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Posted in: Health officials trying to reduce impact of swine flu See in context

& by the way. I heard from an email from an American woman shacked-up with a Mestizo in Mexico that the news at ground zero is that the schools are close and some events have been cancelled because some AMERICAN brought over this nasty flu. - Take it for what it's worth.

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Posted in: Health officials trying to reduce impact of swine flu See in context


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Posted in: Health officials trying to reduce impact of swine flu See in context

It seems this is hype. It appears this is another case of fear-mongering.

But it is conditioning the hersd to accept that mandatory 'vaccinations' (alleged) are to be expected.

Some people are standing to make a lot of money from this bs. But the smart people will stay away from hospitals and drugs and providing they use commonsense they should be fine if the catch the 'swine' flu (or if tiey catch anything else).

It seems we are being led up the garden path again by agents of our governments. Be cynical & skeptical and be careful. Be well.

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Posted in: World govts race to contain swine flu outbreak See in context

THERE IS NO VACCINE. Don't be conned. There was an alleged vaccine decades ago but it was banned because it didn't work and gave people swine flu. You have everything you need to fight any disease providing you take care of your immunse system by eating properly and believing in your immune system.

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Posted in: World govts race to contain swine flu outbreak See in context

'Flu-fighting-medications?' What could they be I wonder? They can't be vaccines whatever they are.

If you are worried about being infected with it then you can wash your hands often with soap and warm water or you can carry some 90% alcohol to kill any pathogens on your hands when (for example) you use a door handle in a public place. If you've got it then take plenty of fluids, get exposure to sunshine and eat as well as you can. A healthy immune system will beat it or give you the fighting chance that drugs won't.

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Posted in: Saitama woman recovers after suicide attempt; arrested for killing 8-yr-old daughter See in context

Take for example a young couple I know. They've only got one child - a daughter. The husband works two jobs and so does the wife. By the time they get back there's not even the time to make any other babies!

They do those jobs not because they want to buy a Rolls Royce, but because they want to pay the bills. Lucky for them the mother's parents are letting them live in their house.

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Posted in: Saitama woman recovers after suicide attempt; arrested for killing 8-yr-old daughter See in context

Nope. We need to get & keep the government from meddling in our families and private affairs.

Nobody's perfect and accidents happen and this will never change. The overwhelming vast majority who make the leap into being a parent manage to work things out.

I say make it easier for the mother to stay at home and stop the schools here from encroaching on our kids' time and everybody will be more able to actually do the job of parenting.

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Posted in: Saitama woman recovers after suicide attempt; arrested for killing 8-yr-old daughter See in context

I was just kidding at the end. Sorry if you believed me.

Charcoal isn't more dangerous than gas, and it cooks a lot better in my opinion and it's cheaper. - I make it myself in an old oil drum, but it's so cheap it's hardly worth making yourself.

Oh sorry! This isn't about cooking, is it.

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Posted in: Saitama woman recovers after suicide attempt; arrested for killing 8-yr-old daughter See in context

My family turfed-out the gas cooker and have used charcoal for four years.

The charcoal 'cooker' sits on a concrete slab where the gas cooker used to be. But anyway, only three of our nine children have succumbed to the poisonous gas, and one of them actually survived, though severely brain-damaged. She's useful as a gas-detector anyhow.

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Posted in: Saitama woman recovers after suicide attempt; arrested for killing 8-yr-old daughter See in context

I feel sympathy towards the mother. How sad and desperate she must have been. She couldn't see any other way out.

I do not know the exact reasons she attempted suicide and killed her child. May she rest in peace.

Desperation leading to suicidal thoughts are mounting these days. perhaps a sense of alienation and financial concerns are the leading causes today? Perhaps they always were the main reason?

The shrinking purses and the rising costs of everything are obviously taking a toll on people's enthusiasm for playing musical-chairs in this dog-eat-dog world we live in. I can empathise.

Another one bites the dust and opts out of the rat-race. If the facts pertaining to this tragedy are truthfully aired then I hope others will be able to learn so that they might avoid this, the ultimate decision.

And if others are merely apt to condemn then I hope they don't harm others as they go through their lives with tunnel-vision.

Only God can judge - whoever he is to you, or her, or me.

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Posted in: French seize pirate ship as threats mount on U.S. ships See in context

Some good could come from this. Once people see what those people are really like then perhaps they will start looking after themselves and their countries instead of bending over backwards making excuses for them.

Calling these sea-thieves 'pirates' is a bit too much of a promotion. They are just Africans acting like Africans. The only language they understand is violence, and i sincerely hope the neccesary message gets across with the requisite fire-power to ensure they stay in their mud huts.

