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Posted in: U.S. defends Japan against China's plutonium criticism See in context

Please keep those plutonium, a weapon grade Uranium properly so that Japan can give as a Bomb Gift to US one day!

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Posted in: Crimean leader asks Putin for help in restoring peace See in context

Many of the comment here appears to be far from what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. Far right fascist masquerading as a democrats are prowling the street of Kiev rather than Russian forces restoring order. What if such group march into Japanese Diet? Will Abe say ...Wellcome?

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Posted in: Nanjing massacre memorial stirs strong emotions in China See in context

Well according to my opinion, Japan has to have an Official Statement of apology honoured by both the ruling and the opposition in their National Diet. Otherwise the flip flop position of Japan is really racking up fire in the region which may go out of control. In the era of information technology unlike the past, it may snowball into inextinguishable wild fire engulfing the whole region. Darkness is appearing to be descending unless otherwise Japan is tactful in dealing its past history. Japan has nothing to lose in owning up the moral responsibilities which the younger generations have no control of their own, they only own the past legacies. Japanese credibility, security and stability will increase dramatically once official position is taken and settle once and for all so that its neighbour will have little excuse to provoke their own citizen against Japan.

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Posted in: Crimean leader asks Putin for help in restoring peace See in context

“As prime minister of Crimea, I have taken the decision to subordinate directly to me the units of the security forces of the interior ministry, security service, army, navy, tax service and border guards.”“I order all commanders to fulfil only my directives. All those who do not agree I ask to leave the service,” Said Aksyonov, the so called Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Well in which century is he living? Is he Dictator in the form of Prime Minister? Didn't Ukraine have a constitution? Is Ukraine govern by constitution or by one showmanship? what nonsense is this? Where are the legal framework of a state? Just as one dictator is destroyed another raised its ugly head in the form of Aksyonov as Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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Posted in: 3 deer still missing after 6 escape from Kumamoto zoo See in context

It must be in the kitchen menu of some neighbors! Just kidding.. Run, deer, run! is the most appropriate phrase!

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Posted in: Ukraine picks pro-Western leader as president flees See in context

Groups of 50,000/ people protesting and occupying the Ukrainian Parliament is a sham..What about the remaining 46 million population of Ukraine? Usurpation of power through unruly street protest is nothing less than Mobocrazy...this groups can be equated to thugs...who are scared of ballot box..using unfair means......

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Posted in: Trade ministers resume TPP talks in Singapore See in context

California produce 2 million tons of rice and they wanted to sell it to Asia-pacific Nations, but what will happened to 580 million tons of rice produced by Asia Pacific? What will Asia Pacific say? This Asia Pacific accounts to 90% of total rice production in the world. That is to say that the whole other remaining countries of the world produce only 10% out of the total 100%. If america wants to sell their 2 million tons of rice in Asia Pacific because America do not eat rice as their staple diet, than where will Asia Pacific go and sell its rice production which accounts to 90% of the world rice production?

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of meddling after Obama-Dalai Lama meeting See in context

It is in their blood, old and dirty american habit....that's how they rule the world...it will happen even in Japan....old habit die hard

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. remain far apart on TPP trade talks: Amari See in context

@ B.B.Q.DemonFEB. 22, 2014 - 11:23AM JST -" You've got to be kidding me. California alone alone produce 2 million tons of rice -.... blah blah.....

Well I agreed with your statement that California produce 2 million tons of rice, but what about the 580 million tons of rice produced by Asia Pacific? What will you say? This Asia Pacific accounts to 90% of total rice production in the world. That is to say that the whole other remaining countries of the world produce only 10% out of the total 100%. If america wants to sell their 2 million tons of rice in Asia Pacific because America do not eat rice as their staple diet, than where will Asia Pacific go and sell its rice production which accounts to 90% of the world rice production? Don,t try to sell your crab idea.....

