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Posted in: Keeping China fed as inflation surges brings risk for commodity prices See in context

well, plenty of stolen grain from Ukrain will be heading from the fellow imperialist. just keen to see how long the cozy marriage is going to last

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Posted in: BTS taking a break as group members pursue solo work See in context

good riddance, hope never to hear from this noise pollution ever again

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Posted in: Kubota to invest $140 mil in new Georgia factory, hiring 500 See in context

thanks god it not in china

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Posted in: Vote of confidence in British PM Johnson to take place on Monday See in context


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Posted in: Majority of Japanese firms struggle to get materials due to war in Ukraine See in context

the lesson is that plan for next war when china invades Taiwan!

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Posted in: Japan's economy grew last quarter on better spending, exports See in context

Japan's GDP has not grown for 20 years, unbelievable, this must be the only country in the world to have such a record, bet even Afghanistan has managed to increase its GDP with the trillion $ the US spent there......

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Posted in: Japan's economy grew last quarter on better spending, exports See in context

looking at that image, it seems that Japan is getting rid of some foreign-made junk

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Posted in: Taliban want to maintain good relations with Japan: spokesman See in context

There Turban-ed animals are starting to understand that the country is left with nothing but uneducated war mongers, unable to run a country and feed its population. Would not trust a word they say. However I can understand why they would trust Japan over most countries as most other will have their own interests and muslim populations to keep under control

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Posted in: Toyota's annual net profit jumps 10.3%; further growth forecast See in context

@Fighto! - yes you are absolutely correct, the biggest danger for Japan is too much reliance on PRC, for sales and manufacturing. the world will not be able to contain the monster it created....

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Posted in: 1st batch of 400,000 doses of Pfizer COVID vaccine arrive in Japan See in context

so Japan is not capable of producing a vaccine domestically, good grief

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Posted in: Sri Lanka revives port deal with India, Japan See in context

nations like SL are indebted to Japan for the amount of goodwill done by the Japanese over the past few decades, there will never be such generosity by the Chinese, never!

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Posted in: Sri Lanka revives port deal with India, Japan See in context

China has SL and many such third world nations run by corrupt dictators by the balls. it is the poor who will need to pay this debt for generations to come.

These counties were coned into (and the dictators were more than happy to go with the scams with the personal benefits they received) constructing nonviable ports, airports, roads railways, and when the debt becomes unpayable, they simply have to hand these properties over to the Chinese free of charge and continues to pay back the loans, And eventually, the only option these nations have is to hand over the bits and pieces of their nations

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Posted in: See some of Japan’s oldest bonsai trees at this exhibition in Shiga Prefecture See in context


I couldn't agree with you more, what a subject and a setting! Wish I was fortunate enough to see it myself...

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

"What are you actually trying to say?!"

we are discussing the Current Account and export of services, GNP, not domestic (GDP), that is what this article is about.

Japan currently rank 9th on the export of services, below countries like Ireland, Holland which are much smaller in proportion, well this not a disaster but a reflection of the lack of assertiveness of current Japanese culture

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

Peeping_Tom -

As much as i love Japan and japan to excel in the service industry, this is far from happening, Japan has been in limbo in the service industry for 4 decades, never managed to get a foothold in the service sector even when the Japanese financial sector was leading the work. Japanese feel like fish out of water when dealing outside of Japan and was taken for a wide ride by Americans when doing M&A and often lead to disasters, Rockefeller centre, Westinghouse anyone?

And the life is getting more and more difficult for the Japanese, the Chinese are twisting arms of thrid world dictators to swap infrastructure projects etc in Asia and Africa from Japanese to Chinese...

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

the national debt may be owned internally but that will need to be returned to its customers (pensioners) with interest one day soon, so the Japanese government better get those money trees growing soon!

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

nice but how long would this last, this is mainly thanks to the hard work in the manufacturing in Japan of a previous generation up to the 90's. Unless Japan gets manufacturing again domestically, at least for high-valued products this income will die out in a couple of decades......and then what? And that massive national debt, the one every politician is brushing under the carpet ..........

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Posted in: Sri Lanka scraps $1.5 bil Japan-funded light rail system See in context

Sri Lanka owes lot to Japanese generosity and investment throughout the decades since the 70’s. Unlike certain loan sharks that have recently emerged in the region, Japanese genericity has helped to bring in decent level of technology, health care and industry to the whole of the reagion Sadly countries such as Sri Lanka are too corrupt to take advantage of any of this. I have no doubt the cancelation Japanese funded rail is due to utter corruption forced by certail loan sharks – shame on you muppets Rajapakses.

And thanks to these muppets, SL is one of the most indebted countries in the world

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Posted in: He tried to build a legacy that would characterize his tenure but the only legacy will be the length of time in office. See in context

let's face it, Japan has been a democracy since mid 1945, Japanese had plenty of opportunity to choose a leader(s) to run the country but has failed miserably!!!

Abe didn't have it easy but did try to bring women to the forefront and sort out the economy. If you (the Japanese) want to sort out your country, you economy, your living standards, your political system, you have all the opportunity in the world as you not living in some communist dictatorship, so get your head out of the bottom end and start acting like grown ups!

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Posted in: Renault-Nissan's Ghosn to head Mitsubishi Motors: report See in context

As a Mitsubishi fan , I’m happy to see a brighter future for Mitsubishi Motors, it is a legend in world of automotive with a great history to prove it. However it has been run in to ground by incompetent and decadent management how had no interests in the company other than their own. I certainly hope Mitysubish gets back to finding a niche which they are fully capable of and getting back to motorsport, rallying in particular.

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Posted in: Nissan's Ghosn to make Brexit investment decision by year-end See in context

yes they will most probably build the next generation here in the UK, the local tax payer will subsidise it. the middle class will pay for everything. the illiterates who vote to exit and the right wing Nazis who put themselves before the country

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Posted in: New concepts but Paris car show losing va-va-voom See in context

'I guess terrorists don't drive Lamborghinis' but some of their supportes do!

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Posted in: Nissan reports 38% rise in profit See in context

Oh I like that Concept on teh third image, looks like the next gen Skyline

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Posted in: Hyundai launches luxury car brand See in context

god , what a crap logo!

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Posted in: Auto power play: Japan's hydrogen car vs China's battery drive See in context

For Japan , this need to be two way track , no choice. Yes the diesel technology has been hammered in the recent months but Japanese lost out to Europeans and Koreans due to lack of foresight in to diesel who’s market share had been growing and had contributed vast profits for those manufactures who invested in it. So it need to be both EV and FC, it is not going to be cheap but it will ensure the future survival

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Posted in: China debuts film on its last surviving 'comfort women' at Busan festival See in context

fully funded by teh Chinese stste

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Posted in: China opens exhibition to mark war victory over Japan See in context

'sandhonour - Paulinusa - just a one teeny weeny difference - no war criminals' oh yes, there is , it is cal teh communist party!

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Posted in: Yamaha drones to start spraying crops in U.S. See in context

yamaha is a great engineering firm and glad to see the expansion into this field!

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Posted in: Actress’ incredible swing in new Toyota commercial has people talking See in context

OK Mr Toyota now let's just bring the cars design to the same creative level

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Posted in: Honda's business jet makes public debut in Japan See in context

a proud day for a Honda fan!, Soichiro would have been very proud!

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