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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

Really really put me off my breakfast this morning. I have a nearly 4 yo who has a habit of just taking off in the park and I am forever at her to stay close (and at her father who is a bit lax in terms of watching her)........I feel for the little girl`s parents - finding out she is missing and then having to now find out she has been chopped up by some sick person out there would be too much to take! So so sad and a scary reality of life now not only in the rest of the world but Japan too!

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Posted in: Pregnant woman killed by train in Shiga See in context

This is really sad and I can see how it could happen. I had a fainting spell when I was about 4-5 mths pregnant and luckily I was on the train and my husband was with me. One minute I felt fine, the next thing I knew I was on the floor with everyone looking very concerned about me. And trust me, I didnt want to get back on the train! So for this lady, it is very very unfortunate and perhaps she was standing too close to the edge of the platform. I feel for her family.

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

I used one when I was pregnant with my second child as my daughter, even though I had taught her to hold my hand, would on occasion, take off and I couldnt really chase her! IN a crowded shopping area or in a train station before she understood that holding my hand was important, I also used it as well and will do so with my son! I dont care what people think....its about safety for me and knowing that despite ones best intentions, kids do take off when you are least expecting it!!

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Posted in: March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day? See in context

Asleep in the bedroom with my 3mth old daughter and woke to feeling our building swaying (and we lived in Shiga Prefecture then). I thought ok it will stop soon its not so big but it just kept going! When it stopped I turned TV on and was just gobsmacked! Rang home and assured my folks we were fine and texted hubby to say we were ok!! (he was away). Never forgotten!

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Posted in: How much attention do you think drivers in Japan pay to child safety seats or making sure their kids wear seat belts when they are in cars? See in context

Not much really! I have two little ones and I am strict on the fact that they have to be in their car seats IN THE BACK and not roaming around the car. My 3yo tried the whole "I want to sit in the front" and I put the brakes on that by saying "no as when we are home in NZ on holiday for 3 mths you have to sit in the back - no choice!!!". Thankfully hubby backs me up!

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Posted in: 7-year-old Japanese girl mauled by 4 dogs in New Zealand See in context

Cleo FYI: ACC is Accident Compensation Corporation in NZ. Kind of insurance if you must against accidents.

In regard to the article unfortunately there are too many dog related incidents in NZ at present where children are being bitten or attacked (even adults as well) There had been some thought of banning staffies and other "dangerous" breeds but it was vetoed as far as I know. Besides ANY dog can be dangerous if its not properly trained.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chairman Mori critical of Asada, ice dancing brother and sister See in context

Damned if you do and damned if you dont! Mori is a plonker - first rate and why he is the head of the Tokyo organization committee is beyond most people I believe. And Mr Mori, you should be thankful that there are athletes (despite their "nationalization") who want to compete for he would pack a right snot if noone wanted to compete!!!! Mao did her best and Japan should be thankful for that!!

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Posted in: Have you ever hit your child, no matter how lightly, as a means of discipline? See in context

Yes but on rare occasions!

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

Oh for goodness sake - she is an adult and yes there might be strict rules in the "idol" world of Japan but talk about outdated!!! Sheesh....give us some REAL headlines....!

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Posted in: Young people don't think much of elders' manners: survey See in context

It goes both ways and not just in Japan. I get tired of being pushed at the supermarket by obaasans....I usuallly tell them not to push! It was worse when I was pregnant, it didnt matter that I was the size of a small house...they are just in a hurry to go wherever!!!! I even yelled at an ojisan for pushing me off the train......(blame it on the hormones!)......funny he was very apologetic!!! But I had the same argument with my grandmother a few years ago about how some older generations are quite rude! Its everywhere!

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Posted in: Facebook will charge to 'promote' user posts See in context

Ah...more changes! Getting tired of this...might be time to say "sayonara" to FB...........Mark Zuckerberg perhaps is trying to recover his lost "millions"?????????????????????

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Posted in: What do you think about the crackdown on dancing at nightclubs which has seen many closed down in the last few months? See in context

Ridiculous - next it will be illegal to dance at concerts (because of all the "drugs and delinquincy" that happens there!!!!!)......................................oh wait its all synchronised anyway so wont make much difference!!!

