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Magnus Roe comments

Posted in: Sweden's sexual offense law could be guide to amending Japan's law See in context

Headline: "Sweden's sexual offense law could be guide to amending Japan's law"

Actual situation: Someone who has nothing to do with the legislation itself thinks lawmakers should look at Sweden's sexual offense law.

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Posted in: Most consumers to stay cashless when rebate program ends: survey See in context

The only place I use cash now is the local dry cleaners (non-chain) and a couple of snacks. For the past couple of years you can use a card in nearly any business, including, finally, the beer vendor in the JR Green cars! (as of last autumn)

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Posted in: Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor See in context

Ghosn would never have been acquitted, but they'll probably get this second guy acquitted so they can go "See, we're just being thorough but fair"

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Posted in: Death-row inmate hanged in 1st execution since August See in context

The cost figure is based on a single study from California in the early 90s which suggested that each death penalty case costs at least $1.25 million more than a regular murder case and a sentence of life without the possibility of parole (https://www.jstor.org/stable/3053753?seq=1) which is relevant if your justice is up for sale to the highest bidder.

Deterrence isn't the primary reason for executing inmates, but Wei Wei will no longer be around to commit any more crimes.

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Posted in: Iranian man arrested over ex-wife’s murder in Saitama park See in context

It does say she contacted them in November and said "she was ok" and hadn't seen him since September. It isn't that odd they prioritized other cases.

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Hyogo Pref in possible gang feud See in context

「米軍のM16改良型」Kairyogata means a 'modified version of a' US military M16.

By modified they mean tacticooled? Or is Gorugo 13 here with his sniperified m16? :p

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Hyogo Pref in possible gang feud See in context

ZaphodToday 08:26 am JST

Hisanori Asahina, 52, allegedly possessed a submachine gun and a handgun along with five live bullets

Isnt five bullets a little stingy for a submachine gun?

Sounds about right since he left about ten rounds in the other guy!

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Posted in: Authorities say Nigerian died of starvation after immigration hunger strike See in context

The recommended daily calorie intake for men is 2,500 (too many in my opinion), so evening this guy was on hunger strike there is no way he lost 13 kilos over three weeks.

What are you basing that calorie number on?

Most weight loss in the first few days of fast is from fluid loss, but his loss isn't unusually high for fasting.

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Posted in: Crack in Osaka train's undercarriage prompts 'serious incident' probe See in context

Actually aircraft also have bogies, they're a set of wheels with integrated suspension sitting on the end of the landing gear leg on larger aircraft

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Posted in: Crack in Osaka train's undercarriage prompts 'serious incident' probe See in context

DisillusionedToday 10:58 am JST

There was a similar incident last year with another rapid train having a large crack in its undercarriage. Just built it and let it go seems to be a very common scenario in Japan. Public schools, nuclear power plants, government buildings and more. They are all just built and left to rot with only minimal maintenance. My local city hall is a disgustingly old and dirty building filled with cheap antique office furnishings (despite paying stupid amounts of city tax). Japanese public schools are also disgusting. They haven't been touched since they were built except replacing blackboards and desks (a few at a time). They haven't had a coat of paint or any refurbishing since they were built 30-40 years ago. Most schools still have those horrid pit toilets. The trains are no different. Many of them were built 50 or more years ago and are just minimally maintained to keep them on the tracks. TIJ!

I agree most schools and public buildings are an oddly grimy affair, but I'm a bit puzzled you seem to believe cities offset a large portion of tax income for upgrading their furniture.

Also trains are certainly not running for fifty years, nearly all trains operating in Kanto are less than 15 years old and the infrastructure is gone over every single night. There are hardly accidents that don't involved people getting in front of trains in some way or another and the rest can hardly be blamed on poor maintenance.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

kohakuebisuToday 12:11 am JSTPoor guy, I wonder Pocari's main ingredient is "sugar" which is half glucose, the body's preferred sugar. Pocari has around 20 calories per 100ml, while orange juice will be close to 250 calories, again in the form of fructose.

No, orange juice does not have over five times as many calories as Coke. :p

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Posted in: Talent agency suspends 11 comedians for 'underground business' See in context

Yes, the talent agencies typically get around 70%, so doing gigs on the side isn't likely to go down well at all.

The "anti social" party is just a convenient peg to hook this on.

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Posted in: Schoolgirls chase suspected train groper and get timely assist from tripper See in context

1738Kwaaa!!June 3 09:08 am JST

She had been experiencing similar harassment for a month? Has she been showing so much cleavage in those school uniforms? I know Japanese high schools like dressing skimpy.

Ugh some people.

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Posted in: Chinese tourism to U.S. drops for 1st time in 15 years See in context

No, that's not going to happen, but probably Taiwan and Vietnam.

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

Didn't the exact same thing happen last year too?

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Posted in: Indonesian man sues after being sent home for lack of Japanese skills See in context

Tmarie seems to think people have a fair chance at getting any kind of job in any country by knowing English. I think you need to open your eyes, lingua franca is only relevant in the UN and in certain tiger states that down prioritized their own languages. Try working in France or Italy without knowing their respective languages, same is true for every western country in the world. No German company of hundreds of people is going to switch to speaking english to one another to appease their American intern.

