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Posted in: Child abuse suspected after bruised 3-year-old girl dies See in context

Terrible news, cant imagine the pain the lil girl felt.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

Not again. RIP little ones, this kind of news is heartbreaking.

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Posted in: Fuji-sama See in context

I love this pic, beautiful.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of Japanese TV programs this time of year? Seen anything you like? See in context

It's dull and painful to the ear when those tarentos scream. So me and my husband made a deal no J-tv shows until 8:00 pm.

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Posted in: China executes British man convicted of drug smuggling See in context

Busted, then plea for the mentally ill defense... too bad it doesn't work in China

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Posted in: Fukuoka man held after throwing wife off 5th-floor balcony See in context

Crazy and stressed out couple. I just hope that the 4 year old kid didn't saw the father throw mommy out in the balcony.

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Posted in: Student held for hitting girlfriend with rock, and trying to strangle her See in context

This boy who can't accept refusal is so immature and selfish, clearly his brain receptors is somehow not functional.

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Posted in: Saitama cop arrested for assaulting girl on street See in context

Too bad to the good J-cops doing their jobs.

Note to self, stay alert and vigilant. Self absorbed narcissistic ego maniac j-cops are out on the loose wrestling like rabid dogs.

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Posted in: Sakai, Fujiwara to host Japan Record Awards See in context

I like her. She's hot and beautiful in her own way.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for urinating into woman's apartment See in context

Yucks! A mini guillotine security system should have worked out perfectly to this crazy man.

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Posted in: What's your stance on abortion? See in context

I'm pro-choice and abortion is a woman's decision to terminate pregnancy. (remove the fetus from her body)

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Posted in: Man slashes two women on Sapporo street See in context

Maybe seasonal change is connected to a mad man in 30's slashing knives.

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Posted in: What are your favorite movies that deal with the destruction of the world? See in context

Resident Evil, Degeneration

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Posted in: Look at my body See in context

They all look like bronze statues.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-year-old daughter in Mie See in context

I can't imagine what kind of person that beats their own child to death. I have a 6 year old son he's kinda annoying, too loud and demanding but never in our minds/ideas( my hubby) to beat him just to discipline and straighten him up.

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Posted in: Ishihara blames Tokyo 2016 failure on behind-the-scenes deals See in context

Too much pissing and moaning about how it's not fair and the other side ain't playing fair, duh! Ishihara... accept the fact that you're beaten and lost.

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Posted in: Beyonce See in context

she's hot!

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Posted in: Newborn boy dies after being found in Tokyo Internet cafe toilet See in context

This is so sad, poor baby he doesn't deserve any if it and I hope the mother rots in jail.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to death from 10th-floor apartment in Yokohama See in context

Never leave a 4 year old at home alone.

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Posted in: Ride for the ambassador See in context

Hiyaaa horsey!says the new ambassador....

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Posted in: Dreams on Ice See in context

Miki Ando the Slip Princess is soooo cute with her outfit,sucks!

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Posted in: Fuji sunset See in context

nice picture

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Posted in: Ginza See in context

Religious people are going nuts.

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Posted in: Should sex education be taught in schools? See in context

Yes, I think sex-education should be taught in schools. I don't think it motivates anyone to have sex, instead i think it educates the students and informs them the effects of STD's and AID's

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