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Posted in: 10 Japanese dramas to binge on Netflix See in context

I haven't seen all of these but the ones I saw had potential but burned out on bad endings, Ito and Million Yen Women seemed to fall apart at the end and were overall unsatisfying. I guess I can appreciate how Netflix is trying to make shows which are not the typical Jdrama, except for Good Morning Call and Itazura Kiss.

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Posted in: S Koreans call for skaters to be booted from games See in context

Is there any video footage of what happened? The story is always in the news but I cannot find any kind of video of the event which is kind of surprising!

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Posted in: Tokyo cafe offers all-you-can-eat pie See in context

I've been to some of these all you can eat sweet places, they seem like a good idea at the time but the nonstop sugar and empty calories eventually get to you and for the next week you won't want to eat anything except salads.

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Posted in: Mayor who threatened to kill reporter tenders resignation See in context

Imagine if such things happened in the States! Half of the Trump administration would have been long gone.

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Posted in: Kodaira pays emotional tribute to late friend after gold medal win See in context

I suppose in a way this will be closure for her friend. How strange how they hushed up her death though. Either way a really emotional moment for her and a display of good sportsmanship.

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Posted in: Defending champ Hanyu leads; Uno 3rd after men's short program See in context

He's still got it!

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Posted in: Cryptocurrency trader Coincheck sued after hack See in context

This seems to be the same suit as this site:

Seems like anyone else affected can join in.

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Posted in: Starbucks’ Sakura Caramel Milk with Mixed Berries See in context

I had it and it was very good, I always like these sakura drinks.

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Posted in: Starbucks sakura Frappuccino and hot drinks unveiled for cherry blossom season See in context

I love these sakura drinks but they're so bloody expensive!

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Posted in: Bold, black and beautiful, 'Black Panther' hopes for cultural shift See in context

The irony is that the setting is of a king who literally has walls to keep outsiders out, a ruler that Trump would surely get along with! I suppose race is more important than politics though.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

Haven't there been reports that the majority of these applications are made in bad faith for people who come in on tourist visas and due to a loophole, if they apply for refugee status the government has to take their application which takes around a year to process and they get a work permit even if their application has absolutely no chance to be accepted? There are several websites for these countries which explain how to come to Japan through this method to make money and agencies that will even help you through the process. It's a scam and people just look at the numbers without realizing what's going on, and these bad applications are a strain on the system which makes it harder for the real refugees to get recognition. I even saw that LUSH had a big signboard in their store complaining about it, it just reeks of ignorance.

I heard that they actually closed this loophole this year and will immediately start detaining people if the application looks to be made in bad faith. I get the feeling that the numbers for this year will be much lower, but a better percentage of real refugee applications.

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Posted in: Coincheck heist sheds light on Japan's rush to create cryptocurrency rules See in context

At least they admit it was about politics in the end, "consumers would be upset and it was politically difficult". Must have been some nice payoffs involved! I think consumers are a lot more upset now that their assets are frozen and they can now only take out their cash on a "first come first serve basis".

I do think that regulation should be from within, for example the group in charge of a crypto should determine rules which an exchange has to abide by in order to allow trading. For example, the NEM foundation kept warning Coincheck about their lax security measures and CC just ignored it (which is why NEM decided not to take a hard fork and invalidate the stolen coins, it was 100% preventable and was not a fault of the coin).

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Posted in: Coincheck resumes yen withdrawals after cryptocurrency theft See in context

Interesting that it's a first come first serve basis, shouldn't it be automatic transfers set up once someone requests it? Well, I don't know so much about these things...

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Posted in: Vaping may raise cancer risk: study See in context

Doesn't surprise me at all, I see people buying this juice and other junk from Chinese exporters, no chance at all that these are regulated at all and who knows what kind of stuff gets put into the juice. I figured that in the future we'd start to see these kinds of studies coming out.

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Posted in: New sakura KitKat range celebrates cherry blossom season See in context

Seriously! The promotions are always months behind, by the time sakura season actually starts the manufacturers will have started releasing summer products. How hard can it be to time it properly?

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Posted in: What is Japan’s most used on-demand video streaming service? See in context

Sure, Amazon may not be as good as Netflix, but the price is so much cheaper. The yearly subscription can just be paid as an afterthought and there are enough interesting shows on it to make it worthwhile, with shows like Mr. Robot, Law & Order, McMafia, Startup, etc. exclusive to the service.

