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Posted in: Saitama police apologize for arresting wrong man as robbery suspect See in context

What a joke japanese police, for real!!!

I mean, there are more than just looking like the criminal to arrest and detain a person... that's the stupiest thing I ever read!

I recommend  the Jpolice to watch some american series just to know looking like is not enough.. Check the physical proof of his presence at the scene of the crime is the least they could do before detaining someone...

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Posted in: Japan looking for new ways to help recluses find their place See in context

First things first, Hikkikomori can be because they live sucking their parents ressources.

I' m pretty sure, if their parents didn't pay the rent, bring food, provide an internet connection they won't be so many case of Hikkikomori. They would just deal with the society, like everybody does.

You can be depressed, you can be introvert and hate people, hate your job even your family but still you deal with it cos you know you don't have the choice.

To me, Hikkikomori issue it's a 1st world problem...

Who never been sad, depressed, face rejection etc.. everybody has. Still there is somewhere a will to survive, to go on. Depression and Hikkikomori issue, like explain above, are 2 totally different things to me. People chose to become Hikkikomori .


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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing ¥1.9 million from convenience store by pretending to be employee See in context

I guess it wasn't her first attemp to be so bold. Maybe she knew if she did it far from home she could get away with it.

Japanese police can be so lame and lazy sometimes.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes in Japan hits record low in 2017, but cybercrime up See in context

CrickyToday 10:21 am JST

Difficult to prove the crime rate as statistics are malleable, the police have hidden many crimes or don't count a rapist who pays his victim off, a murderer who gets a suspended sentence. So any objectivity is absurd as the people who compile the statistics and courts are more concerned with presenting a happy face over the truth.

As said above, you can modify the stats by changing the contents.. what is a crime in Japan?

also, as I wrote before, I doubt J.police actually considers all complains, and register them as they should. I have a personnal experience showing that. They tend to minimize fact, and "forget" to register assault. And then, do like nothing happened! Checking stolen bycicle is less troublesome than looking for a rapist!

With this attitude, of course crime rate in Japan are low. They could even say, there is no crime committed in this peaceful country.

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Posted in: Zushi City ordered to pay compensation to man whose wife was killed by stalker See in context

This really brings tears to my eyes as I can totally rely on this story.

1) The Police and Zushi City staff should be punish for their incompetence that leads to a murder.

1.1 milion yens is an insult to the tragedy that occured because they indirectly murdered the woman.

How come you give personnal info over the phone?? Even if the person introduced as a member of family?? If the person concerned is still alive and didn't communicate his/her info, respect that! That is soooo unbelievable!  

2) About the low rate if crime in Japan

This is totally BS. If you believe it, you live in a bubble. In Japan, they don't count "crime" as we do in the West. Here, rape until recently was a crime but just an offence! Result of this, the sentence could be more important for a robbery than a rape ...

And I doubt police actually register all complains. Especially stalking ones. I went 3 times to complain about my stalker, they never did absolutely nothing. They even dared to tell me , he could have a twin, he may not be the same person!!! ( the guy is from an african country and we spoke french...) What are u supposed to reply to that??? Do you think my complain will be taken into account when publishing crime / offense rate??

So I decided to move out rapidly from my place.

Better be safe than sorry!

But the thing is , this woman did the same, she moved out, changed her name and still could be murdered because the police didn't protect her, and the Zushi City staff just sold her to her murder!

Shame on them!!!!

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Posted in: Japanese woman arrested in Thailand for smuggling baby otters See in context

She must have been otter her mind !!!

Joke aside, 4 years university student and be that stupid , really??!!

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for stalking high school girl See in context

@Shigure Tatsushige

What is wrong with you dude?

Wearing pants makes a girl look look a a guy for you? So you think a girl should show her legs to prove she a female? looool you must be kidding, right?

what an archaic point of view!!!

If it could prevent them to be harrassed/ stalked by losers like the one in this article, I recommend it for all women especially school girls. You go to school to get an education , not to please dirty weird guys.

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Posted in: Money dispute said to have led wife to break husband's 54 violins See in context

A good lesson for bad husdbands who make children , divorce their wife leave their children and just dont pay for the kids education!!!!

Why in japan so many guys dont pay child support?? that s a real shame!

If you make children, you have to take care of them!

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Posted in: Gov't studies safety of painless childbirth See in context

@ Gogogo


I m from France, where most of hospitals offer this possibility for more than a decade. In fact, as said earlier, a large pourcentage of mothers used it to give birth . But we don't have have every week a news about infanticidal or a new born abandonment . How do u explain that???

This is a old man excuse to think a woman should suffer to become a mother.

And for those who think, birth pain and mother-child bond is linked, I strongly suggest to give a try to the birth similator. Then tell me if you feel more bonded to your child!

I m pretty sure, they will quickly change their mind.

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Posted in: Miyagi to remove PR video amid sexist criticism See in context

Wt... is this video??

As a woman, moreover as a human being, I would dislike if a video supposed to promote my city turns into showing open mouth girl, causing noseblood and stroke big head turtle...

