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Macpaul Emeka Ekwueme comments

Posted in: Marubeni to pay $54.6 mil penalty for role in Nigeria bribery scheme See in context

Well, being a Nigerian living here in Japan, I should get the 56m.

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Posted in: Chinese man held after petrol bomb attack on Japan's Seoul embassy See in context

@islandfever, you emotions are clouding your vision. Read the news, the women want more compensations, money. Your analogy with the Germans is also misplaced, you don't see the Jews coming out to ask for more handouts from the German govt. Reason well before you start spurting lava, mt. Vesuvius. No one here is condoning the acts of the Japanese decades ago, not least the Japanese themselves, but hey if the Koreans took the compensation and signed not to ask for more, then it's done. No one however, is saying the women can't talk about their woes, but let them do it thru the right channel, their govt.

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Posted in: Lee urges compensation for sex slaves; Noda says issue is settled See in context

...and SETTLED it is.

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

Sorry,' punching wasn't the wisest thing to do' oops! Typo.

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

A good shake would have scared the living daylight out of the kid, and still kept the dad safe. Punching was the wisest thing to do. Then again, the bully's parent are on their toes now rushing to press charges, had they reprimanded their kid, all this wouldnt have happened. So I blame the weakling parents too

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Posted in: Japan requests China to loan panda to Sendai See in context

Is the Japanese govt. stupid or what? Why spending such a huge amount of money on loaning Pandas. Anyone still wonders why the economy is in an endless recession?

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