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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea as North's leader Kim exchanges messages with Putin See in context

And yet nothing for China, Russia, NK, or Iran. The silence is deafening.

Why the US need all those hundreds of military bases all around the globe?

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Posted in: Panasonic to construct new building at Vietnam factory to produce wiring devices and circuit breakers See in context

About the only things that differentiate them is that Vietnam fears China considering them to be an adversary and Vietnam...

The most important differences are: 1) US doesn't consider Vietnam a threat to its global hegemony and 2) US can use Vietnam as a tool (like Japan, S. Korea, Australia, etc) against China.

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Posted in: World military spending grows despite pandemic See in context

hope that button isnt manufactured in China when the time comes to push it is all

LOL at this dumb comment!

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Posted in: Australia security official warns staff of 'drums of war' See in context

Oh really? Which "large country with supposedly invincible armed forces" took on "Vietnam" and "didn't fare too well"? Cambodia under Pol Pot?

I think he was referring to USA! USA! USA!

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Russia to fly home for consultations See in context

Nine-Dash line That's not China's

Not as concrete as: Crimea. That's not Russia's.

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

I am expecting to reveal how Ghosn got escaped.

He sorta Ghosn'ed.

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Posted in: Anger erupts at U.N. climate summit as major economies resist bold action See in context

I'm all for these countries tackling the pollutants they are poisoning themselves with (note the poor air quality in China's big cities)...

Not to be nit-picky, but why you failed to mention India when talking about poor air quality? It's way worse than China's.


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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

Use your noodle.

Read my 2nd paragraph. You're basically agreeing with me. I was arguing against the post that said China shouldn't have existed.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

That's comedy gold right there. So the protestors are fighting against democracy. Sure. Chinese democracy, where your 'elected' leader appoints himself president-for-life. That's not much of a democracy...

Someone need some reading comprehension lesson.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

No, because the Internet wasn't widely available to the public then.

Never said did you posted online.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

Why not give them the freedom to vote for leaders of their choice?

Did you also posted this question during all those years of British rule (aka Hong Kongers weren't allowed to vote for their governors)?

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

China is an appalling country, the world would be so much better if they didn't exist.

This comment ranks right up there in dumbness. I hope you mean the CCP and not China (a civilization having a few thousand years of history). If China didn't exists, almost all of the people populating present day HK, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, etc wouldn't exist. Same for ethnic Chinese people in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Peru, US, Indonesia, etc.

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

I have only one statement which is from New Hampshire's state motto and I really like this, "Live free or die".

@Cliffy - I highly doubt if you and your loved ones were given the choice: Live in China (Vietnam, Cuba, etc) or die, that you would choose death for all.

It's much easier to be a keyboard warrior.

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Posted in: 2020 Democrats shift strategies as leadoff caucus nears See in context

I think Warren will, but even then....

Voting for Andrew Yang.

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Posted in: 2 shootings in DC kill at least 1, wound another 8 See in context

Another day, another shooting in the United States of America ... when will this madness end?

That's like asking how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? Answer: The world may never know.

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Posted in: 2 shootings in DC kill at least 1, wound another 8 See in context

The Economist just ranked Washington DC 7th in its Safe Cities Index 2019. LOL!

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Posted in: China warns of countermeasures if U.S. puts missiles on its 'doorstep' See in context

China has never claimed any of these islands that ate many thousands of miles from mainland US. All these have been claimed by the US!

Agree. good point. You'll get down-voted by the usual group of US cheerleaders here, tho.

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Posted in: Latest Hong Kong rally targets China station and tourists See in context

Shocking photos show police in riot gear tackling protesters to the ground amid mass demonstrations in the city. Some protestors were smashed on the head with police batons.

You should see the violence done to Yellow Vest protesters in France. The HK police acted mildly by comparison.

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Posted in: Turkey to take delivery of Russian missile systems in July See in context

And, no F-35s for you.

Probably a good thing, from Turkey's perspective. LOL!

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Posted in: Big battle brings record viewing for HBO's 'Game of Thrones' See in context

I'm a bit late (have not watched a single episode), but will start soon.

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Posted in: Biden says 'I am a union man,' at first 2020 campaign event See in context

Andrew Yang 2020!

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Posted in: Singapore's 'fake news' laws upset tech giants See in context

Singapore does not have free speech. Why don't these tech companies slag off China, which is far worse?

Or Russia? But anyway, China doesn't pretend or say they're a democracy, tho?

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Posted in: Sanders tries to convince wary Democrats he's one of them See in context

Andrew Yang 2020.

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Posted in: China lands probe on far side of moon: state TV See in context

"That's one small step for stolen technology, one giant leap for a communist moon"..

Where did the US get most of its early space techs from?

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Posted in: China lands probe on far side of moon: state TV See in context

So China's only how many decades late to the party?

At least they're at the party, right? About 99% of other countries are beyond late.

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Posted in: 1 Marine killed, 5 others missing after 2 aircraft collide during mid-air refueling exercise See in context

It would be interesting to read about accidents had by Chinese and Russian navies for comparison. But given both nations are run by totalitarian regimes that control their media it's probably impossible to get accurate - and honest - information.

Also, would be interesting to read about accidents had by Angolan, Zimbabwean, Gabonese armed forces for further comparison.

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Posted in: Ukraine imposes martial law citing threat of Russian invasion See in context

Russia is always the bad guy but the U.S. is always the good guy, LOL. 

Thought it was: China is always the bad guy...?

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Posted in: U.S. may push Japan, EU not to strike trade deals with China: Ross See in context

So you're looking forward to a time when the world's supreme economic leader is a -- Communist dictatorship? Well, I'm not. I guess I'm strange that way.

Probably would be less hostilities than now. I think the US has been involved in more wars, regime changes, invasions, etc in the past 100 yrs or so than any other country.

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Posted in: Bridge collapse kills at least 26 in Genoa See in context

The money can go back and rebuild Africa 

Can any amount of money bring that continent in line with the other continents? About 60-70 years ago, South Korea & Singapore were poorer than most African countries. Both SK & SGP has progressed tremendously, since then.

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Posted in: India, China, USA and Brazil top drivers of growth within rugby’s 800 million-strong following See in context

even winter sports in china!

Not as surprising as if winter sports are booming in India. Yes, the perennial sports (summer & winter) powerhouse...at least in the Olympics :-P

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