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Watch the olympics if you like, do not if you enjoy your daily life instead. We are all tired of the politics directly connnected to each and every olympic games. What has happened to this world? In what direction are we heading? Is civilization heading down the right path?

Always look at the bright side of life- from Monty Python, the life of Brian, I believe....

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The Tokyo Money Olympics is heading along the difficult path of world resistance to the games with no stop in sight.

Greed may win in these games, similar to most other past olympic games in my humble opinion.

Everybody knows the truth, IOC

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Mr. Scott.....what's the deal? You were involved in 6 acts of violence in a 3 year period? I've been here roughly 10 years and have seen only a couple cases and they all involved Japanese on Japanese. Sure, last year an older Japanese guy hassled me while passing at a crosswalk but, hey, I got over it. Think about why you seem to be having all sorts of problems here. Japan can be stressful for sure, so if it's too much for you I don't think anyone is forcing you to be here. Good luck though, you look like you need some.

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