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. remain far apart on TPP trade talks: Amari See in context

I am indeed saddened to see the inside out of the Japanese opinions. There appears to be a phobia about mentioning American atrocities to the Japanese during WWII. It is still harder to believe that in Japan those who loves their nation and wanted to defend with dignity without any string being attached to America are considered idiot. It appears that Japan has been bought by the capitalist (Ltd). Japan appears to be up for sale, their policies are conditioned by corporate opinions and other powerful sovereign states like America. Who owns this Japan Today? Is this press advocating Japanese interest or trying to please some powerful entity for its corporate survival? Are those who love Japan a minority in Japan? Does the Trade Policy conditioned Japanese Foreign Policy? or is Japanese National Security conditioned Japanese Foreign Policy? So long as trade is the parameter for defining Japanese foreign policy, Japan will reach nowhere. Gone 21st century and Japan will still be there as it is today, i.e., Japan will still be under the overarching protection of other countries. Much of the hype inflammatory reactions are condoned by powerful entity. Japanese were forced to lived on quilts committed by their past ancestors which the younger generations have no control of their own. They only own the moral responsibilities. I am afraid I am appearing more Japanese than the real Japanese....

Now on the TPP, let us be very fair once again. America produce no rice, they only produce corn. It will be the East Asian countries from which the most staple food of Japan are to be produced. What America can give is only WEAPONS and false sense of security. In actual confrontation America will not be in a position to intervene, doing so will mean annihilating the whole world. At the same time, America will use the so call 12 nations as a tool among themselves. America will always emerge as a champion when such situation arises.

Q. What does America want from the Asia-Pacific Rim Nations? Ans. America want military Bases in these region. America wanted to create the same Middle East situation in Asia-pacific.

Q. Why? Ans. They want 21st Century to remain as American Century or else the future of America is gone. They have already declared Obama as America's First Pacific President. What? who crown him that title? American Corporates and policy makers. America can survive only when it takes a foothold in Asia-pacific.

And now this TPP is going to determine Japanese Foreign Policy? .....leave it to the policy makers of Japan or American Policy makers?.....

Japan can have a multilateral trade agreement within the East Asian Nations First under certain Multinational Trade Corporations. These East Asian countries can also have military alliances besides trade partnership. Then only in the name of this East Asian Conglomerate enters into Agreement with America if indeed requires at all. This will definitely strengthen and safeguard not only the Japanese interest but the whole regional interest as well. It will always be the Whole Region as One, and America. Otherwise each 12 nation will try to gain their own interest thereby allowing America to be the Champion of this region. Therefore there should be two agreement, First Agreement within the East Asian Pacific Nations and later, the East Asian Pacific Nations with America. no time...........

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Posted in: NHK chief vows impartiality after wartime sex slavery remarks See in context

Let us be very fair. Katsuto Momii was right when he said, US conducted the war crime trials against those Japanese Imperial Army to concealed America's nuclear atrocities to Hiroshima and Nagasaki but he was wrong when he said it is normal for every nation to have sex slaves during those war time.

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Posted in: Ordeal over See in context

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!......hail the scuba divers. It took courage to explore. It takes a women to even need more courage to be accepted as equals. They have proven themselves....condolences to those still missing..

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Posted in: Obama to visit Japan, S Korea, Malaysia, Philippines in April See in context

@ SerranoFEB. 13, 2014 - 07:21AM JST Whose fault is this?

It is America's fault. America can offer nothing other than exporting disorder and conflict in the name of TPP. Just imagine, how America declares Obama as The First Pacific President without consulting any of the so call 12 nations. America is trying to replay middle east in Asia-pacific. Whereas America can export war and conflict in the region, the brunt has to be borne by those so call 12 nations, mainly Japan, Korea, Philippine, Vietnam & Malaysia. Asia pacific cannot shift, they have to remain as neighbors. Whereas American policy can shift from one of confrontationist policy to befriending it, the region will fall from its grace as it cannot change its borders. This will leave behind a legacy of hatred in the region for decades to come, thereby weakening their economy rather than strengthening the region. This will ensure America to maintain its hegemony once the actual conflict started. Therefore Japan cannot fall into the trap of america in the name of TPP. TPP is just a smokescreen, the actual intention is creating conflict in the name of profit for the Asian. The actual intention is racking up disorder and conflict so that america can station their military bases in this region as a replacement from middle east. What America assume is that it will take 40 to 50 years to stabilized from the destabilized conditions, therefore America should shift quickly to the Asia Pacific for ratcheting war for its hegemony.

