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DuraAce at 03:49 PM JST - 5th December

I once had to go to one of those places to pick up a bike I had that was taken due to alleged illegal parking (whatever).

So did I. I found my bike, unlocked it and rode it out. The old man chased after me for a bit but I didn't bother looking back.

They say to ride a bike to conserve, yet they build these expensive parking lots and charge money to park your bike, forcing you to pay money, walk a long way, or park "illegally". No thanks. I have since used a cable to lock to immobile objects. I wonder if they will start cutting cables...

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Posted in: Which of Tokyo's commuter rail lines have the best babes and worst habits? See in context

goddog at 04:24 PM JST - 4th December

Worst train rides are when you have a seat and someone is severely jealous you do and they are a male. The do dickstrapping and as best as possible put their crotch in your face. I hate them.

Nothing a well placed fist, knee, bag, etc. won't fix.

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Posted in: Jack Bauer will always be having a bad day See in context

“There are fans all over the world who buy the entire series on DVD and watch the whole lot in two days."

Ummm... yeah, if I had 3 t.v.s running at the same time and did not sleep the entire time.

NO ONE watches the entire series in 2 days. Watching ONE SEASON in 2 days is a full time job! Minus the ads, it's 18 hours per season.

Still... gotta love Jack! =)

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nimbus at 10:58 AM JST - 4th December

Miki's skirt is missing a slit.

I'm sure there's a slit there somewhere.

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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

Every now and then, there are some cool Japanese songs...

youtube com/watch?v=sk6o4GWFIV8

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

They need to identify the students who bullied her and make their lives hell for awhile. Make their names public. Discourage other children from bullying.

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Posted in: Why are Japanese women so eager to bare themselves? See in context

"Why are Japanese women so eager to bare themselves?"

Not sure, but I am just as eager for them to do so! I'd like to open a private studio, but where to advertise? Shufu no Tomo?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for using spray on bus passengers in Chiba See in context

I might give someone, er, no, have given someone the finger for nit picking about cell phones on the bus, but I'm not about to mace them for going on about some silly rule. And what Blacklabel said: "IF you are using the same level of voice" on the phone.

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Posted in: After The Beatles, who remains an iTunes holdout? See in context

I'm a big Mac fan, but it seemed a bit too much hoopla for the arrival of the Beatles on iTunes. It seems more of a personal victory for Steve Jobs than anything else.

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Posted in: How should airlines handle obese passengers? See in context

Pay according to weight. Sit according to size.

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Posted in: 63-year-old man killed in hit-and-run in Mie See in context

I'm pretty sure I would flee the scene if it were me.

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