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Posted in: Pentagon authorizes $1 bil for Trump's border wall See in context

Who needs congress to control spending when your party despises the constitution?

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The problem with wrestling control from May is that whilst wrestling control in Westminster is one thing, actually translating whatever indicative voting ends in into an offer and directing it back to the EU requires May. The EU can not negotiate with Parliament.

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Posted in: Democrats demand full Mueller report; Trump says OK with him See in context

Someone, please leak the full report. LoL

Not as optimistic.

I assume the full report has only been in the hands of Barr, Rosenstein, and perhaps the Office of Legal Counsel.

Barr obviously isn't going to leak it. Rosenstein isn't either. Perhaps someone from the OLC... but, unclear if anyone still has access to it after reviewing it over the weekend.

I think the only chance it sees the light of day is when there's a Democratic POTUS with an AG who will sign off on its release, sadly. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't expect much of Mueller's report to see the light of day with Trump in office.

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Posted in: Pentagon authorizes $1 bil for Trump's border wall See in context

Good to know that the Pentagon is at least $1b over-funded. Let's scratch that off next budget and give it to starving kids instead.

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