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context

@ Osaka_DougFEB. 12, 2014 - 01:17PM JST

People outside of Okinawa are saying destroying nature is a necessity for the economy and defense. The"economy" however is a man made item to help the humans enjoy life but humans cannot survive only on the "economy" . The "economy" will die if there is no nature-air, water, resources- - so as humans, I think protecting nature is actually more important to our survival than growing the economy... I agree with your comment, economy is for human not human for economy. There is a saying of a Native American (Red Indian) much before America wipe them out from their ancestral home. Here it goes....." when the last tree has been cut down, when the last fish has been caught and when the last river has been poison, then humanity will realized that money cannot be eaten as food". When the white men came to America, all they want was gold... but America was not a land of gold.... they were caught and hung a brass chain with lock with number plate on their neck, their wives and children were held captive and raped and their husband were send to find gold. And when they cannot bring gold, they were executed. In forty years of the white men entering their native territory, 40,000/ native American were exterminated out of the 60,000/ held captive. When a census was conducted again after 60 years of the white men entry to Native territory, none of the 60,000/ survived . All the locals were exterminated. That's just a piece of history.

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Posted in: Japan's unease over U.S. alliance adds fuel to Abe's security shift See in context

That is partly due to the perception in Japan that U.S. power is declining longer term as China’s clout grows and the growing importance of Sino-U.S. economic ties. By Linda Sieg

It is true. The US is looking for a smooth policy shift. They can not confront China in any way as the deterrence increases rapidly. Defending Japan may lead to global annihilation, therefore US will not be able to even defend Taiwan forget about Japan. As we blog on the net, China, US and Thailand is undergoing joint military exercise.The 2014 exercise, set to open on Tuesday in Thailand's Phitsanulok, will involve forces from eight countries including Thailand, the United States, Indonesia and the Republic of Korea reports the Xinhua News, the official mouth peice of PRC . Its a double standard

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Posted in: U.S. intelligence chief: Sense of destiny drives China's aggression See in context

@ clapper“The region and the world wants to see that China’s intentions as it grows are to participate in and contribute to the international system as a country that respects international norms, respects the rights of others, and accepts that rules not coercion must, at the end of the day, guide behavior,” he said.

Clapper should first go and look at the mirror himself and check whether he sees China or US he is representing. What America has been doing for centuries has not even started by China in its own backyard. How many assassination bid to its neighbouring countries in Latin America? Oh! Oh! in compliance of international norms? Who dropped atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? China? Who attack Vietnam? Who attack Cuba? Was it China? Who attacked Cambodia? who attacked Iran in collusion with Iraq? Who attacked Iraq later? was it by Iran or US? who attack Lebanon? who attacked Afghanistan? who attacked Somalia? who attacked Korean? who attacked Libya? who attacked Syria at present? Whose friend is this terrorist called Al Qaeda? which country is terrorising the world other than America? Clapper should first go and teach his lesson to his government and then speak to the Asian. This is like calling thief a thief.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan, S Korea, China to overcome historical animosity See in context

CH3CHOFeb. 05, 2014 - 06:29PM JST Judging by the way America conduct its diplomacy, as they fish in murky water, I came to that conclusion. It may be right or wrong, its just a personal perspective. Nobody can be certain of his intention, but one thing is clear; not all good intention leads to good result or yes otherwise sometime, bad hidden intentions may lead to good result as well.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan, S Korea, China to overcome historical animosity See in context

“There are multiple perspectives, but one thing is certain—none of the problems, none of these tensions, can be solved by any one party alone,” Russel told reporters. What? Does it mean that only if America intervene solution can come? Japan, Korea and China haves brain what the American do not possessed, they can definitely settle it. There are no permanent friends and permanent enemy is diplomacy. What is impossible today may be possible tomorrow and what is possible today may be impossible tomorrow. Didn't you see how the West and east Germany got united? It was considered impossible in the past but now we know it is. Just look back at how USSR, the super power got disintegrated. Can one imagine it? It has happened. It was considered impossible to break USSR into pieces unless otherwise by foreign intervention.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe 'Asian Hitler' See in context

