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Posted in: Mitsubishi Heavy shares rise on Qatar subway deal See in context

Great news!, however it is a tough doing business out there, political uncertainties, labour shortages and the locals in control tend to treat the foreigners like dirt! But not doubt that there is great benefit in this

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Posted in: Japanese designer of soy-sauce bottle dies at 85 See in context

GK has designed some of teh best bike designes for Yamaha over the years, Vmax, R1, SR500 etc....

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Posted in: Toshiba says it is leaving North America TV business as profit soars See in context

Well it is important to note that consumer products such as TV and domestic appliance provide brand awareness to general public all over the world. Let’s not forget that likes of Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba have managed to build a reputation for themselves on back of consumer electronics not industrial products which have led to and help build up a quality reputation for themselves as well as other Japanese brands

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Posted in: Noodles spice up China-Japan tensions See in context

sales gimics for cheap contaminated food

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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

china will be using these arm forces against thier own population to kill thousends and hundered of thousends far before venturing out to Japan

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Posted in: Toyota remains top in global vehicle sales See in context

I'm glad that the likes of Subaru and Mazda who are surviving with around 1million production mark are still there and making interesting cars. Just hope that iszsu will make cars again one day!

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Posted in: Japan says jets scrambling at record pace to counter Chinese, Russian intrusions See in context

russians are running out of storage space store all the oil they can't sell. sorry people!. chinese are like the kid with a new toy. sorry people! let see how long all this extravegance last

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Posted in: Japan lends $270 mil to Kenya to help expand Mombasa port See in context

Yes about time that Japan wakes up and start investing in Africa!

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Posted in: Swiss franc's staggering ascent to be felt far and wide See in context

lets not forget that this is a nation (Swiss) which has made a living by (while making trillions) by dealing in currency and being a hub for illigal first and third world money laundering. NOW it is time to pay for pay for some of that sins!

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Posted in: Indian police to hold Japanese gang rape ID line-up See in context

Surely there should be warnings issued by foreign ministries when travelling to India, this is so wide spread and this not just for single women. I do have good Indian friends through work etc but I did travel in India as a part of a world trip nearly 10years ago and I must say it was the only place I really did not enjoy. Had I known this rape situations, I would have been very reluctant to include India in the trip as I was travelling with my wife

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Posted in: Mazda unveils all-new Roadster See in context

proper car! Well doen Mazda! japan at its best.

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Posted in: Abe ends Sri Lanka trip with visit to temple See in context

there no country that has done more to Sri lanka than Japan and that is a fact. And that goes for most of Sout East Asia, it is a real shame that Japan has been taking a back seat in Asian geopolitics.

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Posted in: Honda appoints woman to board, promotes foreigner See in context

it is a start!

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Posted in: China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre See in context

JAPANTODAY, please whay is this news, hnestly!

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Posted in: Swiss chocolate maker opens factory in Japan See in context

foreign investment is essential, not just for cresting jobs but to gain experience in fields where traditional Japanese experience is not the strongest. Employer of any sort will struggle to find a worker of Japanese quality anywhere in the world. (no I'n not Japanese) state need to slash the bureaucracy to enable further foreign and national investment

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Posted in: Is U.S. also spying on Japanese email, phone calls? See in context

You can bet that they will pass it on to anyone including the Chinese if it suites the US

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Posted in: Abe heads to Turkey to push Japan's nuclear tech exports See in context

good or bad, he is trying, which more than can be said about mos of the predecessors!

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Posted in: Ford, Toyota fight over who has top-selling car See in context

honestly , who cares , if Fors wants, they could neme all their cars 'focus'

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Posted in: Warm Biz campaign gets under way in Japan See in context

I found that tha ther was great deal of energy wastage going in Japan, lights are on unneccessarly, there was hardly any double glazing, the helet I stayed in had the mirror herter go on when you switched teh bathroom light on!, it is about time that Japanese socity as a whole start tinking ahead

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Posted in: Japanese consortium to invest in Brazilian shipbuilder See in context

about time!

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Posted in: Vuitton luxury sales flag, shares fall See in context

useless French junk

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to jointly develop oilfield See in context

I would not trust the Russian, just out there to grab the technology and teh money , just like the chinese, two of teh most dodgy un-trustworthy nations on earth!

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Posted in: Weak yen helps drive Japan earnings, but no cure-all See in context

it is important that Y100/$ as, that even though this may not have that much impact on Large multi national but makes huge differenced to small to medium business and manufactures which Japan heavily relies on

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Posted in: Some Chinese tourists 'uncivilized,' says top official See in context

you know the old saying 'you can take the horse to water but you can't make it drink' It is a nightmare having Chinese in a normal society. BTW I'm not Japanese so this is not the anti Chinese sentiment reflected by a Japanese and I live in London

spitting, shouting -( that language really sound terrible), queue jumping!!!! Badly dressed, bad hair

sorry I know this sound terrible but it is true!

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Posted in: Nissan's 4th-quarter profit up 46% See in context

*"Japanese autos tend to be of relatively good quality"

That's like saying Japanese women tend to be relatively beautiful

.* Yes correct on both accounts

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Posted in: Yahoo China to end email service See in context

soon enough it will be China and teh rest of teh civilised world

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Posted in: Mother of Romanian murder suspect apologizes See in context

with out over generalising, Romanian's and romania is concidered to be teh PIT of Europe, I have been through there in my travels not so long ago, and it really is a PIT

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Posted in: Japan scrambles fighter jets to meet Chinese plane See in context

Chinese plane was lost due to doggy Chinese radar information, Chinese are climing rights to these islands based on doggy chiniese GPS coordinates

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Posted in: Honda's nine-month net profit doubles See in context

'noumen.arete' That is very interesting to know, It is generally obvious on motorbikes as well ( I'm more into motorbikes than cars) that honda quality IS the best out there but I would not say that other Japanese are far behind ( Bikes wise it is Honda, yamaha, Kawasaki and then Suzuki some what behind)

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Posted in: Japan's top three automakers post record sales in 2012 See in context

so is Japan down to 3 auto makers now?!

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