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Posted in: More details emerge over Kawasaki stabbing rampage, killer See in context

This obviously a mental health issue. One person commented on it always being "Men" who do these horrific things. By nature males of any species tend to be the aggressive ones. World wide we need a better handle on mental illness as these incidents happen all the time. The weapon of choice doesn't matter. Its the unstable person wielding it. I have had a swiss army knife in my pocket for 45 years. Never with any intent as a weapon. It's a tool i use daily, if not hourly. Including grade and high school. I remember teachers not restricting the fact we carried them we where told to behave properly and not carve are names on school property. Imagine that, giving us responsibility with a potentially dangerous item instead of brow beating us with "What if's"

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What is wrong with people???? Trump is an absolute idiot. Why would the intelligent people of Japan support such a fool? A repeated failed business man. He never got the major vote...just the stupid American election system was used to his advantage. He is the biggest Joke on the planet as a leader...

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Has their bogus "research" possibly hypothesized that we as a species should stop destroying other magnificent species. There is no need for this anymore. A wealthy first world nation should not need to rape the oceans to feed themselves. They are smarter than that.

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"alwaysspeakingwisdom" your information is totally flawed. I am a repair technician for a bus company. I presume this bus is diesel and most diesels do not have butterfly valves for that purpose. Acceleration in a diesel is controlled by increasing fuel delivery. I have never had this occur in my carrer with a bus. Historically it is most often it is driver error. Even the self accellerating Audi's of old where still driver error but they attributed pedal spacing wasn't as good as it could have been.

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"And you don't think that maybe Calgary has more experience and infrastructure for dealing with snowfall than Tokyo does?"

I was referring to the airline industry not the guy sweeping the water. Its a Couple hour flight from Calgary to Vancouver and they typlically have Osaka like weather all winter, Vicotria more so and the airports handle inclemate weather no problem...but then your on your own as the two cities have minimal snow removal equipment so you just can't drive anywhere safely.

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Posted in: Japan to ban use of plastic straws, cutlery in gov't cafeterias See in context

Any effort by government towards environmental benifit is a good thing. Plastic in itself is not the huge issue. It's the single use plastics that get thrown out by the tons every minute on the planet that are the problem. However when that rice cooker dies or any other appliance it needs to have a path to get recycled. The three "R's" of the recycling triangle suggest we reduce and re-use FIRST. Recyle is the last one as its the most expensive and wasteful energy wise. The first poster is so wrong about Japan being a good recycler....they are far from it. For decades it just got bulldosed into the ocean or exported. I would say Germany has made a good step in the right direction. The manufacturer is resposible for the waste...NOT the consumer. They have a taxation penalty for the waste.

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Posted in: Air transport to and from Tokyo disrupted by cold snap See in context

Well near Banff it was -38 the other day and flights out of Calgary never had any issues? Oh and they got a bunch of snow also half meter I think before that.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools believed to have kept human skulls for teaching See in context

My first reaction was SO WHAT! Every medical school had full bodies that are worked on for education. I found a Skull in the trunk of a cusotmers car by accident. It fell out of a case/presentation box by accident. It had the top cut off and the top was attached by a hinge. I also knew his first name was "Dr." So it was a non issue. He even appologized to us for leaving it there but then we asked him to explain what it was for....learned a lot that day. All the grandiose conjecture in this thread is stupid.

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Posted in: Hope, anxiety in Japan over opening up to more foreign workers See in context

Japan's demographics disaster that was predicted 25-30 years from now is already, scary. The inability to afford to have families in Japan is probably a huge contributing factor to the extremely low birth rate. Young couples area afraid to have families as they have good incomes for themselves but if the women cannot also get good paying jobs in their child bearing years they cannot afford a family. There are some good programs for kids to help the parents both work, yet they could use some improvement. They really need to get off the discriminatory bahaviour toward women and age. You need to employ and empower your own people before opening the flood gates to foreign workers as the instant answer.

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Posted in: China's plastic waste import ban pushes rich nations to rethink trash options See in context

HELLO CHina, you manufactured a good portion of the single use plastics you should take it back! The waste packaging should have origin identification and it should go back to them. Germany has a heafty levy/tax on packaging waste. THe onus is on the retailers (and indirectly the manufacurers) for the waste, not the consumer. I think its a policy many countries could implement.