A man who killed his own uncle to consolidate his power position calling Shinzo Abe Hitler? That's a little too outrageous. There may be an element of right wing nationalistic ego in his policy, but who actually is not? I rather prefer to have a strong Japanese military capabilities so that American bases are substituted. The golden era of Asian Peace will Reign in. Suspicion towards Japan will also be reduced. Japan will decide its policy without interjection. If Japan is to survive as a free and respectable nation of the world, trade policy of a foreign country should never determine Japanese Foreign Policy, rather National Policy of Japan should determine Japan's Foreign policy with others. If Japan follows this principles, nobody can shake them, come what may. At present it appears to be the opposite.

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Posted in: Obama's Asia policy set back by Democrat See in context

@ To, SF of JP 330 Feb. 04, 2014 - 07:29AM JST, I tried quoting it from The Diplomat & the Herald of New Zealand, yet when I previewed it myself, it all comes in the form of percentage and years, therefore I removed those quotations. However, I explained each and every intentions of America after every such reference. Let me tell you this; America has a hidden agenda in its Policy of Pivot to Asia as it has been laid out clear, but what have not been told is their intentions. They are going to shift the battle front to Asia Pacific from the Middle East in the name of trade agreement. It is no doubt that non-state actors are becoming an active players in international politics, yet states still remains the predominant factors in determining their policies. Therefore very often, in the name of protecting trade partnership, military bases are built up. The great dream of America making Asia as Americas Pacific Century is clear and loud. It does not matter whether America scale back its military budget or not, what we are not actually told publicly is the joint military venture in Research and Development with various so called NATO Allies of Europe and few Asian countries which runs into trillions cannot be said to have cut its military expenditure. America is still by far the single largest spender in military development. The United States is trying to further polarise the already divided Asia by ganging up allies and foes. The historical course of America is clear. Wherever it goes, there is smoke and fire, there is bloodshed and ruin. Just see how a great ally of America like Iraq is finally destroyed falsely implicating them to WMD and Twin Tower Bombing. Just see yourself how America is ganging up with Al Qaeda, Takfiris, Jihadist, and FSA against the Syrian Regime? On the contrary, many senators like Roan Paul believe that World Trade Centre bombing is an insiders job. Well it will not be as rosy as America dreams, yet it will play a spoil sports. The surest and the most reasonable way for America to convince the East & South East Asian Countries is on economic front. How on earth can America convince the East & South East Asian countries that America wants to contain Asian Powers like Russia, India and China and that they want to set its military bases in their courtyard for American aggrandisement? Will the East Asian countries be that foolish to say yes? Therefore it has to come as a smokescreen through Trade Agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Their actual dream is to make these Asian States to come under its control and declare Obama as Americas first Pacific president. Just see the audacity declaring President Obama of United States as Americas first Pacific president? I really feel pity for my Asian leaders and policy makers for their inability to comprehend what the actual intention of America is. Just look at Ban Ki Moon as well. Cant we see how he governs the worlds United Nations? Really shabby indeed! Cant he just look back to Kofi Anand of Ghana, the then General Secretary of UNO? For that matter, Indians are the smartest. So long as trade determines the national policy of a state rather than the national policy determining the policy of trade, there is no future for those countries. What East Asian & South East Asian States has been doing is exactly that. Therefore American trade policy determine the Asian National Policy, therefore American TPP determine their national policy. Therefore, they will crumble together with the declining monster. However of late, America realised the impossibilities of actualising their policy. American reach is under constrained due to its economic downfall. There is a hint that President Obama might once again cancel his April 2014 schedule to East Asian & South East Asian States to drum up trade relations so that the agenda of Military Rebalancing can be actuated. How the global scenario will be unfolding in the coming months is to be seen with cross arms.