Also Chinese tourists in Japan often can speak Chinese since many relevant stores are now staffed by Chinese. I rarely hear English used.

Btw Rakuten changed their official business language to English a few years ago; have a guess at what language their morning meetings in Setagaya is in though :D

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Posted in: Indonesian man sues after being sent home for lack of Japanese skills See in context

I'd like to go to a foreign country, get paid to study the language, flunk my exams and sue them for my failures as well :D

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Posted in: Group referred to prosecutors for bed prank at Shibuya crossing See in context

So more people have now been referred to prosecutors for this than when ten identified people toppled a small truck in the same neighbourhood on Oct 31 last year.

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Posted in: Expensive tissue paper at Osaka prison prompts human rights concern See in context

You still need paper even if the toilet is a squat toilet obviously. Even if they all had Apricot Washlets in their cells.

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Posted in: Brazilian man dies after being arrested for attacking police officer in koban See in context

alwaysspeakingwisdomToday 07:46 am JST

"As it happened in a Koban, there should be video footage to either corroborate or disprove the police account of events."

The vast majority of Kobans don't have cctv.

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Why are people voting down this comment? It's an objective truth. In fact most Koban don't even have officers in them

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Posted in: Akita dog to be honored for coming to rescue of elderly woman See in context

"An Akita dog, a Japanese breed popularized in the U.S. film "Hachiko" starring Richard Gere"

Yeah... Maybe research that one a little more.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil torch for 2020 games See in context

I also think it looks like a muffler :D

Maybe from a Pagani Zonda

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Posted in: Japanese actor and musician Pierre Taki arrested for alleged cocaine use See in context

Your example of a great artistic talent saved by drug leniency is... rd jr? :v

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Posted in: Osaka pick-up artist arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting woman he got drunk for lesson See in context

As a woman, it scares the hell out of me to know there are men whose "prime directive" is to get laid. I know this ain't Star Trek, but rather than "treat people with respect and engage in a consensual mutually beneficial sexual relationship" your prime directive is "to get laid"?

I think you are mixing up the lines a little, I was describing the common strategy of "pick up artists" as can be seen in various youtube videos, not my own personal philosophy.

Strangerland, regarding my assumptions, the wikipedia article for pick up artists says; "a movement of men whose goal is seduction and sexual success with and access to women", and "refer to their clubs as "lairs"", I think this is quite specific and suggestive of a short term and somewhat predatory philosophy :)

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Posted in: Osaka pick-up artist arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting woman he got drunk for lesson See in context

StrangerlandMar. 11 08:51 pm JST

I still think you are working on incorrect assumptions. If you teach someone how to have more confidence, how to dress better, and how to decide which things are better unsaid, these aren't lies, they are simply showing someone how to make themselves more appealing, to emphasize what they do have. And if they improve themselves to the point that a woman becomes attracted to the new them, then I think you can hardly call her a victim. Rather, she's now presented with someone that she is attracted to.

Hardly! You're talking about relationship coaches, "pick up artists" nearly always promote themselves as hunters, "emphasizing what they have" sounds very sweet, but psychological manipulation and attempts to undermine people's self confidence is usually the name of the game. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, as you say getting laid is the prime directive of any species, but I think even this crowd frowns openly at using alcohol to this extent.

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Posted in: Surveillance proposed by defense team likely helped Ghosn secure bail See in context

expatToday 10:29 am JST

Anyone else ever heard of a judge setting a $9 million bail? And it's not like the country is exactly full of bail bondsmen...

Just what do you think the bail is for? It is set according to the defendants available funds, the whole point is that it needs to be high enough to discourage flight. Bail bonds are illegal in every country but the US and, I think, the Philippines, precisely because they undermine the bail system, however most countries aren't in the habit of keeping people locked up until their trials in the first place so bail is a somewhat unusual concept.

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Posted in: Farmer investigated for selling wagyu cattle sperm to smuggler See in context

juminRheeToday 03:41 am JST

I think ignorance of the law could work here. Who would've thought you can't sell "seeds." Why is selling flower "sperm" (seeds) legal but not cow? Hate to be the inspector....

You can't just carry seeds or plants into a foreign country either, it is much more actively enforced than.. this.

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

RecklessToday 10:02 am JSTI much prefer to use Haneda for domestic and international flights as it is much closer to Tokyo. Narita really has nothing going for it thanks to the 90 minute bus ride that you must take after a 12 hour flight, or a 70 minute train ride with nowhere to put your luggage also after a 12 hour flight. From Haneda there are bus, train and taxi options.

Don't take the NEX! The Keisei Skyliner hits Ueno in 35min for a fraction of the NEX ticket price, this is a lot faster than any route to Haneda unless you start out in Shinagawa or Shibuya.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman escapes from detention at Narita airport See in context

theFuToday 01:04 am JSTShe should have requested asylum.


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Posted in: Businesses struggle as cracks appear in China's economy See in context

RecklessJan. 28 11:22 am JST

I really think Trump had nothing to do with this, but conveniently the Chinese government can use him as a scapegoat.

Scapegoat? They won't credit any American with torpedoing their economy obviously, especially as this was kind of the entire idea behind the tariffs.

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