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Posted in: Trump distances himself from Cohen as raided docs are analyzed See in context

I wonder what's in Cohen's other BlackBerry the FBI have yet to crack.

Heh, yeah. Wannabee gangster will be singing like a bird when Trump moves to disown him.

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Posted in: Report rebukes Comey, but says no bias in Clinton email case See in context

Comrade Manafort had his collar felt today.

I hope he likes prison food.

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Posted in: May defuses revolt in parliament over Brexit plans See in context

Yup. And the opposition is a unelectable radical, closeted communist.

But at least one of my passports will be blue again.

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Posted in: May urges Conservative unity before parliament votes on Brexit strategy See in context


Boris Trump is vying for a hostile takeover.

Too bad the opposition is an unelectable left wing radical.

Britain is screwed.

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Posted in: Trump vents anger on NATO allies, EU, Trudeau See in context

Super :  It supports my theory that Trump lets stronger countries walk all over us while going after smaller fish.

You're correct. Like all bullies he's weak. And potentially compromised by the Kremlin.

He's doing nothing but winging it. With some utter cranks advising him.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim arrive in Singapore See in context

Hopefully Trump and Kim will achieve something other than more animosity. They both deserve credit if they pull a peace agreement off.

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Posted in: China's Xi hails 'unity' of security bloc led with Russia See in context

In a few years, economically they will be dominant as well.

China probably. Hate to break you patriotic bubble but the Russian economy is a piddle-stick. Even Italy of all places has a larger economy. Couple that with the fact rhat all the money gets funneled to Don Putin and his inner circle then I have to suggestions that only someone delusional could think Russia will be a dominant economy this century.

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Posted in: Chinese government hackers steal trove of U.S. Navy data: report See in context

Trump is a very weak bully so he'll give China a free pass just like he did with the Russian dictator for his election win.

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Posted in: Special counsel indicts Russian, adds charges against Manafort See in context

Manafort is counting on a pardon from Trump.

The fact that he hasn't rolled yet suggests he might have Kompromat on Trump.

The temperature's risin' like Mob Deep.

Tick, tock fellas....

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Posted in: Trump to leave G7 summit early; fires back at Trudeau See in context

Bullies always run off when challenged.

He'll be missing the debate on the empowerment of ladies and climate change.

As a big government Republican swamp meister, no surprises there....

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Posted in: Trump to leave G7 summit early; fires back at Trudeau See in context

Gobal isolation beckons, as the screaming Cheeto accelerates the sad decline of the United States.

It didn't have to be this way....

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Posted in: Aiming at Trump strongholds, Mexico hits back with trade tariffs on U.S. products See in context

Too bad you don’t have the same bravado against Russia.

Republicans grab their ankles and say "please sir can I have some more" when it comes to Russia's meddling in American democracy. Reagan must be turning in his grave.

Not so with Trump's tariffs. Even the Insane Party are openly breaking ranks. Hell, even the vile Koch brothers are funding opposition.

The imposter in the Whitehouse will either have to back down or go full isolation on this issue he created for himself. Couple that with the Mueller investigation, the implosion is coming and it will be gargantuan.

Economically the US may never recover from Trump. Who'd have thunk a known trust-fund scammer with multiple and massive bankruptcies would make such a mess of the presidency? /s

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Posted in: Fashion designer Kate Spade found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Never ever heard of her.


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Posted in: Where's Melania? First lady's vanishing act sparks speculation See in context

Taj. I would not blame her for wanting some time apart from a husband at a time when it's becoming clear he was shagging an actress while she was having his child.

I hadn't heard about the actress but he was having sexual relations with sex worker Stormy Daniels around that time.

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Posted in: U.S. first lady Melania Trump to skip G7, North Korea summit See in context

She must have eloped with Hope Hicks. Everyone else at the Whitehouse has...

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Posted in: With Trump tensions high, Merkel reaches out to Macron on Europe See in context

Da, comrades.

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Posted in: G7 asks Mnuchin to convey concern and disappointment to Trump on tariffs See in context

Even the Insane Party is publicly breaking ranks with the screaming Cheeto.

Roll on November.

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Posted in: UK considering giving Northern Ireland joint UK, EU status See in context

Is Brexit really going to happen?

Britain is a global laughing stock these days with this act of self-harming, the Conservatives clearly have no idea what they're doing after instigating this madness with no plans whatsoever....

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Posted in: Harvey Weinstein hit with new accusations of sexual assault See in context

Bah do we have to see his face? It's getting as bad a seeing Jimmy Saville over and over again.

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Posted in: From distillers to farmers, trade war would cause casualties in U.S. See in context

Simpletons answers to complex problems is what the Trump faithful demand. As we know from the Dubya years, cause and effect and the ridiculous notion of accepting responsibility for your actions and honesty is something to which Independent Republicans are utterly immune to.

History has proven time and time again that protectionism blows up in your face. Let's watch this backfire badly and all the Trump cheerleaders deny any and all responsibility as Trump injects nitrous oxide into the decline of the United States.

On a serious note it's sad to watch. It doesn't have to be this way, vote these maniacs out of power in November.

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Posted in: Trump tariffs on U.S. allies draw retaliation threats See in context

Well, 2 1/2 years to go before he is booted out. I pity the next president. It's going to take years to undo the damage Trump is doing.

Only our Independent Republicans have the capacity to understand the 12 dimensional chess Trump is playing in zero gravity.

Heh, or maybe they're just all insane.

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Posted in: Trump tariffs on U.S. allies draw retaliation threats See in context

Isn't this how the Depression started?

Oh well, I'm sure screaming Cheeto knows what he's doing. There's a fella that knows how to go bankrupt in style.

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Posted in: Italy plunges into political crisis after govt talks collapse See in context

Italy has been in political crisis forever.

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Posted in: Video of Brown arrest sparks criticism of Milwaukee police See in context

Heavy handed indeed, but I sincerely doubt he'll park in a handicapped space again. ..

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Posted in: Venezuela's Maduro re-elected amid outcry over vote See in context

Venezuela's problems come from the right kind of socialism.

Anything else is tinfoil hat stuff. Multi billionaires off the revolution like fat dead chavez sez it all.

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Posted in: Venezuela accuses U.S. of sabotaging election with new sanctions See in context

Ahh, the elusive right kind of socialism. As rubber stamped by Britain's Jeremy Corbyn and the left wing journal the Guardian ...

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Posted in: Trump suggests FBI may have infiltrated his campaign See in context

More tinfoil hat stuff for his insane base.

Yep. Mueller's investigation is getting to the screaming Cheeto....

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Posted in: Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle at royal wedding See in context

I wish them both well, a handsome couple.

They'll be good news for Britain.

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Posted in: New York attorney general resigns after 4 women accuse him of physical abuse See in context

Seems your standards for presumption of innocence follow political affiliation.

The rest of us just call that abject hypocrisy.

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Posted in: EU, rights activists express outrage over police brutality, arrests in Russia See in context

Brave Russians there speaking out against their brutal despot for life.

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