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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Wonder what willl change for Japan. Hopefully Suga isn’t a ultra nationalist like Abe is.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested over murder of disabled daughter See in context

This kind of events go beyond what the laws can do. It is a human tragedy. The laws are irrelevant

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Posted in: Terminally ill woman in Kyoto left will before her assisted death See in context

The doctor writing he would like to be like a comic character doesn’t mean he is crazy or evil. It simply expresses his believes and convictions. I think we all have imagined being a fictional character at some point. That is not enough to judge him.

I hope Japan and the rest of the world approve Euthanasia.

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Posted in: 5 youths arrested over death of 81-year-old homeless man See in context

Signs of a psychopath

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Posted in: 52-year-old man charged with killing 82-year-old mother See in context

I think we should compared how people used to take care of old people in the past and in different countries.

Asylums are not a nice option either. Should euthanasia of the old become legal?

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Posted in: China accuses professor at Japanese university of espionage See in context

It must be horrible to have ur country on ur back even after leaving it. Glad I’m not chinese

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of newborn child at home See in context

How can you live with other 7 people in the house and have a baby in the toilet?

Did nobody notice? So weird man.

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested over father’s death See in context

Killed by poison?

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested after killing eldest son See in context

Her testimony sounds legit. A 75 year old woman can’t easily kill a 45 year old man with a belt unless he lets her.

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Posted in: Mother kills 1-year-old daughter, then tries to kill herself See in context

It must have been terrible for the grandmother.

I still don’t understand why Japanese kill close family members. If you don’t believe me, the last 4 news on the Crime section involve family related murders.

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Posted in: Parents get 13 years for letting 33-year-old schizophrenic daughter freeze to death See in context

If a normal person would end destroyed after such torture for such a long time, imagine a schizophrenic person.

What a horrible fate.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing wife with sword See in context

How do you get a sword like that in Japan A katana?

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat indicted without arrest over fatal car accident See in context

Honestly what do you expect from a man of 88 years?

This is a tragedy more than anything else. The old man probably doesn’t even know where he is standing.

Banning old people from driving would stop this kind of accidents.

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Posted in: Police shoot at vehicle after driver takes off during questioning See in context

Firing to the air is dangerous and irresponsible.

Maybe due to the lack of “action” in Japan, cops are not used to this kind of situations.

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Posted in: Man on trial for killing 19 disabled people says he was serving society See in context

It is a complicated moral topic.

At least it should be the family who decides if the person with the mental illness lives or not, if that person can’t decide by himself/herself. Not someone from outside.

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Posted in: Cafe manager who dated one of his maids kidnapped and beaten by yakuza See in context

Didn’t know the Yakuza did this kind of stuff

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Posted in: Man arrested for confining 18-year-old girl he met on Twitter See in context

I think this happens when children and parents don’t keep a close relationship. So they want to run away away from home, and end up like this.

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Posted in: Woman, 3 children found stabbed to death in car See in context

I can’t imagine the horror the kids felt before dying

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Posted in: Mother of Kyoto Animation artist who died in arson wants memorial; residents opposed See in context

Visitors will probably arrive only for the first few weeks. After that it will probably return back to normal.

I support the memorial construction.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

Wasnt Ayane Gouriki enough? It seems that being a supermodel and a billionaire is not enough for a stable relationship

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Posted in: 40-year-old woman arrested after stabbing mother in the back See in context

I would like to know the reasons of the attack. Probably she was taking care of her mother?

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Posted in: 1,600 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

Such a beautiful tradition. Never change Japan.

Wish my boring ass country had events like this.

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Posted in: Survey reveals 70% of Japanese adults believe corporal punishment is necessary See in context

Punishment without understanding is a mistake.

A parent should explain why something was wrong, and then punish. Physical abuse won’t solve anything.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

why is everyone blindly defending this man? Justice system may not be perfect but it doesn’t mean he is innocent. Specially coming from a man from his position.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for helping ex-husband commit suicide See in context

After looking at my university crush dating a teacher many years older than her when she was only 19... left a bitter taste on my mouth regarding age gaps in relationships...

Regarding the news, I don’t think she should go to prison for something like this.

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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Another murder among family members. Why is this so frequent in Japan? I definitely understand the husband being tired of taking care of her, but still this happens even among younger relatives.

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Posted in: S Korean court rejects petition to repeal Japan sex slave deal See in context

Both countries are paying for what their grandfathers did and grandmothers suffered.

Korea should forgive, and Japan apologize. And then move on. Going back to the past won’t achieve anything.

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Posted in: Donations top ¥3.3 bil for Kyoto Animation arson victims in Japan See in context

It's all well and good that people are willing to donate, but who is overseeing this giant windfall? And who will keep track of where the money goes? And who will keep administrators from skimming off the top?

If I remember correctly the authorities will administer the money, not Kyoani

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Posted in: Ex-top bureaucrat gets 6 years for murdering reclusive son due to fear of violence See in context

why do most murders happen among the family in Japan?

here in my country most murders happen because of drugs. It is strange to me this kind of behavior.

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