But the thought did cross my mind that in these difficult economic times the sale of (shoddily-made) 'goods' from the PRC might be slackening off, so there's a chance those pirates are receiving a kickback from the owners of those ships, who get the value of their cargo back from their insurers.

Yes. Those Africans are acting like Africans and I hope people are taking notice of the reality of these people instead of believing the garbage in the mainstream media.

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Posted in: Japanese pop singer dressed as pineapple robbed in Sweden See in context

Er yes... I got a bit ahead of myself:- I meant the poster in the introductory sentence of my above post was correct in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japanese pop singer dressed as pineapple robbed in Sweden See in context

Unfortunately the poster commenting on the large criminal population of (mostly) Muslims in Sweden make for it being extremely deangerous. But it is the same in all Scandinavian countries.

If one makes the effort to read deeper into the situation in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark they will find a very sad story. The governments there are apparently heading at full-speed to destroy what were once basically safe and peaceful homogenous populations.

I sincerely hope the Japanese who go there are not hoodwinked so easily about the situation in any of europe, and I think the victim in this case is lucky only in the respect that he was not a woman.

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Posted in: Obama is saying that the auto industry represents the spirit of America, so they're not going to let it just disappear. So basically, this means that Japanese and European automakers who will be compe See in context

I was amused when I read words to the effect of European & Asian car manufacturers competing not with US car makers but the US government. How are they competitive? Compete with typical US graft, corruption, incompetence, shoddy workmanship and lies?

What was that 'Russian' car? That two-stroke 600 CC twin-banger? The Trabant! Let's wait for that US government Trabant. Of course the government car industry will continue to turn out limos for their minions and vehicles for their military.

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Posted in: In view of what's happening with AIG in the U.S., what is the best way to monitor how taxpayers' money is used in bailing out big companies? See in context

Simple. No baillouts.

'Banksters' using the taxpayers' money should be publicly hanged.

Politicians speaking on behalf of corporations asking for a handout should be lynched.

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Posted in: Boycott of violent Japanese video game urged in U.S. See in context

Hypocrisy I say. If the game was about raping Afghan or Iraqi 'terrorist' women by soldiers it'd be acceptable I'd bet.

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Posted in: What can other leaders learn from Obama? See in context

Palin lovers? (ha ha ha) She was tagged onto the geriatric McCain for the simple reason it was going to erase any shadow of a hope that the doddering McCain might have had.

The whole election process is a farce in the US and they are so successful at rigging those elections that they get sloppy and have to try to ignore one whopping lie after another to get their boy in!

Bottom line is he isn't going to be the 'P' through using and abiding the rules specifically set out for the purpose.

Why should any thinking person believe this is all down to hard work and Obama's illuminated promises? It's just big dollar$$$ and the media in tow! It's a circus.

Given the chance he doesn't deserve, he will doubtless continue as he has done up until now which is basically along the lines of scandals and swindles. Why should anyone expect a leopard to change his spots?

He might be able to teach other leaders how risky it is to be seen to unimpress his handlers... ie, with an assassination everything would happen to get the folksies to accept lock-down and Martial law and complete the plan of the traitors running the US.

Interesting times. But I hope he proves me wrong. Though he should never be in the position where he could prove anyone either right or wrong owing to his being nominated against the established rules.

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Posted in: What can other leaders learn from Obama? See in context

Other 'leaders' can learn that they don't have to be born in the country they lead and that the rules governing elections are flexible depending on who you are and who is pushing you.

They also learn that you can surround yourself with dual-citizenship people from one tribe and it doesn't matter if they have a terrorist past.

They can even learn how your own shady past can be swept under the table if they go along with their backers.

They'll know they could have been active Marxists who strived to undermine the establishment and it won't matter.

And that in an ostensibly Christian country you can become the president though you are a Muslim.

And he's not even warmed the seat yet!

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Posted in: Emperor calls on nation to unite in fighting recession See in context

“I hope people overcome these difficulties by mustering their wisdom, caring for ties with other people and helping one another,” the 75-year-old monarch added."

Heyyy! That's not bad! Not bad at all. :)

I think he even thought of that himself! Unlike certain other leaders in other nations the (notional) monarch in these parts isn't urging the peons to spend money they haven't got on crepe they don't need from people working as slaves in foreign tyrannical regimes on behalf of the International people and their banks.

The message here is that those who are wise and resourceful will make it. Though there is also an underlying message which is that loads of people aren't going to make it because wisdom is a relative term.

The more I ponder the issue, the 'economy' is not 'our' economy, rather it is the surplus profits from our collective slaving which the elite use to tax so as to provide them with yet more money to finance their parasitical existence.

Using wisdom means living within your means, however meagre they may be. Scrimping here and there like never before. A penny saved is a penny earned 'n all that.

