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Posted in: Can a curry shop legally ban you if you don’t finish your rice? A Japanese lawyer chimes in See in context

No curry for you!

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Posted in: Nissan shareholders blast management over Ghosn scandal, dismal results See in context

I don't get how Saikawa just stays silent on the big question and no one follows up? Clearly the guy has no plan to give any of his ill-gained fortunes, the shareholders will have to push harder and not take silence or some non-answer as being acceptable!

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi cancels concert in Beijing over virus See in context

What I wonder is what happens to all of the people who bought 2nd hand tickets on reseller sites.

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Posted in: Clock's ticking for Nissan boss Uchida to show he has a plan See in context

Uchida replaced Saikawa, who resigned in September after admitting to being improperly overpaid. His appointment was contentious, with some members of the board's six-strong nomination committee pushing for Seki or Gupta, according to two of the sources.

This is what it's really about! Saikawa's good old boys club expected to be in control but consider it a "betrayal" that Uchida was brought on instead. He probably realizes the current strategies are doing nothing he needs time to create a plan to right the ship, but I'm sure those that feel they have been "wronged" at his appointment are already setting him up to fail and giving him unrealistic expectations.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ordering street touts to lure customers to bar See in context

Could this be the start of a pre-Olympic crackdown?

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Posted in: 112-year-old Japanese recognized as world's oldest living man by Guinness See in context

He saw Japan rise to the top of the world, then get beat down again, then go to the top again, then fall down after the bubble and slowly recover. Oh, the stories he could tell.

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Posted in: In honor of Valentine's Day, we ask what is your favorite chocolate brand? See in context


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Posted in: Lipton releases Sakura Tea Latte See in context

Good drink!

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Posted in: Korean film 'Parasite' takes best picture Oscar; acting honors go to Phoenix, Zellweger, Pitt, Dern See in context

I don't get how Irishman even got a nomination, just a long movie that could have easily had half of it cut out with no negative impact, I swear people only care about that movie because of the people involved.

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Posted in: Is Coca-Cola Japan’s brand-new strawberry Coke any good? See in context

Just because it's pink it's supposed to appeal to women?

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Posted in: China extends Lunar New Year holiday as new virus toll rises See in context

What I don't get is how can you ban someone from the province if they've traveled there in the past few weeks? It's not like people carry transportation journals around, if they want to enter the country and are selfish they will just lie.

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Posted in: NBA legend Kobe Bryant, daughter among 9 killed in helicopter crash See in context

Kobe was a great man who loved the game and gave more than he got from it. It's a very sad day for the sport.

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Posted in: French investigators to move ahead with Ghosn prosecution over palace party See in context

Sellout Macron, never helped Ghosn when he was imprisoned and now sucking up to Japan to win points.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 2nd new coronavirus infection See in context

Cancel all flights from China until this is resolved!

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Posted in: China building a hospital to treat virus; expands lockdowns to 25 mil people See in context

If it is found that the virus was distributed due to lax controls at the market or some other shady business I hope all the people responsible are heavily punished!

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Posted in: A grand strawberry affair for your Valentine at Hilton Tokyo See in context

That's a lot of strawberries!

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Posted in: Court orders disclosure of phone number over online defamation See in context

Be careful fellow JT commenters, soon we'll be next!

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context

How convenient, if Ghosn had gone to trial then of course those interrogation records would have been made for all to see and confirm! But, now that he's gone of course we can't release them to refute his words so just trust us, we're totally telling the truth and we're just storing them in a room surrounded by magnets so that when our hand is forced to release them they'll all unfortunately have been destroyed with no backups.

The fact that they even want to respond to this is an embarrassment. I can't think of another time a country's justice minister decides to get into a public screaming match with someone they're prosecuting. Why in the world do they think this is a good idea?

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Posted in: Rakuten to expand free mobile phone trial before full-service launch See in context

How does one sign up for this free service?

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Posted in: Cherry blossom royal milk tea See in context

I don't like the instant tea mix.

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Posted in: PayPay announces 40% bonus points campaign See in context

Even after their proliferation and past campaigns to get new users Paypay still keeps running new campaigns with big cashback incentives. Makes me wonder if they realize users only use the service when these promotions are running and then stop using them afterwards.

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Posted in: Amazon music service tops 55 million subscribers See in context

Amazon Music has a lousy interface and their playlists are hit or miss, but the actual selection of music is good and it's much cheaper than the competition at only 8000yen a year if you're a Prime member, so I subscribe to it.

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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

If Bernie gets the nomination I wonder if these sellouts would vote for Trump than accept that Bernie is the future of the party!

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Posted in: Cases of viral respiratory illness rise sharply in China See in context

Bad news and I've heard that the Chinese govt. is also suppressing the numbers so they're likely much worse.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

This FAQ is a disaster and every answer that they provide is something that has a mountain of experience and evidence refuting their points if you were to spend 10 seconds doing basic research.

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Posted in: Japan's 2019 convenience store sales rise to record See in context

Record profits, but somehow still not enough to raise pay for an industry that's having trouble attracting workers!

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Posted in: Abe strikes conciliatory note on S Korea See in context

You can't trust Moon, one day he's talking about friendship and the need to work together, the next day he's bringing up past issues and saying Japan is evil and needs to pay up.

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

Hah, now that Ghosn is no longer being held hostage and under threat of re-arrest as soon as he tries to publicly refute this hit job I wonder if Nissan and the prosecutors are going to stop making these kinds of statements which are easily disproven and only give more attention to what a disaster this is!

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Posted in: 'Sad' Harry says he did not want to end royal role; Meghan's father criticizes them See in context

They have been disowned from the family!

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

What a rush job!

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