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Posted in: Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for 'causing commotion' See in context

The men, both 25-year-old university students, grabbed her face and otherwise jostled her while attempting to force their way inside the entryway to her home. “We wanted to talk with Ms Yamaguchi, and we didn’t think it would be such a big deal.”

25 year old university students, are they studying to be doctors? The Japanese male mentality disrespect for rights of others inability to distinguish right from wrong is disgusting, education must begin from childhood, age 25 is too late.

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Posted in: N Korea tells Japan it may raise wartime labor issue See in context


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Posted in: The court is not reflecting on its past decision at all. I can’t accept it. As I was stigmatized, I lost many friends and my job. It’s impossible to return to my former life. See in context

@nandakandamandaToday  04:57 pm JST Make enough enemies and what do you get? 


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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese women say they hate the company they work for in survey See in context

guess I lucked out my wife is career midwife gynecology nurse loves her job plans to work at her hospital until 60, continue on as contractor until 65, then work at a clinic until she's 75 and she will do just that!

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Posted in: Prosecutors have Ghosn email undermining claim of innocence: sources See in context

@gogogoToday  08:14 am JST Extremely unprofessional for prosecutors to release information to the media and NOT in a court room. Just goes to show the prosecutors ONLY care about their reputation and not due process.

Precisely - in my hit assault and run case I learned Japanese authorities failed every step of due process, prosecutor did not question a thing, later when I sued in district and Tokyo High courts all the judges did the same - nothing. This is why all Japanese in the know call their legal system 'chaban' a farce.

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Posted in: Grisly Mexican gang battle near U.S. border leaves 21 dead See in context

I wish Trump had gotten a lot closer to the battle

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Posted in: 4 men claiming to be from N Korea rescued in western Japan See in context

thank you for your kindness Takeko Murakami!

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for paying 16-year-old girl for sex See in context

Kurata was quoted by police as saying he wanted to speak to his lawyer before making a statement.

What have we here - police allowed him to make this statement and perhaps will allow him to speak with a lawyer compare this treatment to that of detainee Ghosn for a good dose of hypocrisy.

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community - but not enough to do anything like have daily protests outside his detention center or the court in Kasumigaski. I learned this from my own experience while expats may voice empathy they won't lift a finger, won't protest, won't attend court sessions. US Embassy consul Peter Barlerin informed they can't intervene in private cases, then few years later Ambassador Caroline Kennedy personally intervened to get convicted drug smuggler Toyota exec Julie Hamp released from jail and sent back to USA. Go figure. sad but true.

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

when I was stalked hit by car from behind kicked in head by Japanese driver as hard as he could like a soccer ball he later confessed in front of Japanese witnesses Meguro police didn't even detain him overnight, prosecutor didn't contact me or my doctors didn't inform me a hearing was scheduled the entire case was conducted in secret. I spent years and a lot of money suing in court and experienced more of same jingoism and indifference all the way to Tokyo High Court. Court ordered me to pay guilty assailants court fees. Authorities are unaccountable.

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Posted in: Moon urges Japanese leaders not to politicize forced labor issues See in context

@smithinjapanJan. 10  06:25 pm JST precisely

NO ONE in the world sides with Japan on the issue of WWII atrocities and sex slaves outside of Japan and non-Japanese (or wannabes).

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Posted in: Japanese student rejects apology over university 'sex listing' See in context

lest we forget in Japanese male mentality they are only comfort women

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Posted in: Thai, Saudi officials meet over case of young Saudi woman See in context

and USA considers Saudi an ally - what a sick world.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

What kind of idiot adults who run Spa would condone and publish such a survey? That this type of behavior is not unusual is indicative of the mentality of too many Japanese males. Education on rights of females should be taught from an early age.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

@RecklessToday Judges and prosecutors study and train together. There is no way a judge will derail this farce and make his brother prosecutors look bad. Precisely - been there tried that...

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Posted in: Abe orders steps against S Korean seizure of Nippon Steel assets See in context

@IloveCoffeeJan. 7  09:03 am JST taking the case to the International Court of Justice

You mean the same ICJ that ordered Japan to stop whaling after Australia sued them, and Japan said ''nah, we will just ignore the ruling''? That ICJ?

Yes yes yes! The same one!!

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Posted in: Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges See in context

@ SchopenhauerDec. 30, 2019  10:53 am JST I do not hear any Japanese go to D.C. from Hiroshima and Nagasaki and burn Stars & Stripes or go to Moscow and demand return of Japanese islands. They can do such a thing only in Japan safely. see JT article

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Posted in: Okinawa-Hawaiian activist to hold rally at White House over U.S. base See in context

Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges - Two Hong Kong activists who were arrested by Japanese police for trespassing after staging a protest at the Yasukuni Shrine two weeks ago will be prosecuted in Japan in February, a local legislator said.

USA should take same action to Japanese protesters.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

wonder why Floyd didn't let T endure a couple rounds, he was never in any threat, give the people a better show for their money, after all he kept saying the exhibition was for entertainment

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

I haven't found T with Mayweather at any post fight press conferences most disrespectful behavior.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

T cried like a baby when he lost is that the ninja samurai spirit? take it like a man, congratulate your opponent and move on. No respect from me.

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Posted in: Mayweather promises entertainment, not a knockout, in Japan See in context

Floyd knocked Tension down 3x in first round then threw in towel he was way outclassed

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Posted in: Okinawa-Hawaiian activist to hold rally at White House over U.S. base See in context

refresh my memory - wasn't an anti-dolphin slaughter protester from US denied a visa to visit Japan? USA get some balls and implement immediate reciprocal action.

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Posted in: 15 suspects brought before Morocco judge over hiker murders See in context

may they rest in peace

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Posted in: Setagaya family murders remain unsolved 18 years later See in context

if it was a foreigner chances are they left japan long ago

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

be fair do same for all Japanese overseas

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