Sarcrew the economy! Let's worry about 'our' economies for a change. Good luck!

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Posted in: Dealing with Muslim fundamentalism See in context

I have nothing against Muslim fundamentalists and their ilk providing they remain in their own countries.

And it's nothing to do with anyone else what they do in their own nations.

Should they wish to integrate with the culture of the nation they decide to move to then this is possibly acceptable.

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Posted in: Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets See in context

May the Palestinians' god be with them in their fight against "Israel."

The Palestinians are fighting for their homes, their families and their lives. The US/"Israe" effectively have a turkey-shoot in this mass murder of people. - And see how the "Israeli" planes will drop chaff to foil radar when they and everyone else knows there isn't anything capable of hitting them! Such heroes.

This seems to be preparation for an occupation, doesn't it. One hopes the 'Israelis' do actually try to occupy the Gaza as they will doubtless be booted-out shortly and have to lick their wounds and use maximum spin in their captive media to explain yet another case of Jewish terrorism c/o the US taxpayers.

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Posted in: Israeli troops mobilize as Gaza assault widens See in context

So the International Parasites are building up to an occupation of the Gaza. This will be interesting.

The US-supplied "Israel" is going to get another whipping once they stop their heroic bombing and straffing of a defenseless people in an area (they think and hope) is out of supplies.

I mean come on people! What more evidence does on need to see who the terrorists really are? The Zionist West and those who have a 2nd home in "Israel" of course.

Ah well! Once the IDF tries to occupy the Gaza we'll have another 'Lebanon' where the "Israelis" get another rude awakening.

This is a fratricidal war. If only the "Zionists" didn't control politics in the West they'd be left to their own devices and have to compromise using diplomacy rather than the usual Jewish fare of genocide.

The ol' powder-keg is getting a few sparks on it again. I hope it blows. The real terrorists shall be known by their actions. (Oy vey).

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Posted in: Chinese warships head for Somalia in groundbreaking mission See in context

The very last thing that the world needs is for the UN to be appointed as police for the 'high seas.'

This defacto Global Government is the dream of the self-appointed elite which is headed by dynastical banking families.

I reckon if China wants to sell its crap to the world via ships then the onus is on them to protect their investments - An armed escort perhaps? It's cost them a bit, but as they pay their workers nothing or very little then their prices would still be very competitive with nations filled with dying industries which are suffering from the glut of shoddily made 'goods' from the PRC.

Yeah! Iran should also protect their exports. When dealing with pirates it is morally acceptable to me at any rate to exterminate by any and all means possible the threat of Black bandits in boats.

Speaking of piracy I hope the Japanese whalers put a few warning holes in those Gweenpeace hulks which are bothering them.

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Posted in: What do you do to stay fit? See in context

I don't drink, and I like eating (Japanese) honey and lots of fruit. My harem keep me physically in good shape, and between them and their mothers I get some really great food. I don't get fat because I live a fast life on the edge of danger at all times, and must keep my wits because I usually speed on my motorcycle. I don't go to doctors unless I need them to get something for me which I can't buy or make myself. I keep my mind sharp by not owning.watching a TV, and make a point of figuring-out the direction the world is taking so I can make plans in order to secure things for me and mine.

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Posted in: Japanese recession: A time for panic or change? See in context

I sincerely hope Japan turns protectionist and looks after its own.

The only meaningful indicator of real wealth as far as I'm concerned comes from the manufacture of goods from raw materials. Countries like the US are only rich because of bits of paper being shoved around the place - nothing much is made there any more.

The 'energy-problem' is entirely fabricated. The 'Global-Elite' (Oy vey) have used every ruse to prevent technologies which are competitive with Big-Oil from becoming more common.The source of energy which dwarfs the lot of them is geo-thermal. But there are several which would relegate oil to standby-use without the red-tape.

All this talk of a 'carbon-tax' and other cunning plots to relieve us of our wealth and hand it to the self-appointed Global Elite is so transparent, isn't it! What? Those who actually make a difference in the world have to be taxed to pay those useless-eaters who can't even 'invent' a wheel for the peace of mind of a load of brainwashed bleeding-hearts? That's what charities are for!

But Japan is lucky because it doesn't have any competition to worry about when it comes to state-of-the-art tech. It simply isn't made anywhere else.

Japan can help the rest of the planet become more efficient by being an example of the best there is at ways to do things for less energy input. Japan can help the rest of the world simply by taking care of itself and screw the rest. - I mean let the rest of the so-called "West" continue on its suicidal monetary policies favouring the underdog and know from experience that one who continually sticks-up for the underdog eventually becomes the underdog. And where's the gratitude? Zilch!

