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Good job PM Abe. It is necessary for a leader to pay respects to the country's war dead even if it invites trouble or hatred from allies and enemies alike.

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Revising the constitution is indeed a necessary. Just because Japan is going to revise the constitution does not mean Japan is gonna start WWIII. Japan is now a close ally of the United States. What PM Abe is doing is that he is trying to raise the morale of the SDF by giving them their pride as imperial soldiers once again. The name Self-Defense Force is kind of disgraceful; Japanese soldiers have always been known as the Imperial Army yet they are not allowed to call themselves members of the Imperial Army because the constitution stands in their way. Just because the SDF are gonna become the IJA again; it really doesn't make much of a difference. This is a change that boosts pride and morale and makes Japan great again. Japan would like to be America's equivalent friend and ally rather than a subordinate or an underling. Until the name change, Japan feels inferior. This name change or revision of the constitution is kind of like a "complex". Nothing more, nothing less. America need not worry. Japan is a friend of with Western powers.

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Posted in: Over 40% of Chinese have positive impression of Japan: survey See in context

40% likes Japan pretty much translates to 60% hates Japan. Also, I am wary of these kinds of numbers coming from China as that their new objective is to befriend Japan into opposing the USA but if Japan does come around to help China, wouldn't Japan be under attack from Trump's leadership? If the USA calls their troops in Okinawa to retreat, it will leave Japan open to hostilities in the region. China will show their true face and together with North Korea, Japan will become vulnerable. Diversion tactic and also the main tactic which is to cause friction between Japan and the USA so that the two countries will hate each other and breakup; once breakup, China will step in and try to crush Japan first followed by the USA as a next target. Never trust commies!! Democratic countries even if in full disagreement with another country, they are never gonna attack them because that would be unjust and wrong whereas communists see "an opening" and they strike immediately. Difference right there!

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Abenomics is very successful. Premium Friday didn't have a good start which is a pity and to make matters worse, is the campaign still active? Before working on a strong military to defend enemy invasion, it would be great if the Japanese government would work towards reducing the income differences between male workers and female workers. I wish the Japanese economy and social security will obtain great success!

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Posted in: Trump congratulates Abe on 'HUGE' re-election in Japan See in context

Thank you Mr. Trump. I hope Japan and the USA will continue an alliance of gold. Japan is leader of Asia and America leader of world; two leaders must unite for a future of prosperity.

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Posted in: Abe re-elected LDP leader, setting stage to become Japan's longest-serving PM See in context

Congratulations PM Abe, your victory is well deserved. With your continous leadership, the constitution revision will go smoothly and Japan will become powerful enough to crush enemy invasions in Asia once the military is strengthened further. Please build some nuclear deterrents to ensure the prevention of war or enemy invasions will go smoothly. With you as leader, the economy will flourish and the stock market will go up.

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Although they say it is two leaders but what I see is one leader and a subordinate in disguise. Have people already forgotten that the South Korean leader was a former defector; what if the defecting is actually blending in with the crowd. South Korean and North Korean leaders are very close which is very worrying but then again, even if the Koreas unite as one and with China as their main ally, Japan will be isolated because American troops will be forced to withdraw from South Korea. Instead, the American troops in South Korea will be replaced with Chinese troops. This is a big problem.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Absolutely terrible. I wish the police officer rest in peace. 33 years old is very young; this is a tragedy.

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Good job Abe-san and please keep it up. Work hard and bring forth a new era for Japan. I personally give you a grade of 78% and that is a B+. Doing great but you need to work harder. Please boost Japan's military strength so that your fellow countrymen can live without fear of foreign enemy invasions.

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I think Trump has no say on the matter of Japan meeting with Iran. I do not think Japan maintaining good bilateral ties with Iran will harm Japan-US relations as that is a whole different matter. It never hurts to have more allies even when the allies are enemies of each other. I support the Japan-Iran meeting.

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I know it is a bit early but congratulations, Abe-san. I look forward to seeing you as the leader of Japan again. Your strong leadership can unite Asia as one entity. Also, please work on boosting the military might of Japan as that there are regional enemies that might endanger the national security of Japan. China has been building military bases in the South China Sea; that could be a problem. Japan needs a strong military to counter that kind of problem. Also, as leader of Japan, you must bear the responsibility of building nuclear weapons, deterrents to regional enemies even if it means lowering your approval ratings. For the sake of a future Japan that is safe from enemy invasions, do everything necessary to stand strong. Abe-san, ganbatte.

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I understand where Russia is coming from. Russia do not want an American missile defense system in their region. However, Russia must also understand where Japan is coming from. Japan cannot make its own missile defense system of such capabilities and without proper protection, Japan may come under attack by neighboring nations such as North Korea and China. I do not see why Russia would be helping North Korea. As for China, I do not believe Russia would mobilize troops to aid China in invading Japan or allies in the near future. Getting the missile defense system from Russia doesn't work because China might be using it already and know all the strengths and weaknesses. Japan will be at a disadvantage. Hopefully, Russia will come to understand that Japan is not arming itself with an American missile defense system to anger Russia or have any intentions of seeking conflict with Russia. The missile defense system is solely for protection purposes.

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