watch the birdie See in context

Men who stare at birds!

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Posted in: Japan to test first stealth fighter jet See in context

flexing muscles..

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Posted in: A taste of India See in context

Most Indian food in Japan is rather disappointing, catering too much to Japanese taste

Couldn't agree more! Try dhaba near kyobashi eki. Its probably the best one in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Teen murder suspect committed 'unforgivable' act, says father See in context

A psychiatrist, who had examined the accused, told a local child consultation office weeks before the murder that the girl could kill someone if left untreated, news reports said.

And no action was taken?

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Posted in: 4 injured after gas canister explodes at festival in Tokyo See in context

Throughout the summer, police have been cautioning food vendors at festivals to be careful in handling gas canisters.

cautioning followed by stern warning!

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Posted in: At attention See in context

funnily, when you click on image, a different honorguard picture appears..


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Posted in: mountain season opens See in context

How about doing Mt Fuji from sea level instead? http://www.sea-to-summit.org/

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Posted in: Woman arrested for getting three youths to beat up, rob man See in context

unemployed resident of ...

highlighting 'unemployed'

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Posted in: Highly skilled foreigners to be allowed to stay permanently in Japan See in context

Finally! Good move..

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