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Posted in: Health officials find 164 dogs crammed into tiny house See in context

Always these kind of things, shows the worst of peoples and the country too

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Posted in: Japanese fans fight bacteria, virus and foul odors See in context

Because they used to eat uncooked meat, if we eat like that, teeth will come front, its shows very bad, while smiling,.... this is the reason..not an etiquette or mannerism...

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Posted in: More than 12,000 people taken to hospital nationwide for heatstroke Aug 17-23 See in context

I dont know why they are going hospital for heatstroke ? its just come and go...

Tokyo is too fair everyday.. i also having heatstroke in my both hands...

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Posted in: 'One Piece' teams up with Japanese fashion brand mis zapatos for funky, fashionable bags See in context

wowwwwwww! Happy to see like this

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Posted in: Tokyo area received more new foreign residents than Japanese ones last year See in context

Yes! I am new to tokyo. i came last year mid. before i was in different prefecture..

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Posted in: Take a scenic walk in Yamanashi and spot some awesome rock formations See in context

Ι Love Shosenkyo.. I visited there for Autumn leaves.. when i was a student in Kofu.

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Posted in: Abe says no need for another state of emergency over coronavirus See in context

Ofcourse Mr.President you're commuting by your Government car.

please consider like us everyday using public government vehicle. 100 peoples are standing and sitting next to me. still feeling fear..

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Posted in: Floods hit northeastern Japan as major river bursts banks See in context

So sad, will pray for those peoples,,, good if the rain pour in Tokyo..

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus infections top 30,000 with 295 new cases in Tokyo See in context

It may happen once again - State of Emergency

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Posted in: Noodle lovers can now stay in ramen shop hotel rooms in Japan with free ramen goodies See in context

Wow! such a nice idea..

Yamaokaya is my fav one.. Usually i eat ramen in Yamanashi ken - Kai city... so awesome...

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges residents to stay home over 4-day weekend as virus surges See in context

Please close everything for some days... Trains are crowded,everyday cases are increasing..

just for a week..

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks cancel Halloween, Christmas, other seasonal events See in context

Please close such things... for some more weeks..

its good for everyone and especially Childrens..

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Posted in: You can now get stick-on salon masks for haircuts See in context

Mask in looking good and she is so beautiful

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Please inform us soon...

I want to renew my metro pass, cannot waste money in that...


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Posted in: M6.2 quake rattles eastern Japan, including Tokyo area See in context

Yes! today early Morning i felt that.. max 20 seconds it seems... building was dancing,, badly

dont know the right time..

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Posted in: Japan to launch coronavirus contact tracking app next week See in context

All over the world Government is always late.. anyhow congrats for the new innovation

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