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Posted in: Sri Lanka scraps $1.5 bil Japan-funded light rail system See in context

Sri Lanka owes lot to Japanese generosity and investment throughout the decades since the 70’s. Unlike certain loan sharks that have recently emerged in the region, Japanese genericity has helped to bring in decent level of technology, health care and industry to the whole of the reagion Sadly countries such as Sri Lanka are too corrupt to take advantage of any of this. I have no doubt the cancelation Japanese funded rail is due to utter corruption forced by certail loan sharks – shame on you muppets Rajapakses.

And thanks to these muppets, SL is one of the most indebted countries in the world

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Posted in: He tried to build a legacy that would characterize his tenure but the only legacy will be the length of time in office. See in context

let's face it, Japan has been a democracy since mid 1945, Japanese had plenty of opportunity to choose a leader(s) to run the country but has failed miserably!!!

Abe didn't have it easy but did try to bring women to the forefront and sort out the economy. If you (the Japanese) want to sort out your country, you economy, your living standards, your political system, you have all the opportunity in the world as you not living in some communist dictatorship, so get your head out of the bottom end and start acting like grown ups!

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Posted in: Renault-Nissan's Ghosn to head Mitsubishi Motors: report See in context

As a Mitsubishi fan , I’m happy to see a brighter future for Mitsubishi Motors, it is a legend in world of automotive with a great history to prove it. However it has been run in to ground by incompetent and decadent management how had no interests in the company other than their own. I certainly hope Mitysubish gets back to finding a niche which they are fully capable of and getting back to motorsport, rallying in particular.

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Posted in: Nissan's Ghosn to make Brexit investment decision by year-end See in context

yes they will most probably build the next generation here in the UK, the local tax payer will subsidise it. the middle class will pay for everything. the illiterates who vote to exit and the right wing Nazis who put themselves before the country

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Posted in: New concepts but Paris car show losing va-va-voom See in context

'I guess terrorists don't drive Lamborghinis' but some of their supportes do!

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Posted in: Nissan reports 38% rise in profit See in context

Oh I like that Concept on teh third image, looks like the next gen Skyline

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Posted in: Hyundai launches luxury car brand See in context

god , what a crap logo!

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Posted in: Auto power play: Japan's hydrogen car vs China's battery drive See in context

For Japan , this need to be two way track , no choice. Yes the diesel technology has been hammered in the recent months but Japanese lost out to Europeans and Koreans due to lack of foresight in to diesel who’s market share had been growing and had contributed vast profits for those manufactures who invested in it. So it need to be both EV and FC, it is not going to be cheap but it will ensure the future survival

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Posted in: China debuts film on its last surviving 'comfort women' at Busan festival See in context

fully funded by teh Chinese stste

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Posted in: China opens exhibition to mark war victory over Japan See in context

'sandhonour - Paulinusa - just a one teeny weeny difference - no war criminals' oh yes, there is , it is cal teh communist party!

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Posted in: Yamaha drones to start spraying crops in U.S. See in context

yamaha is a great engineering firm and glad to see the expansion into this field!

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Posted in: Actress’ incredible swing in new Toyota commercial has people talking See in context

OK Mr Toyota now let's just bring the cars design to the same creative level

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Posted in: Honda's business jet makes public debut in Japan See in context

a proud day for a Honda fan!, Soichiro would have been very proud!

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Posted in: Lexus seeks design edge over premium rivals See in context

The grill has a distinctive character, it will mature over time, so keep it! It will win and lose customers, that is life but important thing is to develop a design strategy and stick to it and develop it, flip-flopping would be a no-no! Lexus has been quite good at maintain a relatively good design development strategy where you can follow a one generation to others, unlike most Japanese car designs, even signature elements such as grills. Japan has great designers but the problem is that large corporations are filled with mediocre managers who think they should have a say in design than recruiting the correct design talent

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Posted in: Honda to invest £200 mil in British factory See in context

