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I can assure you that as another European in Japan this is very far from amusing. After 9 years living in Japan was due to fly back to London yesterday only to get to the gate and have BA tell us, 2 hours after the flight was due to leave, that said flight was cancelled. Spent 8 hours in the airport with no refreshments provided and, disappointingly, virtually no information from BA. Now stuck in Japan until wednesday at the earliest. Far from being funny, it is turning out to be very expensive.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after colliding with girl on scooter, then fleeing in Kanagawa See in context

If a cyclist slides into a non-moving car waiting at a junctions - gear lever in "P", parking brake on - unless the engine is off and keys not in the ignition, the driver is automatically at fault.

Total nonsense. I had a cyclist hit my car when i was stationary in a filter lane at traffic lights n route 16. The car behind confirmed to the police that this was the case and the cyclist admitted it too. The police found the cyclist 100 % culpable. No interrogation involved and the attending policemen took my statement, confirmed it with me and left it at that. The only reason that i received no insurance money for the damage to my car was because the cyclist was (naturally) uninsured and i would have had to have sued to get any compensation. Yet another example of people quoting hearsay and opinion as fact, and just for the record I have been driving in Japan for 8 years and have owned cars for most of them.

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