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Posted in: Foxconn says it has agreed with Sharp on most points of a takeover deal See in context

Why do foreign media still use the company's former name "Hon Hai" in the news ?

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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report of Japanese man held in Syria See in context

The government has repeatedly issued advisory to travelers not to go thoes areas. But the government is doing best it can to help this man out of the danger.

Think first and make a move next. Your life is always at your risk.

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Posted in: 111-year-old Japanese man becomes world's oldest See in context

He's been seeing dramatic changes of the world throughout his life... Born just before Wright brothers carried out the first human flight ? ..Human beings can now go to air-space !

What can we see in next 100 years ..

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Posted in: Shabu-shabu restaurant mislabels beef on menu at 3 locations See in context

We don't go to those expensive restaurants daily, but on special occasions like birthday or pay day. Guess not many people can really recognize if it is really expensive Matsuzaka or Saga beef as long as stated on the menu.

This kind of transgression might ruin the memories of those who had good time eating there aside from the price they paid. Companies should balance their sales and customers' satisfaction carefully.

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Posted in: South Korean PM keeps job after nominees pull out See in context

And just TWO candidates for country's PM ?

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman, son found after being lost on mountain for 10 days See in context

Maybe eldery people know how to survive than young people nowaday..

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Posted in: South Korean PM keeps job after nominees pull out See in context

So what about the responsibilities to the victims of the accident ? The current PM will remain his post because of political reasons ?

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Posted in: Sewing needles found in bread in supermarket in Shizuoka See in context

I dont want to imagine... scary !

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Posted in: Body of man and woman found in Northern Alps of Nagano See in context

I have never climbed any mountains but am interested in doing so because many people say it is beyond the word when they reach to the top. It is surely risky but people feel much achivement.

It is sad news but climbing mountains is like life itself.

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Posted in: 1 killed, 6 injured after man drives car on sidewalk at Ikebukuro Station See in context

Drivers should always be aware of risks to people around him and himself. Despite millions of automobile recalls worldwide, it won't help if drivers can't conrtol of themselves.

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Posted in: Ishihara visits Fukushima to apologize for nuclear waste remarks See in context

This is another act of wasting our taxs. Think before you say because lawmakers are selected and representatives of Japan. Be responsible.

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Posted in: Eggs pelted at Suzuki's office after he apologizes for sexist jeers See in context

Do not waste our taxs anymore.

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Posted in: Sagawa Express to hire 10,000 housewives as part-time staff See in context

As long as there are some jobs available, it is good news. If you choose to work for Sagawa, it is still your choice.

Some women don't really have special skills since they have devoted families as house wives. Those women still can get jobs and get some money for themselves.

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima gets 20,000 Twitter followers in first hour See in context

I think Twiter is still a good tool to connect celebrities like her and fans.. Since two

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Posted in: Sagawa Express to hire 10,000 housewives as part-time staff See in context

Last two-three years there was no job for a lot of people. And now many companies are facing a shortage of their workforce.

I think Sagawa finds a good target.

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Posted in: What for you is the most exciting sport to watch, when it is played well, and what is the most boring? See in context

Most exciting sport to watch for me is boxing with fighting sprits.

Most boring sport to watch for me is boxing without fighting sprits.

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Posted in: 40 absent from school after outbreak of illness See in context

Japan will be having rainny season and summer soon. Schools would better handle school-meals more carefully.. Hope for quick finding of the cause and get well soon.

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Posted in: Australia offers asylum-seekers $10,000 to return home See in context

I think the policy would be effective to those asylum-seekers only for a short time. Once their life in their home countries gets devastated, they would come back and that would repeat.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to record questioning of victims, witnesses See in context

Since the justice system of Japan is still locked, this implementation would help give a light to suspects who were wrongly charged...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing guitars belonging to Le Couple singer See in context

If you need quick money, why she took the risky and time-consuming way... and HOW could she enter into that studio so easily...

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Posted in: Big tobacco looks to keep pace with e-cigarettes See in context

are these e-cigarettes allowed to smoke in the areas already banned to do so ?

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Posted in: ANA pilot posts insulting remarks on JAL Facebook page See in context

People already knew that JAL was under the government help. People still take flights on either JAL and ANA.

It's about attitude. Just think about latitude next time, man.

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Posted in: 28 bodies found in Mexican grave See in context

It is true that drug business is really really profitable. So poveity is one of the reasons but its government is also devastated like other developing countries. It is also a problem that the goverment cannot handle these gangs. It's out of control. UN should keep up efforts.

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Posted in: Japan to ease visa rules ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

This is one of good economical strategies of Japanese government, but also chances for foreignors to know how we Japanese live, think and treat others. As some mentioned China and Korea in comments, we are also welcome from these coutries to better understand what real Japanese think about them. I am Japanese national but currently living in the Philippines and it seems for some people here that Japan is one of dream destinations to go in terms of working, culture(especially anime and cartoons) and nature(especially sakura). People are excited here and I am proud of that.

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Posted in: Korean protest See in context

This is very difficult issue. Re-interpretating article 9 doesn't really mean that Japan wants to start a war, but it also means that Japan can start a war any time.

The issue should be much discussed but in a calm stance. I think media are also responsible for telling accurate and consistant information to public.

It is the best for Japan that we can be strong and brave to level with other countries WITHOUT using forces.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy drowns in irrigation ditch in Fukuoka See in context

It is always sad to hear these kinds of accidents. Some irrigation ditches are not covered and big enough to contain human bodies. The boy probably had fallen to the ditch due to lack of sight as this happend at night.

Deepest condolescences to the boy's family.

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Posted in: Japan says it will hold fresh talks with N Korea on abductions See in context

Although it is kind of contradicting that NK asks for lifting sanctions against them in exchange for returning Japanese people THEY abudcuted, we Japanese and Japanese government still have to work hard on the issue and bring back all our people whatever it takes. Until the last abuductee comes back home, the issue will never be completed.

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Posted in: American man arrested over theft of car with children in back seat See in context

Good thing that two kids are safe.

It was basically parents' fault that they left the key in the car with their children inside. Lack of consideration that someone might notice it and drive it away.

However, I think, the parents might had thought two kids would suffer from the heat if they got the key and turned off the aircon. In fact, there were many cases in which children died of heatstroke in the car when their parents were away.

People just have to be careful as bad people are everywhere even in one of the safest countries, Japan.

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