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Posted in: Japan to set up panel to tighten drinking rules after pilot scandals See in context

There is other accountability with coworkers here as well. Someone who hasn't drank for a day or so could smell his breath from 10 paces....don't sweep in under the carpet and gossip about the jerk. You have the right to remove him from his position.

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Posted in: Japan to set up panel to tighten drinking rules after pilot scandals See in context

Pilots strutting their stuff like that was dealt with decades ago in most western countries. In Canada its 12 hours bottle to throttle for pilots. This seems like not an isolated incident...they should be shamed publicly for such disregard for other people and lose their pilots licence and drivers licence for the rest of their life. They do not deserve the privilege of driving a car let alone a 350,000 kg aircraft with hundreds of people on board.

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Posted in: Nintendo wins court battle over Mario go-karting See in context

Very cool! I am so glad Nintendo sued them so an international article was written about them. Myself and others would have no idea this fun thing is an option in Japan. Thanks Nintendo! Now there business is just going to double in size with the free publicity. I agree its stupid dangerous with vehicles so low to the ground on busy streets of Japan.....but being a Karting enthusiast I am so envious of the flexibility of being able to not get harrased by Police for driving around (a safer area that busy Tokyo) on the streets.

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I would love to see North America try and produce a RHD car with a 660cc engine that can scoot along at 80 KPH with four people in it (this is the most common car in Japan)?! Everything we have here in Canada has huge engines by comparison to do the same job. I have seen city transit buses in Japan that have the same size engine as my wife's mini van. Diesel vs. gas...but still! There again we call a Caravan a "mini" van...there is absolutely nothing MINI about it. The mere narrative of our auto industry says we don't understand the Japanese market. Look the the modern "Mini" Cooper....its huge compared to the original BL Mini. Japan has full fleged mini vans with dual sliding doors that are the same size as the new cooper.

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To get the h real feeling they could have just chopped a retired air frame apart to make it look realistic. This would be the first flight in Japan that would have leg room for people over 6'! My femers are to long for Japanese seat spacing....the person reclines their seat and my knee caps come off.

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Posted in: 3 die in house fire in Iwate Prefecture See in context

The need to police it or use public shaming/guilting (something the Japanese culture has perfected) or simply advertising to get compliance. I do not recall ever seeing one in any home I visited (and I wasn't shy to tell them the importance of it) in Japan. We are talking about very old wood (read tinder boxes) homes that burn fast. In Canada you would be hard pressed to see a home without one or two smoke detector. My home has Co detector as well. These deaths would have been prevented for $30.00....pretty ridiculous and and a sad waste.

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Posted in: 5 elderly people killed in apartment building fire in Osaka Pref See in context

That would make sense that is is mandated but like child seats there is little if any enforcement. There is also not a public education campaign at all. I have never seen smoke detectors in anyones home. There could not have been smoke detectors in the above complex or there would not have been as many casualties if any.

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Posted in: 5 elderly people killed in apartment building fire in Osaka Pref See in context

There could not have been any smoke detectors. For crying out loud when are they going to mandate that is Japan....ESPECIALLY in all the wood frame structures. It's such a waste of life over a $30.00 device.

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Posted in: Japan should be capable of building nuclear weapon: LDP's Ishiba See in context

Now there is a reason to have more outdated weapons. There is NO nuclear defence against nuclear weapons...geesh hasn't he seen all the doomsday movies depicting this? Besides the US navy has plenty of them why waste your time and energy making your own. Nuclear weapons use = Humans Extinct ...and most other living things.

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Posted in: Mother, son perish in Toyama house fire See in context

All it takes is a 30.00 smoke detector to prevent these constant tragedies in Japan (and elsewhere). Simple mandate and tell the people they are irresponsible to not have one and they will comply. Many houses are old wood frame houses and are so tinder dry they burn fast and hot. A smoke detector lets you know right away to get the hell out of the house. Also there is seldom a second/3rd floor egress. They can design giant sky scrapers to handle scary earthquakes but cannot get people to use smoke detectors...just nuts.

