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if the city had 200,000 citizens at the time as is generally agreed, it is quite possible the murder toll could be around 300,000 as we count in some simple facts:

1) it was the CAPITAL of the country. millions fled in front of japanese army advancing from shanghai to seek refuge in presumed safety of the capital, the seat of the government etc.

2) chinese gov. victim count includes surrounding counties as well, nanjing as a geographic unit rather then administrative one. hhh

??? If so, could you please explain why the population of Nanking increased to 250000 right after the so called Nanking massacre? . According to Dr.Lewis S. C. Smythe (1938), an American professor of Sociology at the University of Nanking (金陵大学) during Nanking massacre, “at the time the city fell (December 12-13), its population was between 200,000 and 250,000”.

I would not say there was no killing. “Of the 6,750 persons violently killed and injured, only 900 (or 13 percent) came to grief through military operations.” (Smythe 1938). Although this is not complete count survey but a sampling survey, it is the only statistical source by a third party. If you have learned statistics, you could understand the accuracy. The error between 6,750 and 300,000 is a terrible joke.

Since he belonged to The International Committee for Nanking Safety Zone at that time, Please don't call it a fabrication. It’s a kind of primary source. In history, it is commonsense to focus on primary sources, isn’t it? because secondary sources tend to be distorted arbitrarily by editors. I mean both Chinese and Japanese sides. Actually, they are doing it.

WAR DAMAGE IN THE NANKING AREA (Page 4 for the population, Page 28 for the sampling method)

The links of my sources in the previous comment are not working properly. Something is wrong with the comment system. Google “Nanking Massacre controversy and denial”, and see the pictures taken by North China Daily News, Asahi shimbun and Mainichi shimbun right after Nanking massacre, which are also primary sources. (If you are in China, you might need to break the great firewall).

And google “Cheers for Japanese forces” "wikimedia battle of nanking"“The Truth of The Nanjing of 1937.12 - 1938.2”. What were they doing in Nanking right after the so called massacre?

The last one is a movie “ Nanking” shot by Ken Akimoto in 1938.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

Probably, I'm in one of the infamous fringe groups.

In wikipedia, there is a good summary of Nanking dispute edited by American

Nanking Massacre controversy and denial

Admittance by Japanese army after so called Nanjin Massacare

As for the movie director,Tamaki Matsuoka, I've read one of her books,南京戦 閉ざされた記憶を尋ねて―元兵士102人の証言, regarding Japanese soldier's interviews. One of soldiers, born in 1926, stated that he had raped so many girls in Nanking in 1937. By calculating backwards from his age in Nanking massacre 1937, he would have been 11 years old at that time. There was no such young soldier in the military. Plus all the interviewees and even military units were anonym. Well, quite reliable. If she uses the same interview in the movie, the Japanese government should give her People's Honor Award.

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