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Posted in: Gunmen in South Africa ambush taxi drivers; 11 killed See in context

No comments because this incident didn't happen in the U.S.?

Besides the US, any article about China, especially negative ones, will also got tons of comments.

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Posted in: Polish woman raped in India while traveling with daughter See in context

1/6 of the world lives in India. 

But China has a higher population, yet foreign female tourists/expats generally felt safer there than in India.

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Posted in: Ed Skrein pulls out of 'Hellboy' film after casting backlash See in context

They are proven talented actors and actresses that I'd prefer to watch regardless of what race a role is supposed to be.

If Asian/Asian-Americans actors/actresses are not given opportunities to even play Asian/Asian-American characters, then how would they ever develop into "proven talented actors and actresses"?

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Posted in: In rare bipartisan display, U.S. Democrats back Trump on China trade probe See in context

With one enormous difference. China is an authoritarian dictatorship with aspirations of military and territorial expansion and a declared intent to re-write the post WWII world order. They have openly declared an all-fronts war in which economics, trade, technology transfers, everything is all part of advancing their goal of returning China to it's ancient glory of thousands of years ago.

Doubt it. The US wasn't all that nice too when it was doing the same to Britain. Slavery, discrimination (of blacks, browns, yellows, etc), genocide (Native Americans) happened. Took quite a long while for these wrongs to be righted. It also had the Monroe Doctrine.

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Posted in: In rare bipartisan display, U.S. Democrats back Trump on China trade probe See in context

China has a pattern. They have been following it.

It's the same pattern the US did to Britain. Same pattern Japan did to US. Same pattern S. Korea did to Japan.

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Posted in: Indonesian maids working in Hong Kong lured by Islamic State recruiters: report See in context

Absolutely deplorable human beings that employ these domestic workers at close to slave wages merely to be status symbols. 

Yup...all those sick Western expats exploiting Asian domestic workers.

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Posted in: S Korean film about forced labor in Japan sets box office record See in context

"Bridge on the River Kwai" and "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" don't come close to telling the story. An accurate production would be too violent and bloody even by today's standards.

Couldn't be as violent and/or bloody as any production of the Rape of Nanking right? Yeah, I doubt it would be.

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Posted in: 28 injured in shooting at Little Rock nightclub See in context

28 wounded, none seriously. what were they shooting with, bb guns?

It was a rap concert, so they likely held their guns side grip.

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Posted in: After toppling Apple in China, Oppo eyes world market See in context

The biggest problem with most Chinese copies whether they are phones, buildings, or toys is that they are putting consumers at risk all over the world.

Have ZTE and OnePlus phones. Have Lenovo laptop. All great and working nicely.

But, as they say, haters gonna hate.

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Posted in: Not welcome: Japan tough to crack for refugees See in context

Just like Chinatown, Kalais and the muslims town in the UK, places that wont integrate with the surrounding towns.

Just because there are Chinatowns, doesn't mean all Chinese immigrants live there and won't integrate. Likely most of the residents there are recent immigrants. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc generation ones are likely well integrated and disbursed.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 1, wounds 7 others at San Diego pool party See in context

If he wasn't 'identified' that means he was either black, latino, or arab. If he had been white it would be in the news everywhere.

What if he was Asian (East/Southeast)?

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Posted in: Global reaction mixed after U.S. attacks Syrian gov't base with cruise missiles See in context

Why were 59 missiles required to damage a few empty hangers?

Quality stuffs those missiles are.

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Posted in: British police arrest seven in raids over deadly Westminster attack See in context

He is just one terrorist suspect on UK's terror list of 3,000 or so. Many, many have similar stories. And as we know now, there are many dangerous Muslims who arent even on that list. So how long should that list really be?

Agree. Have not read about any Chinese, Swiss, Finish, Japanese or Singaporean terrorist making trouble in the UK.

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Posted in: Police killing exposes anger, fear of Chinese in France See in context

Because that ALWAYS gets support for your cause...

Seems to work most of the time for blacks in the US, tho.

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Posted in: China overtakes Japan on S Koreans' worst countries list See in context

I have always thought Japan and South Korea have much more to gain by being closer. There is history yes but they are more similar than either are to China.