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Posted in: Kitajima ponders future after Olympic flop See in context

How is finishing just outside the medals (4th etc) a FLOP? He is 4 years older than he was in Beijing, the swimmers have probably been analysing his style and everyone has caught up! I think he did well to finish in the top 5! Perhaps it is time for him to rethink what he wants to do and pass on his expertise to the next generation.

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Posted in: The people's voices are not being heard. The DPJ, LDP and New Komeito are just playing politics and ignoring the will of the public. See in context

Very true...but it can be argued that they all do it! Japanese politicians dont give 2 hoots about the general public...they just want to line their own coffers, make themselves look like the champions...never mind that this country is slowly going downhill. TG I cant vote!!!!

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Posted in: Sonny Bill Williams to make All Blacks swansong before heading to Japan See in context

SBW - showpony and you cant tell me he isnt in it for the money! Sick of hearing about his exploits....this will bite the NZRFU in the arse!!!

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Posted in: Japan testing automatic passport control gates See in context

We have smart gates in NZ which I used last year when I went home. Very easy to use and didnt have to wait in line. This time around will be different as I have two littlies with me and will have to line up (only over 18 yo NZers can use the smart gates).

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Should be a good final and I hope Nadeshiko win!! Would be good for women`s sport in japan! (in general!). Perhaps the ladies will be flying home business class and not the men???? LOL!

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Posted in: Ozawa, 50 backers form new party called People's Lives First See in context

Yawn! TMarie - I agree...nothing new here and its not going to change. Peoples Lives First!!! Bah! Since when did Ozawa even care about the common person????? How many parties is this he has formed? 4? 5? And Alex....Penguin Liberation Front!! Love it!!!!

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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl dies after car plows into schoolchildren in Osaka See in context

AGAIN??? This is happening WAY TOO often! I feel for the families of the children involved......more driver education required????

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Posted in: Peru president leaves Japan with $250 mil in loans See in context

EXACTLY SmithinJapan! How about those up north that need it to rebuild? Oh thats right.....never mind about them!Its not Tokyo!

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Posted in: Active fault may run beneath Mount Fuji, say researchers See in context

I am with JapanGal....DUH! How do they think Mt Fuji got there in the first place?

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Posted in: The curse of the perfect mother See in context

An interesting article. Hate to say this but there is no such thing as the perfect mother! We try and do the best for our kids whether its breastfeeding/formula feeding, staying home or going back to work. This world isnt perfect either! I have a 17mth old, second one on the way and I chose to stay home when I could have quite easily gone back to work. I made that choice (with discussion with my husband)......if my circumstances were different, then perhaps the situation would be different. We do have a choice and should not be berated for it because its what we chose! This is the 21st century - not the 16th or the 18th! People who make comments about mothers who work or mothers who formula feed PERHAPS dont know the full facts and are only judging the book by its cover!!!! Once one is fully informed then perhaps its appropriate to make judgement.

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Posted in: Power companies warn of summer shortages of up to 20% See in context

Turn down the lights, turn off the pachinko parlours, only light the top of Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower etc (so noone flies into it) and turn down the lights on the Tokyo Gate Bridge (yes I know they use LED`s) and turn off some of the vending machines.....maybe then we could save a bit of power! We saved power last summer and winter and we can all do it again!

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Posted in: Japan wins berth in Fed Cup World Group See in context

Well done ladies!

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Posted in: Pregnant woman, 7-yr-old girl killed after car hits schoolchildren in Kyoto Pref See in context

So so sad! Bad enough that a child was killed but a mother and her unborn child! I feel for the families involved!

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Posted in: Chiba police admit stalking murders could have been prevented See in context

And they wonder why noone trusts them? I would be very reluctant to go to the police here (and not because I am non-Japanese)....I just dont believe they would help! And that is sad!

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Posted in: 58% of companies say conditions not yet ripe for consumption tax hike See in context

When will it ever be "right"? Noone likes consumption tax hikes!

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

Perhaps he could move there???!!

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

Ok going to play dumb and ask WHY????

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