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Posted in: Google challenges Apple with high-end laptop See in context

The Google new laptop is no way comparable with any of Apple mac laptops. And more over the price is too high. I am sure it will be big failure in Google history.

The world is entering to a new era that killed desktops/laptop and heading towards tablets; where Google is trying to enter the laptop market. Meaning this google laptop is only usable in connected environment and then how come it is useful for tech savvy people and yet we will have enormous problems in connecting printers/cameras and other devises with this new laptop

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Posted in: Couple claims child care allowance for dead daughter over 6 years See in context

Poor little girl RIP

6 years is too long to identify the the case, Japan is most advanced country and it is dam easy to identify these kind os incidents by linking the Health Insurance Card and its usage & making regular health check ups mandatory.

In doubt cases, city office personal make a visit with prior intimation that they should present the kids when they visit. If failed to do so seek the police permission.

So sad to hear such incident on infants and KIDS.

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Posted in: Woman throws newborn baby out of toilet window See in context

No words to say, the poor little boy RIP. In human and sad think that I ever read. Its so cold outside and the new born... I can not think of the situation. What sick lady and i suspect the boyfriend telling is something fishy.

Why the Govt is not putting any efforts to curb these kind of incidents. Couple of similar incidents happens in every year. Japan is well developed and organized country and it won't be so difficult to take corrective actions. It is nothing bust saving their own citizens..

I still feel sad and pain after reading this story....

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Posted in: Smartphones control smart homes at Asia's biggest tech fair See in context

Meaning we can not make live without smart phone. Trying to put our brain inside the smart phone. Too much dependency on it.

This will definitely mess people life. We don't give enough work to our brain prone to take wrong decisions/judgment. Become too lazy... No fun in leading such life.

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Posted in: Japan, United States among economies with talent shortages, study shows See in context

In Japan, companies pay no attention to bring back the talented working mothers. For women it is very difficult start the work, I see the two problem areas 1. Companies do not want them 2. It is become very hard to find the day care.

And traditional Japanese companies does not accept the changes that easily...

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals against life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

No forgiveness for the crime this man committed. Shut your mouth and pay for the crime.

Poor innocent lady simply believe all goes well, and did not realize the trap which was plotted.

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Posted in: Gov't aims for 18 million tourists a year by 2016 See in context

Wow 18M is too much aggressive number. It won't be possible until unless yen@200 and too much initiations from the Govt and easing the VISA norms.

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When this fast changing business economy, companies should look outwards to sustain in the market. For example going to fast developing countries such as India,China etc.... there the market opportunity is GOLDMINE.

Goldmine because there companies has the technology, they can hire people at these countries for very less and even they can negotiate with the Govt for tax incentives by creating the local employment, and even get so many other benefits.

I always wonder why these companies do now go outside. Now its the time for most of the Japanese companies to go outside. I have been working here from past 10 years, I often see people saying its hard to manage/do business outside Japan... but I believe it is not that hard when you hire the local talent & the local Mgmt team

Especially now India is planning to digitalis the broadcasting system, there is a HUGE chance to grow if taken the corrective step with the TREND.

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