I would say all 3 have lots of similarities, as both SK and Jpn borrowed a lot from Chinese culture over the past 2000+ years.

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Posted in: British police arrest seven in raids over deadly Westminster attack See in context

I guess we are just supposed to not care who actually did this, what their name is or where they are from. I have seen no update to the story since I saw a description of a 40s Asian burly guy with a beard. I wonder when we will hear how police have enough evidence to arrest 6 additional people already and what their personal details are. Guess just doesn't matter.

Hope people outside UK don't equate Asian with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese, etc.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine escalated conflict to get U.S. support See in context

Aren't Ukrainians and Russians pretty much exactly the same? I've met both, I didn't see any difference.

Could be said of the same about Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese & Hong Kongers.

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Posted in: Diversity in tech: Lots of attention, little progress See in context

Seems like diversity only matters when only blacks are underrepresented - e.g. last year's Academy (Oscar) Award nominees. This year no uproar, as many black actors/actresses are nominated. Can't say the same for Asian-Americans ones, though.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines send F-35 stealth fighter squadron to Japan See in context

overall program costs have been projected to rise to as much as $1.5 trillion.

Yikes! Meanwhile, the US has 3rd world infrastructure, secondary education, healthcare, etc.

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Posted in: China's exports fall for second year as U.S. trade war fears mount See in context

to divert the Chinese people's attention away from the fact that their government don't know what the hell they are doing - about anything

I guess lifting the most amount of people out of poverty in the history of humankind is an example of not knowing "what the hell they are doing"? Wigga, please!

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Posted in: 4 African-Americans charged with hate crimes over Chicago beating shown on Facebook See in context

continue to push the narrative that blacks are incapable of hate crimes.

Don't tell Asian-Americans this. In cities like Philadelphia, there has been a huge surge of black on Asian crimes. Rarely any Asian on black crimes, tho.

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Posted in: More than 100 injured in New York train derailment See in context

Trumps infrastructure investment push couldn't come at a better time.

We might get high-speed rail in another 100 years or so. Just check out how long it took us to finish the 1st phase of this line: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/19/nyregion/second-avenue-subway-opening.html

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S. move to better arm Syrian rebels a 'hostile act' See in context

I wonder what America's reaction would be if Syria and Russia were arming and funding militia groups in America opposed to the federal government?

Same response as if China or Russia were to sail a navy battle group in the west coast of US. Even in international waters, the it's a no-no, since only the US can sail it's warships anywhere in the world.

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Posted in: Trump: U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capability See in context

Trump making the same mistakes that our enemies take advantage of him like they did Obama. See: Cuba, Iran Syria, Russia, China and North Korea

No country in Africa? C'mon...BLM too!

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Posted in: Planes grounded as smog chokes China for fifth day See in context

They need to switch form coal to nuclear, ASAP. And once the skies clear up they can start building solar farms.

Then what is India's excuse? http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/four-out-of-top-five-polluted-cities-are-in-india-delhi-not-among-them/story-Gn2htcLbESB3BpeYJ4mY8K.html

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Posted in: Putin himself involved in U.S. election hack: NBC See in context

CIA should've just named China as the culprit. Then everyone and his dog would follow along.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian West sues online media outlet over claims she faked Paris robbery See in context

"Fred Mwangaguhunga" - Oh snap...what a last name! Makes you wanna break into a song & dance when saying it.

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Posted in: 1 dead, over 100 hurt in train crash at New Jersey station See in context

I hope this wasn't the case of another engineer texting or using his cellphone for entertainment.

Maybe just Made in American junk or Made by Union Labor crap?

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Posted in: GM eyes growth in China as U.S. auto sales ebb See in context

Forget cars, planes are where the money is at. China will be world's 1st trillion dollar aviation market. http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/13/news/boeing-china-aircraft-forecast/index.html

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Posted in: Italy earthquake death toll rises to 247 See in context

Poor people. It's one thing to have an earthquake in Japan, where we're used to it, and our infrastructure is built to handle some fairly significant shaking. It's another thing to have an earthquake in a country where they have no experience in the matter, and their infrastructure collapses.

Best to read up on Italy being earthquake-prone. Google is your friend. The Italian authorities need to get their infrastructure up to standards, Don't tell me they don't know their country sits on/near crucial fault line?

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