I have no idea how many people will be forced out of work or the extent of the hardships this (carefully organised) economic downturn is going to have. But the writing has been on the walls and I am one of those who is not going to be caught out. One would be wise to become more frugal than you ever thought possible and then some.

1 in my book would be to give the TeeVee the old heave-ho over the balcony as a first step. You won't save much money by eliminating the TV's portion of the electricity bills/cable/sat ... charges, but you would have the opportunity to think straight without all that convoluted manipulative garbage posing as 'news' and do what is right for you! - Not some corporations bidding of propping up this self-capitulating laissez-faire capitalism run by Banksters which we continue to suffer under.

Japan will be just fine providing the US stays out and doesn't meddle with her various systems of doing international trade. (Fat chance).

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Posted in: Chinese warships head for Somalia in groundbreaking mission See in context

Great news! Blow them out of the water and leave the crew for shark-bait. I hope they lob some guided missiles which find their mark on the towns and villages they live in and destroy their whole families and communities.

Looking forward to seeing videos on Youtube. ... Salivating for sights of blood and gore, oil slicks and twisted steel.

But that's 'coz their Black! If White nations commit piracy or other crimes on the high-seas then it seems to be all right.

Must get that made in the PRC crud on the shelves.

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Posted in: Nintendo to offer videos on Wii See in context

"Wow. For a second there I though it said they will offer videos on WWII. I need to get my eyes fixed."

Actually I hear they are. I recall the mention of a Nintendo 'game' titled:- "Imagination is the only escape." I gather it is based on the ficticious accounts of the 'holocaust' and has a theme of torturing children by so-called 'Nazis.'

TV/computer games! Bah humbnug! Those are two things I'd never buy or allow to be used in my house.

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Posted in: Do children need to have cell phones with them at school? See in context

I know of a teacher whose class was interrupted by a girl being called on her cell phone. The second time it rang, the teacher walked over, took that phone and smashed it on the floor, then calmly continued with the class.

That's the way to do it! Make them illegal in class and enforce it.

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Posted in: Do children need to have cell phones with them at school? See in context

There used to be an interesting device to block cell phone transmissions several years ago but I never hear of it these days.

They were advertised for use in hospitals and schools and other places where one of these devices would prevent the phone being used within a determined area.

Those would be good to place in and around schools. - If there's a reason to contact the kids then there's an office with staff who can relay the message if it is deemed important enough, isn't there?

Fairly simple to make actually.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor ceremony focuses on U.S. response to Japan's attack See in context

The US leaders knew all about the plans, preparations and the schedule of the attack on Pearl.

Those US servicemen were sacrificed. sacrificed in order to enable a war against Germany by way of the mutual security pact between germany and Japan.

This was done for international Jewry.

Of course there were no aircraft carriers hit. They were kept a safe distance away. The ships at Pearl were deliberately put at risk, and the Americans got the taste for war against japan after they were lied to and told it was a sneak attack.

Japan's money for its military at the time of WW II came from a Mr.Schiff, a Jewish New York banker. Interestingly Germany's money and supplies at the time of that war also came from ostensibly American sources - kosher ones.

The sheople really don't learn from history. One false flag after another. The most recent being the farcical 9/11/01. (But one more due in a short while I think).

It is a pity most Japanese do not know they about the big con that pearl was. But unfortunately as I mentioned, the sheople really cannot be helped.

As I recall, the US enforced a trading embargo against Imperial Japan in the lead-up to the war. This is a defacto declaration of War. Basically Japan had no option other than to attack the US due to the latter's actions.

And it was organised International Jewry (dubbed as Zionists) who unilaterally declared war on Germany through a trading boycott. Those Jews required the Americans to destroy the imminant threat to Jewish hegemony throughout the world. The Americans were very reticent to go to war against Germany, so America's treasonous leaders had to create 'Pearl' to stir up the requisite war-fever. Pearl was just the last of a long line of belligerent acts against Germany coordinated by ostensibly Americans. The Germans seem to have been pretty tolerant of US boycotts and attacks to its ships at sea etc... .

The US was the only country which was wealthier after the war than before, while Britain lost 25% of its gross national wealth, and other countries like Japan and Germany got taken to the cleaners, purged of most of their menfolk, raped the women and proceeded on a course of brainwashing the ensuing generations into feeling guilty for crimes which the Allies' were at least as guilty of if they weren't even worse.

Pearl Harbor is a significant moment in history all right. it shall be remembered amongst the awakened in a similar light as 9/11.

Ah! Such invincible naivette! To think that I used to believe the fiction recorded as history during my history lessons at school! Now for me the whole game is transparent. But I will be dragged-down because of the overwhelming weight of the pleasant, but ignorant masses. - At least I will know what is happening.

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