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Yea, WHO and UN are both runned by China which has no concerns of climate change. At first it was global cooling we must prepare for an ice age. And then it was global warming nonsense and since that didn't work let's try climate change + or - .001 degree. Thank God for Trump who pulled US out of both WHO and UN.

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The city of Portland, New York City and Chicago is embarrassing to our country. It is all taking place in Democratic socialist run cities and it is completely out of control. They can de fund the police and layoff all the police officers and let ANTIFA and BLM terrorist destroy their cities. OR LET TRUMP handle it for them. Violent protesters will be all done in one hour. TRUMP 2020

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

You know I hear people attacking those not wearing a mask, and then we have people acting like they are the Mask Police ready to punish the no mask criminals. So let me ask how does this work. In a lab you must have a body suit to protect you from the CCP virus but somehow we have idiots that think a cloth mask is spouse to protect you? Show me a study proving a mask can protect you from the CCP virus. Show me a study that proves keeping social distancing prevents you from getting the Virus. Stop listening to what they tell you on media and do your own research.

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