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Posted in: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates See in context

he quipped that "it's a sign that I haven't given my money away fast enough to drop out of the top 10."

So then give it away already!

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Posted in: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates See in context

or maybe microsoft was at the time totally focused on putting office software into companies using PCs. Had no idea what was cool. And had super-boring advertising campaigns with worsening device UIs.

"tiny" margin yeah riiight.

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Posted in: For Japan Inc, discretion is the better part of activist valor See in context

Most of the time an activist is a representative of a group of slobbering ghouls gnashing their teeth at the chance to "make a difference".

Word Count -- Activist: 14 Appearances / Activism: 4

Definitions of "Activist": 0

Only an activist editor would let that one slide.

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Posted in: Trump on rape accuser: 'She's not my type' See in context

Another psycho Democrat hurling abuse on the public. I am of course, talking about the interviewer/Journalist.

The interviewee is clearly insane.

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

"let's give 47million dollars for a bunch of boats filled with gas to go and exploit 5000 tonnes of whale meat from ocean only to throw most of it away."

Worst idea ever. Especially the fact that tax dollars are allocated to it.


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Posted in: Pressure mounts on YouTube to better protect young users See in context

this is just a way for massive corporations to nerf the platform and make it brand safe and boring.

expect more make up tutorials and adverts.

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Posted in: Over-75s caused twice as many traffic fatalities as younger drivers in 2018: gov't report See in context

Self-driving buses or chauffeur services should be promoted.

Also, to everyone, keep your head up. I try to pay more attention at crossings these days.

Old people like children, so they tend to look at them while driving -- which means that they are not looking

at anything else.

Be careful out there. We can only expect this trend to increase for the next 7 years.

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Posted in: Sailing among the stars: How photons could revolutionize space flight See in context

Remember that episode of Deep Space 9 when they built a solar sail and reached light speed? Maybe this sail could also break Einstein's challenge!!

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Posted in: Dementia patients reported missing in 2018 hit record 17,000 See in context

Taking turmeric and curcumin may be a good measure to prevent dementia.

Also, if care homes put a fake bus stop outside their facility, most escapees with dementia will just wait around the bus stop, thus making them easy to find.

Additionally, putting microchips in the dementia may be an option, and then offer a drone to pick them up and bring them back to the care home.

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Posted in: Nearly 50% of Japan's singles have no dating prospects: gov't survey See in context

Go on dates

Start Banging

Find a person that doesn't drive you nuts

and stick it out. . .

whilst sticking it in.

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Posted in: Man wanted for stabbing ex-wife found dead in Hokkaido forest See in context

maybe he slipped and fell?

Hope for a recovery of the woman.

Unfortunately, the elderly population will continue to be the largest demographic criminal element for the next 30 years.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader apologizes for extradition law turmoil See in context

Her promises sound a lot like Teresa May and Brexit.

And by promises

I mean lies.

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Posted in: 'Avengers' dominates MTV awards as Larsen honors stunt doubles See in context

The headline is a total mishmash of cliche worlds.

'Avengers" dominates MTV awards as Larsen honors stunt doubles

A movie wins the music awards to celebrate female agility

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Posted in: Facebook expands Watch service as user numbers grow See in context

Facebook wants to know

more about you.

And more and more and more and more.

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Posted in: Facebook expands Watch service as user numbers grow See in context

Facebook is the enemy.

Long-term -- they are worse than the CCP.

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Posted in: Once a backer of the BOJ's price target, Abe turns his back on Kuroda See in context

Monetary easing?

Should've invested in Bitcoin.

We'd all be rich!

Yes and...

Kuroda is a globalist. He's spreading Japan's worth to the globalists.

Boomers are the craziest. Their parents fought and ended WWII,

and now Boomers just give up their country's wealth

hand over fist.

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Posted in: Do you think a protest rally similar in scale to what happened in Hong Kong could ever happen in Japan? See in context

Japan is too old and young people are too busy playing games and chatting on their smartphones.


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Posted in: Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers See in context

This is a great case where a demand from a high-ranking ally like Japan can act as a wedge between the deep state and Islamism.

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Posted in: Man stabs police officer, steals his gun in Osaka Pref; 33-year-old suspect sought See in context

Hi-Res Cameras equipped with Facial-Recognition Tech would seriously prevent or quickly resolve these types of issues.

Side note: Interesting that in Japan, we do not have to worry about gun crime. But one criminal gets access to one gun -- and the city shuts down.

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader step down See in context

People Power! C'mon Hong Kong! Stand up for what you believe your destiny should be!

The Right To Self-Determination.

Keep fighting while you still can!

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Posted in: Does Kawasaki stabbing rampage signify start of lost generation's revenge against society? See in context

hikkikomori must be data-based and an AI predictive algorithm should be implemented into a nation-wide smart camera system in order to thwart possible hikkikomori attacks on the public at large.

the lost generation is a strange group of people. born too late into a paper-based society, and born too early to ride the digital transformations taking place.

young people in their 20s right now are doing well in Japan -- low competition, highly trained, better at speaking English, and able to be more flexible with their skillsets.

the hikkikomoris need to be monitored so that they don't disrupt the lives of others.

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Posted in: Putin presents Xi with birthday ice cream See in context

The ice cream is a message of productivity and economic growth for the RBI/OBOR. Fresh ice cream delivered in the heart of an area with a budding need for infrastructure.

Much better of a gift than the region coded DVDs Obama got from the British PM. Or was it the other way around?

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

Legal marriage for all of legal age.

Marriage itself needs an update in meaning, considering the crazy world we live in.

With normalized marriage, the LGBTQ2P activists will no longer be needed and we can go back to living our lives without the weird pedophiles increasing their say.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven stores struggling in face of labor shortage See in context

This is a perfect chance for facial recognition and digital QR code payments. Smart lighting and automated beer coupons.

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Posted in: Japanese tanker hit in Gulf attacks heads to port See in context

Make that Double-Deep State (DDS).

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Posted in: Japanese tanker hit in Gulf attacks heads to port See in context

This has deep state written all over it. Traitors within traitors acting for interests we know not the names of.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man suspected of fatally stabbing wife See in context

As the demographics continue to hold more of the elderly, the more criminal acts are to be expected because of mathematics. The elderly is the largest criminal segment of the Japanese population. And will only continue to increase in criminal behavior.

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

Is it possible that this is a double red-flag? Where a shadowy hand blasts two opposing ships and the media reports on them respectively with imbedded media friendlies focusing on only their respective ships in order to promote chaos and war while obfuscating the truth in muddied Oman waters?

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of wife at residential facility for elderly See in context

Wow, another shocking crime from Japan's largest demographic of potential criminals. RIP.

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

Just another shocking statistic of Japan's fastest growing criminal demographic.

Gladly the young were not sacrificed at the convenience of the aged in this case.

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