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Mahesvara-of-Japan comments

Posted in: China urges Japan to stay true to nuclear disarmament commitment See in context

Japan should not continue the anti-nuke stance. It is so wrong I don't know where to begin. With China and Russia and North Korea, all aggressively targetting Japan and the trio possess nukes. The only way for Japan to avoid a war is to have a deterrent that is either on equal footing with their nukes or something more powerful. I think it is the right time for Japan to have nukes and also revise the constitution and form a proper army. Japan is now a victim to bullying alongside Japan's friend and ally Taiwan.

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Posted in: China could gain, U.S. lose from Japan-S Korea feuds, says Abe adviser See in context

South Korea has always been a close ally of China; however, losing South Korea may cause the two Koreas to unite as one country and that could pose serious trouble to Japan's national security. Without a doubt, when the Koreas unite with the support of China, it would be Kim Jong-Un as the supreme leader of United Korea and he is an enemy of Japan. It is in the US's best interest and also Japan's to make sure the Koreas remain separated as two different countries. Like Kawai-san said, Korexit is indeed a nightmare!

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Posted in: Huawei announces 5G smartphone based on own technology See in context

Huawei's own technology = modified stolen technology.

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Posted in: Japan may accept Russia peace pact if it can get back 2 of 4 disputed islands See in context

I admire PM Abe's move of steel as that giving up on Etorofu and Kunashiri will no doubt cause an internal strife but it does resolve a diplomatic problem with a military stronghold and ensures regional peace and stability. I'd say, this choice is worthy of a shot. I hope it works.

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Posted in: Russians protest any Kuril islands handover to Japan See in context

All this fuss for 4 rocks,nationalism is coming back at full speed.

That isn't just four rocks; they have mineral resources and seafood; most importantly, whoever gains control of the Northern Territories can build a military base on it and in the case of Japan, Japan's line of defense expands and has even control of Russian borders. In the case of Russia, it enables the Russians to extend their military reach into Japan. This is why neither country wants to lose them and refuses to share them.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

The husband is being childish and selfish; he is definitely a man child. Parents are old is no excuse to force your wife to go to Canada once every year and not give the family a chance to go elsewhere on vacations. Does he even consider her feelings? Obviously, it is going to be awkward around spouse parents and the fact that you gotta act all nice too is difficult. Then again, the only reason why the guy came up with such a forced proposal is because he is immature and childlike. Sorry but I don't have any recommendations on how to deal with this kind of a situation. Dealing with man childs is a very difficult thing to do! You see, the norm should be once every 5 to 10 years per visit; that would be acceptable, right?

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Posted in: Abe's search for Russia peace pact: Best chance, last chance? See in context

What is PM Abe waiting for? Agreeing to Russian conditions and sign a peace treaty with Russia should be a top priority. Putin is highly popular and respected in Japan. I hope this will work out somehow.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'restrained' language with Japan over wartime forced labor row See in context

Ganbare Japan!

SK may be a US ally, but not of Japan. You are fooling yourself if you think SK wont choose PRC over Japan in future conflict. All more reason to keep building a stronger Japanese Military.

Correct assumption. SK always side with China; if SK and NK become one country; they will instantly become a Chinese ally and not an US ally. Therefore, Japan must build a strong military a.s.a.p. for self defense. The best deterrent to war is possessing a powerful military.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ensure rights of 2 detained in shrine protest See in context

Very funny, hearing the sentence from a Chinese official.

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Posted in: Former Canadian diplomat detained in China See in context

I know China was gonna arrest and detain one of more Canadians over the China's princess case but they chose an ex-diplomat. Is he someone special? I hope he will be safe and will return to Canada soon. However, Canada must not free Huawei CFO to rescue an ex-diplomat. Otherwise, it would render law ineffective against China. Each time, they break a rule and Canada detains a suspect, China will detain a Canadian to exchange for the suspect. Whatever Canada does, trading the Huawei CFO for a detained Canadian is a big no-no.

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

Having a strong military does prevent regional invasions and war. It is like having a deterrent.

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Posted in: 災 chosen as kanji character best representing 2018 See in context

Sai does represent Japan 2018 with so many natural disasters; truly a year of misfortune.

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Posted in: Foreign couple detained after newspaper set on fire at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Best solution to this problem would be to toss the Chinese couple into jail and then deport them plus adding them to the black list. They are troublemakers. Shame on them!

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Posted in: Japan to bar Huawei, ZTE from gov't contracts, sources say See in context

ZTE and Huawei are government-owned in reality but by name, they are private entities. Basically, Chinese government gives money to communist members and they are to start a company of their own and rise as a famous rich person. Using the individual commmunist member's influence as a wealthy and famous person, they try to lobby things in other countries and sometimes, they would even meet with foreign government leaders to discuss things beneficial to China. Well, China's tactics are starting to fail recently; it seems.

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Posted in: Abe fails to bridge U.S.-China divide at APEC summit See in context

With two titans at the summit each with opposing views, it is impossible for anyone to bridge the divide.