Using a ex-porn actress playing the "sensual guide" definetly won't help!!!

Of course that is a sexist video, and the people who made it using public fund should be fired. Such money for such a disaster.

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Posted in: Man questioned on suspicion of multiple thefts on JR Yamanote Line trains See in context


Didn't know there were security guards on trains,,, wonder why these security guards never seem to catch chikans.

So true.

I guess they just dont care. Molest a woman is not as important as steal in Japan....

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for stealing women’s underwear says he’s been doing it for 20 years See in context

Actually is not about the level of assault that make "do the job" to the Jpolice officers, it is just if there are an explicit proof of the assault AND confession of the perpetrator.

 Without those, the Jpolice will rarely move.

Believe me, I have been assaulted twice by the same person ( a stalker)  and called to cops twice only to hear me say " be careful to not meet him again".

Japan is a very safe country as everyone say...

I am pretty sure, people complain about the stolen underwears but police didn't move until they have a video + confession.. That is why, he could steal for 20years...

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't aims to curb exploitative schoolgirl dating services See in context

This is so sick!

JK business is all about the vision of very young girls as sexual objet. It is simply and clear.

Take off this and all the JK "business" will end.

Don't always blame the women (who actually sell themselve) to guys who are in demand for it.

First educate the men who think it s OK to buy a girl.  It is because there is a demande that there an offer. If noone consume those child porn , enko josai things tec. no girl will sell their body.

No demand= no offer

So, there is a need to really erase the sexual vision of kids, to eradicate the consumption of JK business, fine customers, expose the business owners to everyone, and even the JK who work in this industries. Reveal this to the world, make it public.

If they are not ashamed of themself, their family will be.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for setting up groper on train in Osaka See in context


when 99% of the time people falsely accused of it have their lives ruined

I wonder where did u get this percentage from ...

Groping is real issue in Japan, it occurs way more than any official paper would state, cos most of time women dont say anything, just run away.

I saw some rubbing, some touching but before I realize and try catch the guy or even talk to the girl he was out or she went away.

Before thinking " I could be wrongly accused" Think about your potential daughter or wife who could be a victim of chikan .

It s not because there are some fake victims that there is no victim at all...

Writing what you wrote is like denying this problem....

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Posted in: Nursery principal arrested for injuring 2-year-old in Fukuoka See in context

"The principal regularly resorted to violence," a person close to the school said. "She beat a child causing a nosebleed and she also dragged a child by the hair."

How the hell nobody did anything to prevent this ?

Even if she is the owner, the staff did think they should stop that insane person? What did they waiting for? an infant death???

The staff should be punished also under the offense "Duty to rescue"!!!!!!

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher gets drunk, visits student’s house and beats him with stick See in context

I barely can't imagine this is the all story!

How can someone let a drunken man, entering your house at night, and let him purchased and beat your child in front of you?????????

And you even don't call the cops?? Really????

I m pretty sure there must have a deal with the parents to give a lesson to this child!

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Posted in: Security cameras to be introduced on JR Yamanote Line trains See in context

I'm pretty sure it is all about chikan activity more than anything...

But here again I dont think it would be really effective; dissuassive maybe but not effective enough.

The groping takes place in crowded trains, when the promiscuity is a great way to sexually touch a target. On this case, how a video camera would be good enough to focus on that guilty hand or shoot how the chikan rubs himself on the victim? when everyone is on everyone ??

Educate people to help each other, to act and protect in case of touching would be more efficient I think. As said James Campbell earlier:

I think if the train riders would pay more attention to there surroundings and get their damn faces off there phone screens that much of this groping and rape on trains would stop. I am a gajin and perhaps because of my budoka training I believe in defending those who can't defend them selves so if I saw some dude feeling up a young lady or even a guy I would step in and trounce the villain

I tottaly agree with u. We should ALL DO THIS.

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Posted in: Chiba Univ medical student sentenced to 3 years for gang rape See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of woman whose body was found beneath kitchen floor See in context

How come, the victim wrote a note stating her killer, and still the police took days to apprehend him???? looks like bad movie story!!!!

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Posted in: Japan sees rise in stalking, domestic violence reports See in context

t-marie : I totally agree with you.

Japan is safe until something happen to you!

I was assaulted 3 times and went to the police ( the koban) to complain each time. They did nothing,it is like nothing happened. I m pretty sure , any of my assaults have been registered...

I guess they are just there to control bike and explain the way to lost person. So, those statics must be below the truth, without counting people who never complain.

People report more, that is a good thing. I hope they will properly train the proximity police to do their job effectively!

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Posted in: Company promises women the man of their (financial) dreams See in context

Basically, a sugar daddy/ sugar baby meeting site, right??

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Posted in: I love you See in context

Action speaks louder than words Everyone has a mouth, it is easy to say anything to anyone, anytime. If my man takes me there, I would reply him: dont say, just prove it, everyday.

But, I even dont need to say that, cos he proves his love everyday already^^ We dont need a special day, nor occassion for it.

I wonder if the wive/gf appreciates this kind of "event" or not.....

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