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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 5-month-old daughter, causing brain damage See in context

Madam-yes I have heard of a breast pump-like formula milk, it is a choice. Yes I agree assumptions are being made. But let's take your assumption of a mother running out for feminine products, need I highlight that most people are in the vicinity of a convenient store? That amount of time, assuming that the father was aggravated at the baby continually crying, and unable to soothe her; most parents would be able to, for the time it takes to get feminine products, be able to handle that amount of crying. Assuming that it was a situation of shaken baby, then the time would be presumably longer than the assumption you made. Time alone cant be spent in the living quarters? Please address this, as your ignoring that I said it was and is possible to do, just highlightd your preference for say....the title madam. Also, did I ever say that the mother isnt a person? Your assumption that being a person means that you can drop your role of mother for an hour is not how I define person. And besides we are talking about women and mothering-well I am. Ive already stated the the father seems to be being charged of something. He doesnt seem to be appealing the charge, that again may be my assumption, but I think he feels his guilt. Madam also said you dont shake babys-well I agree-but you also dont tell a mother to go pump herself either. I too pray for a full recovery for this girl, anything is possible, and I pray that both parents are able to overcome this ordeal, that theyve bought upon themself, and in doing so are able to then help others to not go through the same.

If you look over my original post, you will see I made no assumptions about the events in this story. In fact I was pointing out that there were no details given about the length of time she was out or where she went, and that any number of things, like the random examples I gave, could have been the case. You would also notice I made not one comment about the father in the story either. Again, my post were examples of various reasons she may have left the child with her father.

You made many assumptions, including that the cries of the baby were what drove the father to shake her. The article never stated anything of that sort. All it stated was that when the mother returned the baby wouldn't stop crying. She could have (this is just another random example I'm about to give here) been asleep at the time. He could have been angry about something else and took it out on her. Again, not enough information given.

And of course time alone can be spent in living quarters. Time alone can also be spent in a park, or taking a nap, or visiting a friend. To correct something else you claimed I said, never anywhere did I state that being a person meant dropping the role of being a mother. The point I was trying to make was that mothers, like many human beings, need time to themselves. The one assumption I DO generally make, is that a father should be capable of watching his child without shaking her to the point of causing brain damage. Fathers as a whole are not inept robots who work mindlessly all day and come home and shake babies when left alone with them. That is not the norm. I felt you were stating that the mother was in some way responsible for this incident because she trusted the father not to abuse his daughter. I disagree with that position, though I agree that both parents will feel guilt about this situation.

Quip about my name all you want. It doesn't change the fact that I disagree with you. Nor does it make your point anymore valid than mine.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 5-month-old daughter, causing brain damage See in context

And one would have to then presume mike is in favour of formula feeding. That too is your perogative, there are a lot of parents who decide breastfeeding is best-to which my common sense makes perfectly good sense. Your prejudice blinds some, but not me. Prejudice to mothers and their important role is where your argument has a huge hole in it.


I respect the fact you have your own opinion about the role of women/mothers, but I think you may be jumping to conclusions. There is such a thing as a breast pump, which means a father is perfectly capable of feeding his baby breast milk from the mother without having to use formula, so to assume that no mother=formula isn't entirely accurate.

We also have no information about the length of time the mother was out or what she was out for. Perhaps she went out for feminine products that the husband refused to go out and buy for her. Maybe the baby was initially asleep when she left and she didn't want to disrupt the baby's sleeping schedule by waking it up to go to the store.

Point is, to put the responsibility of this incident on the mother, and in not so many words portraying her as a bad mother or not a good mother is a bit of a stretch. Even the best and most attentive mother needs a moment alone every once in a while. Becoming a mother doesn't make one not a person.

There isn't enough information released to really know what happened, and certainly not enough to assume anything about the mother. No matter what though, you don't shake babies. Period.

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Posted in: Swedish translator of Japanese manga appeals child porn fine See in context

Complete waste of police time and taxpayers money. Not a fan of that kind of manga but I would much rather the time and expense go towards saving real, breathing children from abuse than arresting a manga expert with weird pictures on his computer.

How many children have had to spend an extra day in agony so the courts could focus their attention on this guy?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for assaulting children with vacuum cleaner See in context

You seem to be assuming that this couple are guilty of their alleged crimes.

The couple confessed to the police that they were responsible for the bruises. Are you saying we should withhold judgment until a court decides if punching and stomping children is a crime? Or are you saying we should withhold judgement until the courts decide the confession is legitimate?

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Posted in: Kanagawa's new anti-smoking ordinance a bane on businesses See in context

Lots of talk about smokers feeling "entitled." If you're a non-smoker and the establishment you are considering going into is a smoking establishment, go somehwere else.

It is senseless to browbeat beat smokers because whether non-smokers like it or not, it is a LEGAL activity. If it's so offensive, work on getting it outlawed.

I'm much more offended by the drunks who wander out of bars vomitting on the ground and groping at bystanders. Maybe we should ban public drunkeness as that too can be dangerous. Vice squad all over the place...

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Posted in: 3 men held for accommodating two 13-year-old runaway girls in return for sex See in context

Did the parents report the children missing? Cause they were missing for about a month, and had been on the runaway bulletin since Nov. Did the parents even monitor what the girls were doing online?

Not pointing the finger at the parents as it was the 3 guys who committed the crime, but still...