Honda is struggling in Europe, expensive products, limited line-up, serious competition…..list goes on. However the real problem is the gutless mediocre designs. Traditionally been a tech driven automaker but should take a leaf from Mazda and Nissan on the design side

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Posted in: Toyota: Both hands back on the wheel after recall spinout See in context

Toyota’s issue is not quality or efficiency because Japanese are great engineers! And it not a problem with the designers either which there are plenty of. it is simple case of management designing cars and as far as I know, the managers aren’t very good at their job as a manager anyway as they were put in there because they had the best university grades not management skills. The global; auto industry has doubled since the 80’s and part from US and Japanese manufactures, all others have benefited! Japanese car manufactures need to get in in to their thick heads that they need to sort out the mediocre design and let designers do the job

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Posted in: Iraqi forces, militias sweep into Islamic State-held Tikrit See in context

credit to Iran, hopefully this will lead a way all teh way ro Syria an another Iranian ally

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Posted in: Toyota names first foreign VP in diversity push See in context

it should not be a gender or race issue, if they are the best and most importantly commited to Toyota then they should get teh job

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Posted in: Nissan says it can meet U.S. sales goal with capacity in S Korea, Japan See in context

Yes all credit to Nissan with a good looking line-up, suppose it is the designers who are designing at Nissan (not the managers like at Honda and Toyota). I’m looking forward to the day that Nissan buys back its shares from Renault

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Posted in: Nissan executive known as 'father of the Z' dies at 105 See in context

Yamaha went to Nissan with their Sport car prototype originally and was rejected and the n Yamaha when to Toyota and build the GT2000, ( it was designed and build by Yamaha) then Nissan went ahead with the Z, not sure if Nissan saw what they had missed out with Yamaha or they had the Z in their pipeline prior to be approached by Yamaha, any way there are two of the greatest cars to come out of Japan!

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Posted in: 'Golden horde' of Chinese shoppers descend on Japan See in context

Well let’s face it no one on earth is going to be behaving like a Japanese, certainly not the Chinese, who are loud, lacks manners and has no experience in queuing etc etc… however having the Chinese visiting japan is a great thing interms of cultural exchange that they get to see beyond the brainwashing propaganda they would get at home from the Chinese media

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy shares rise on Qatar subway deal See in context

Great news!, however it is a tough doing business out there, political uncertainties, labour shortages and the locals in control tend to treat the foreigners like dirt! But not doubt that there is great benefit in this

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Posted in: Japanese designer of soy-sauce bottle dies at 85 See in context

GK has designed some of teh best bike designes for Yamaha over the years, Vmax, R1, SR500 etc....

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Posted in: Toshiba says it is leaving North America TV business as profit soars See in context

Well it is important to note that consumer products such as TV and domestic appliance provide brand awareness to general public all over the world. Let’s not forget that likes of Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba have managed to build a reputation for themselves on back of consumer electronics not industrial products which have led to and help build up a quality reputation for themselves as well as other Japanese brands

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Posted in: Noodles spice up China-Japan tensions See in context

sales gimics for cheap contaminated food

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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

china will be using these arm forces against thier own population to kill thousends and hundered of thousends far before venturing out to Japan

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Posted in: Toyota remains top in global vehicle sales See in context

I'm glad that the likes of Subaru and Mazda who are surviving with around 1million production mark are still there and making interesting cars. Just hope that iszsu will make cars again one day!

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Posted in: Japan says jets scrambling at record pace to counter Chinese, Russian intrusions See in context

russians are running out of storage space store all the oil they can't sell. sorry people!. chinese are like the kid with a new toy. sorry people! let see how long all this extravegance last

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Posted in: Japan lends $270 mil to Kenya to help expand Mombasa port See in context

Yes about time that Japan wakes up and start investing in Africa!

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Posted in: Swiss franc's staggering ascent to be felt far and wide See in context

lets not forget that this is a nation (Swiss) which has made a living by (while making trillions) by dealing in currency and being a hub for illigal first and third world money laundering. NOW it is time to pay for pay for some of that sins!

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