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I am an outsider. I visited Okinawa once and I learnt their history. I understand their will to become independent. Though it's not realistic. Look at all the situation in Asia. Russia and China are ready for war. Okinawa is the right place to manage everything in the area. So if Okinawa will become independent there are high possibilities that china will claim the islands. And Okinawa will be too weak to fight. If I remember it right, Okinawa people lost their freedom because they decided to drop their weapons. the biggest strategists of the world always proved to us that if you want peace you must prepare war.

If Okinawa desire to become independent so much, first create your army and second be ready to fight for it no matter what. No one will come out of nowhere and sacrifice for you. You must be ready to fight any intruder any time. sorry to be so harsh but it's the reality of this world made by our ancestors.

As for the US bases, I agree that those bases are useless to defend Japan. If those bases were made to defend Japan, they should have been located near Tokyo, on the main island. The bases are in Okinawa because of the strategic position of Okinawa in the east sea. Okinawa is linked to Japan, China and South Korea.

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All countries can spy and looking at our past I think it may be a good idea. And if you spy, better never get catch doing it. Spying must remain secret or else you're not spying anymore.

The main issue is that USA spying is more and more visible by other countries as if they really don't care about it because they think they are the masters of the world. Sooner or later it will backfire.

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A partner? USA government has no partners nor allies. They have puppets. Those who are against them are killed or they have their life destroyed. They are really good at manipulating everyone's opinion. They destroyed already Europe and nearly Africa. Be careful to not fall into their hands too deeply.

Them spying on others is not new and it's not surprising. What will surprise me is them really helping a country without asking for compensation.

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