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Posted in: N Korea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions See in context

I don't know much about North Korea (other than Kim seems to be the supreme leader of nuts) but I was discussing this with someone, and they suggested that maybe Kim doesn't want any of his sons taking over. That he wants to be the baddest, and final leader of NK, so he's looking for a way to get out of power without looking like he's walking away. If they push enough to the point that other countries have to take military action and NK is crushed, then he can be the last/best leader in NK history.

I personally just think he's nuts and the sooner we choke the chain on Elvis the better.

And while I think China still looks at NK as a "little brother" I think even they are starting to get tired of all the rhetoric that keeps putting them in the awkward position of having to deal with the UNSC.

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Posted in: Woman, 37, arrested for stabbing 14-year-old son with knife after argument over PC See in context

Well now we have some clue as to why some people grow up and stab people as adults. At least in this case, stabbing if a form of parenting. I wonder how many of the recent stabbing criminals were also raised at the end of a knife.

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Posted in: Japan cautious in iPhone's bid for world dominance See in context

My friend got one when it came out, and he's already brought it back. he said the reception was awful (though that probably has more to do with the fact that he's with AT&T rather than it being a problem with the phone itself) also, the battery life isn't so great. He's a journalism major, so having video recording capabilities (catching stories when they happen) is very critical for him. I'm assuming that the iphones released in america are the same as the ones released in japan, and if they are, I think not having basic things like voice recording, video recording, and the ability to send multimedia messages (something my 2003 samung phone could do) makes the iphone not worth buying. (That and no phone could make me go back to AT&T.) I'll wait until next year when the third model comes out.

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Posted in: Osaka postman fights to keep mustache See in context

I agree with Cleo on this issue. His moustache wasn't a problem until 2004. He seemed to get the job done before then, and at this point the people he delivers mail to EXPECT to see him with one. I think they'd be more uncomfortable with the change of him not having one considering he's had it for such a long time. They might think it's a stranger approaching the house instead of the good ol' neighborhood postman.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking Chihuahua puppy to death in Aichi See in context

Historically speaking (recent history anyway) one of the early signs of a serial killer/psychopath is animal abuse. Not implying anything...just putting it out there...

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Posted in: Apple's iPhone goes on sale in Japan to cheering crowd See in context

One thing about the new iphone is that the battery is a joke. A reviewer did some testing of one (when I find a link for the article I'll make sure to post it) and it went from being fully charged in the morning to less than 20% battery life by the afternoon, and one afternoon it completely went dead. And unlike any other normal phone, it's not like you can charge a spare battery and keep it with you. You cannot change the battery yourself. So if it dies in the middle of the day, better hope you're near an outlet or a cigarette lighter. That kind of battery life is inconvenient for anyone who is constantly moving. And it still doesn't have voice dialing, video capabilities, or voice GPS. (Like I'll drive in my car and squint at my iphone for turn by turn directions.) Other than those issues, the phone is a dream. lol.

By the way, there is no insurance available on the phoen either, so make sure not to drop it or get it stolen. Cause once you're locked in for that two years, you'd have to buy another phone at ful price (not the discounted price offered with signing a two year contract)

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Posted in: Rice warns U.S. will do what's necessary to defend Israel; Iran answers with more missiles See in context

Can we please stop? Must we jump into war every time a leader barks at our shores? Yikes. I may have to move to Greenland. They don't seem to be involved in any conflicts at all.

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Posted in: Senate bows to Bush and approves surveillance bill See in context

I understand what they are trying to do, but I can't say I agree with it. I've already accepted the idea that "they" are listening and watching. They might as well just go full out big brother and put cameras in everyones homes and cars. that way we can all be sure we're all on our best behavior. Doesn't really matter. As long as I don't do anything illegal there isn't anything they can do about what I think or say. A little ticked that the Senate bowed on this issue. Why did I even vote to put the Dems in the seats if this is how they're going to act?

By the way, I hope "they" are reading this.

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Posted in: Labor bureau rules that Toyota engineer died from overwork See in context

Doesn't working all of those long, ovetime hours help contirbute to the population problem in Japan? Not enough free time to have children. I have some female friends in Japan who say they aren't planning on having children because they don't think they'd have time to raise them considering their work hours. That's kind of scary.

What happened to this worker was terrible. I hope that something can be done about these harsh employment practices.

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Posted in: Suspect says he decided to stage Akihabara attack a few days before See in context

I agree with the posters who said it was good that the cop didn't open fire. As many people as there were in the area and as chaotic as everything was, more innocent people would have been struck down. It's incredibly creepy that he gave a play by play of what he was doing. He was begging to be stoppped. Like a last ditch effort to see if someone, anyone, would acknowledge his existence on this planet, and nobody did. But that's neither here nor there, he's a horrible human being and should be put down like the monster he is. And can someone explain to me the current state of the Japanese mental health system? Was this the first time he demonstrated the fact that he had some serious issues or is there a demented background they haven't mentioned?

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Posted in: Homeless woman arrested after living undetected in man's closet for a year See in context

I'm guessing that maybe she did all of the bathroom and food stuff when he would leave for work or go to bed. There's a good chance she'd have the house to herself for at least a couple of hours a day if he lived alone. And I have two rooms in my house that currently aren't in use. I don't check those closets every month let alone every day...although I might start to now...

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