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Posted in: Canada apologizes for turning away Jews fleeing Nazi Germany See in context

What is past is past but as always, forgive but don't forget.

Therefore, a sincere apology should always be welcomed!

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

There is a reason for that President Trump. Most people do not like American cars because they are not fuel efficient, their parts are expensive and overall, aside from having a strong horsepower which is more harm than beneficial... Would you want such a car? Basically, you gotta pay more gasoline and when it needs repairs, you gotta pay more for the parts. And also, the car is not as durable as a Japanese car. Sorry for being biased but this is quite accurate of the reality regarding American cars.

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Posted in: China, Japan pledge to forge closer ties at 'historic turning point' See in context

This is truly a historical turning point except it is not going to be long lasting. As long as Trump leads America, the relationship between Japan and China will look good. China needs Japan to help lower their economic burdens. Aside from Japan, other willing countries to help China are not in an economic position to do so. By helping China at such times is necessary as that China will not regard Japan as an enemy anytime soon as long as they remember that Japan betrayed American expectations to help China in times of need. Certainly, Japan and China cannot become allies as long as China have ambitions on claiming the Senkaku as their own. However, the CCP is a dictatorship regime and for that matter, not bringing up differences or disputes while seeking help from a competitive rival is perfectly fine. If Chinese nationals protest, they will get arrested. Therefore, while it lasts, this short-lived good ties between Japan and China shall be enjoyed. Also to note, Japan need not pay attention to human rights of Chinese people in China as that those are the same people who wants Japan crushed and destroyed. In short, what matters is that Chinese leaders want to be buddy buddy with Japan in such times. Japan should focus on maintaining good relationship with China. This is very essential to long lasting regional stability and the ever-lasting effect of a prosperous economy. Ganbatte!!

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Posted in: Abe vows to bolster ties with China See in context

Helping China in times of need is a good decision as that the leader of China will not forget Japan's aid. However, the problem is that will helping China backfire and cause Trump to hate Japan and take negative action against Japan? I suppose it also depends on what kind of help that is. Bolstering ties with regional neighboring countries is a wise decision regardless of who the country is. Whether strong or weak has little importance; what matters the most is the importance of maintaining peace and a prosperous economy. If PM Abe can maintain a balance on helping China in times of need and keeping good relations with America, all is good. You have my support. The world should be a friendly place for everyone; no reason to tackle one and another.

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Posted in: S Korean lawmakers visit disputed islets amid Japanese opposition See in context

If South Korea would protest about Japanese Navy flags, then Japan as much as of the right to protest about the SK visits to Takeshima.

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Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

I don't understand what the fuss is about. Why did the wives leave these men and took their child or children back to Japan? The problem usually rests with the men who may be abusive or think they are high and almighty. No sympathy from me. Also, why in the world would a grown man want custody of a kid? To teach him to become a little soldier? Honestly, the kids should stay with the mother.

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Posted in: Japan, China to resume fleet visits for 1st time since 2011 See in context

Nothing new. China only need us when their relationship worsen with other nations. Once things cool down,they would once again reverse back to their previous attitude. Is been happening for several decades now. Relationship with never improve.

I agree. China is always like this.

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Posted in: Around 500 business leaders to accompany Abe on 3-day visit to Beijing See in context

Think twice PM Abe. Helping Communist PRC is a mistake as that they can never be trusted. Please avoid harming the Japan-US alliance and also Trump's trust in Japan.

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Posted in: Putin says Abe told him peace treaty proposal not possible See in context

I do not see a need for a peace treaty when Russia refuses to budge on the Northern Four Islands issue.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea spat over use of wartime flag continues See in context

If SK doesn't like Japan's naval flag, then they might as well forget joint exercises. Personally, I do not see the point in which Japan should hold military joint exercises with SK, an ally of communist PRC.

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Posted in: After Canada legalizes pot, industry eyes rest of the world See in context

How about for Japan in the future?

Not a chance. Drugs are drugs; they are banned.

Why is Canada promoting drug abusing?

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Posted in: Around 70 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

This is a very symbolic day at Yasukuni considering that even opposition lawmakers are going there. Please rest in peace warriors of Japan. May your sacrifices bring forth an era of peace!

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Posted in: Abe pursues China thaw as U.S-Beijing ties in deep freeze See in context

This is clearly a clear treachery to the most Japan-friendly nation in the whole universe, Taiwan, ROC!

Taiwan is clearly not an official ally of Japan. There is absolutely no benefit to visiting Taiwan at all. If Japan takes this opportunity to form an economic cooperation with China while China and the USA clashes, Japan will be on the top with being both an ally and close friend of America while enjoying an economic alliance with China, helping them out in times of need. Trump is gonna lose the next election anyways; no reason why Japan should make an enemy out of China to please Trump when his leadership won't last.

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Posted in: Abe says upcoming talks with Putin will be extremely important See in context

I do not see a point in continuing dialogue if Russia refuses to return the Northern Four Islands.

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