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Posted in: 2 killed in car crash in Shizuoka See in context

A head on collision with a couple cars the size of large go karts and the drivers are not seriously!!! Yet a child dies?? I call BS.. When i commute in Japan I get so mad watching all the idiots with unsecured kids in the cars. An associate of mine just had a horrific accident with his 4 door full size pick up truck here in Canada (a vehicle 6 meters long!) that cartwheeled several times end for end and and his kids secured in car seats in the back seat where totally unharmed physically and the driver got a broken arm...that it! There was no reason for this senseless death. Japan is a first world;s about time the transportation department started legislating and enforcing rules that show that. The baby/car seats I did see over there where under engineered pieces of crap.

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Posted in: Samurai sword in new Japan Self-Defense Force emblem causing controversy See in context

Quite short sighted appologist stupidity. The Katana is a cultural symbol of the country not a symbol of wwII. Weapons are involved in every confrontation. SO having a rifle on it is no different, right?

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl falls to death from 43rd floor balcony in Osaka See in context

No one knows how it happened just a sad story. 3rd floor or 43rd same results. Most of us think back (especially guys) and we are kinda surprised we survived childhood with the dumb shit we did. All I can think of with this story looking at my six year old girl would be the terrifying fear she experienced for the few seconds the fall took. Gives me the shivers. Hope your next life is a less tragic one little girl. :' (" (is this un-vulger enough for our moderator?)

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Posted in: Zero fighter to fly above Japan once more in demonstration this week See in context

There is a very nice animated movie about the engineer that designed and built the zero. It's really not a kids movie but kinda cool. GOt to see a zero at the Oshkosh air show many years ago.. very cool. Even got to hear the machine guns rattle off some blanks on the ground as the crown wouldn't listen to the marshals and get out of the way for it to go out for its demonstration flight...saw a few old boys dive for cover out of an old war habit. I am sure he got in shit for it but it was still awesome!

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Posted in: Star of dolphin-killing film 'Cove' detained at Narita airport See in context

Wouldn't it be considered eco-tourism? Mater of perspective I am sure. He has brought to the light awareness...the only people I have ever heard of supporting this is someone in that industry. None of my Japanese friends and in-laws had a clue about the consumption of dolphin meat let alone the way it is harvested. I have specifically asked if my kids school lunches are to contain whale (often illegally labeled dolphin) or dolphin I want to know as I do not want them eating that toxic shit. I hope Rick continues is awareness work and keeps himself out of trouble while doing it.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift's video shoot ruffles feathers in New Zealand See in context

There are a heck of a lot bigger environmental violations in name of Capitalism than this. There is a damn good reason the birds are almost extinct....they are doing it to themselves with a wildlife version of Darwin award. They build their nests on the beach, with no protection from predators at the high tide mark??? ReallY?!?!? I am surprised the species has lasted this long...damn cute little bird though!

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Posted in: Nissan CEO says it would be hard to hide effort to falsify emissions data See in context

I find it amazing that policing bodies like EPA are not the ones catching this (much sooner) if they where doing the job the tax payers pay them to do. GM has authorized urea delete kits for their diesels in medium duty trucks...what does that mean? I have no use for the VW brand for the same reasons they had to know what was happening. One of the most over engineered grocery getter out there. As a mechanic and service manager I always tire of the arguments with customers about the cost of the maintenance and repairs. As with most euro cars...fantastic cars from the drivers seat but not the pocket book.

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What ever fools call post natal depression an "excuse" have never experienced it nor understand mental health troubles at all. It is a very destructive force in a woman's mental health. Unknown to me at the time this can be a life long affliction. In this woman's case she has made a horrible mistake that will probably reinforce the depression for the rest of her life until she succeeds at taking her own life.

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

REALLY people???!!! You condone possibly permanent bodily harm because of noise? What the hell is wrong with all of you? Vigilante bodily harm when someone isn't trying to hurt you is so draconian. Now if you find a way to get them to stop and beat the crap out of the scooter with a bar or run it over with your truck hey your call but injuring another person over that is not right.

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Posted in: U.S. probing 360,000 Nissan cars for unintended speeding See in context

Not all cars have the plastic hook that keeps the mat from moving forward and causing this problem. This must be the problem here. Aftermarket mats that don't have the hook cause problems all the time as they slide forward and push on the accelerator or get under the brake pedal and reduce braking ability. In the winter when the floor seldom gets above freezing here the soggy mat is a frozen board and the problem gets worse.

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