I notice that Amazon Prime also has a ton of Japanese-original programming with famous actors and comedians and all that. I don't really watch them but I can see why Japanese consumers would be more interested in those shows instead of junk like Netflix's Terrace House and Underwear. Maybe people who want to watch English shows will like other services more, but for the typical Japanese user who likes broadcast TV, Amazon Prime has a lot more originals to offer.

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Posted in: Will Disney's streaming service roar - or squeak? See in context

I'll miss the days when sites like Netflix had such a wide range of content across networks and studios. In the future, probably all of these studios will branch out and make their own service and charge for them.

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Posted in: Female temp worker's fight for labor equality a full-time job See in context

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when the April deadline hits, might be enough people screwed over by the system to actually do something about it! Ah, who am I kidding...

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Posted in: Princess Mako's wedding postponed until 2020 See in context

Maybe the mother is playing the long con and hoping to get some of that sweet payout that the princess will receive. Our tax money at work!

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Posted in: Do you think cryptocurrency trading is here to stay? See in context

The blockchain is the future and coins will eventually be the most efficient ways to handle international transactions. I do think that the fever surrounding many new and useless coins to bubble will die down, but coins like Ripple which the banking sector is heavily investing in will probably be here to stay.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at largest loss since 2016 after Dow's record point fall See in context

It's so odd how they use green to represent losses on those charts.

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Posted in: Japan's financial regulator raids Coincheck after cyber theft See in context

The frustrating thing is that they told CC to fix their systems, but still allowed them to operate. They should have forced them to suspend operations until the security standards were cleared.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic costs keep rising See in context

Every single person I talk to here is unhappy with the Olympic spending, even people who like the Olympic games say that it's a total waste of money. Maybe in the future have the citizens actually vote to see if the city should even get a nomination.

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Posted in: Line to launch cryptocurrency exchange See in context

Buy buy buy!

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Posted in: Lunar showstopper: Super blue blood moon awes and wows See in context

It was cool, looked straight out of something from a horror movie like Dracula.

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Posted in: Regulator orders Coincheck to get its act together after Y58 bil cryptocurrency theft See in context

You'd think the regulators would also be asking questions about when they'll let people withdraw their non-NEM funds. They're still holding other coins and fiat hostage!

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Posted in: Japan working to convert squat toilets to Western-style See in context

I never understood why so many new traditional toilets are installed. I can see some old building keeping them, but many times I'll visit a brand new department store or other establishment and see how squats have been installed. Like, is there any demand for these at all? The only time I'll use a squat is if I have to go really badly and have no other option.

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Posted in: Crypto exchange Coincheck to refund customers after theft See in context

I hope there's an investigation, they completely lied and misled customers on their website. "All bitcoins are kept on the cold wallet so no chance of your coins being lost to hacks"! Sure, technically true for Bitcoin but the average user will also assume that this will be the case for all the coins. They also tout the best security in the business but the NEM developer specifically called out Coincheck for not following recommended protocols and being lax with security despite several warnings. These assholes got lazy and greedy and now they have to pay the penalty, I give them some credit for owning up and paying out of their own pockets though.

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Posted in: #MeToo movement starting to show generational divides See in context

I've heard stats that younger women are less happy than the older generation, a lot of it due to this equality. Although good in theory, now they're starting to get all of the social and career responsibilities that men have typically done, and starting to realize that it's a tough world out there. The traditional way of courtship is also eroding, and all we're getting now are a large number of single women who are unable to find a guy who lives up to their unrealistic standards (and those kinds of guys aren't interested in her), so they become bitter and just come up with reasons and petty complaints about the guys not being "good enough" while missing the bigger picture.

I wonder if the future generations will embrace feminity as a backlash to what's going on. Sure, things may be moving towards equality, but it's a case of be careful what you wish for...

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Posted in: Possibly Japan’s most convenient apartment building, thanks to train station on its first floor See in context

I actually know this line since I had a mate who lived on it and visited him once. The Nagareyama line is super local and goes out into the countryside of Chiba, it's so local that it doesn't even accept IC cards. It links with Shin-Matsudo JR which does make it useful, but there's no real reason to go in the other direction unless you live near one of those stations as there isn't much of interest there. Koya is near Shin-Matsudo but the stations are in separate buildings and are not connected. It's unlikely that anyone living there would use the Narareyama line to commute and would use the JR station, so living in this building would be of no value and may be a hinderance as you'd have to deal with all of the people who use the line to get to Shin-Matsudo and back on a daily basis.

I think there are some flats which do connect to the Tokyo subway system directly which would be far more convenient!

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