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Posted in: Obama's Asia policy set back by Democrat See in context

Pivot to Asia or the Strategic Rebalance which Washington prefers to call is nothing but shoring up the presence of U.S. military forces in a vital region especially in Asia-Pacific which is not only directed towards the ascendant China but to literally destroy the rising East Asian Economic Giants like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippine, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Australia. Surprisingly Obama christen himself to be Americas first Pacific president proclaiming America to have supremacy over many sovereign countries of Asia Pacific, including Japan. What is more surprising is that such proclamation was done from the remote corner of Washington D.C, even before consulting the so called Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Nations. To add more insult to the issue, Obama declared that Asia is where the action is going to be yet none of the so call would be TPP members were informed off by what it meant to be the actions to be. However the true colour was revealed from its veil only when his lieutenants rolled out two specific initiatives: (1). A build-up of military forces that is plainly directed against China overtly and covertly against India and Russia, by garnering the support of the so call 12 nations in the name of TPPs free trade agreement. China was explicitly name as it is easier for America to garner support as most of the would-be TPP nations are having overlapping territorial claims and disputes. Another reason why India and Russia were not used openly is mainly because of the complexities of relationship as many TPP nations may have reservation to oblige. (2). The next ambitious initiatives is to bring into an agreement for free trade and investment negotiations known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which will be later used as a smokescreen to challenge and defend American interest in Asia Pacific. Vowing that the future would be Americas Pacific Century America is secretly planning to create another Middle East in Asia by shifting its Military Bases which has now begun. Americas plain and simple assessment is that, it will take another four decades for the Middle Eastern States to stabilize themselves from the present destroyed situation. America has literally obliterated the Arabs and the Persians by pitching one another which have brought divisions and mistrust that can no longer stand as a challenge to the hegemonic dream of America controlling the world. The only obstacle lies in the rising Asian states. These Asian countries are not only economically rising but will become militarily powerful if the growing trends of economic stability are not destroyed. The only and surest way to defeat them is waging a wedge among the Asian states in the name of TPP. This will not only challenge the rising Asian powers like India, China, Russia etc, but also a means to pitched TPP nations versus the Non-TPP nations, thereby destroying all the Asian nations like as they did to the Middle East countries. Finally, America expect to see the fate of the Middle Eastern States in Asia Pacific drawing them into deadly confrontations, thereby not only destroying the Asian countries but also brightening the prospect of America maintaining the so call Americas Pacific Century.

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Posted in: China considering new Air Defense Identification Zone over South China Sea: report See in context

@kaimycahl, I am sorry I have disappointed you a lot but allow me to disagree with you on perspectives. If you want me to write what you wanted to hear that's another, thing but if someone is to express what they feel and you find it difficult to stomach, I can't help it. Allow me to first rectify your perception on who I am. Nobody pays me for this and for your information I am not a Chinese. I am an Indian, the place your Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited in our recent Republic Day celebration. I fully agree your disagreement because I come from a multicultural and multiracial country which we called it unity in diversity unlike yours. We don't have the mechanized thought like yours; therefore my disagreement with any of the policy or so in my country can be debated out in open. Or if you feel my perceptions are little bit too spicy, you can quietly ignored without using the word BS. I appreciate your countering point by points but let me tell you this. There are no countries in the world that slaughters as much human being as the American did. They trade war for profit. Lies and deception are their keys to diplomacy. Coercion is primacy to peaceful resolution despite the means available. They bully when they know that their enemy cannot fight back and they backs down only when they feel they cannot win. They lie for building empire. I am surprise that a person of the same kind show scorn and discord yet harbours loves and marriage of convenient to those who inflict unpardonable sin, i.e. manslaughter. By the way, I am an American Baptist by faith, a Christian by religion. I share lots of commonality in believes with American, yet I agree to disagree with their foreign policy. Henry Kissinger's "Lying for Empire" will tell you the true colours of America. If this is not sufficient, " Blood Trials: History Course of America" will reveals their true nature. They trade men as slaves. They run business and profit out of ruin. This is what I as a student of Political Science got to know by reading and reasoning not just mugging what they write. If I am to believe what America says; there will be no India, no China, No Russia, no Germany, no Japan. There will be just one world order, i.e. a uni-polar world. Fortunately they learnt their lesson hard in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria, all due to their creation for profit out of ruin. Somebody’s misfortune is their fortune. Nobody pay me for writing this. It is due to my conviction that I decided to blog in my free time. Unlike your developed Japan where time is considered money and money as time, I can afford to spare some few minutes fulfilling my own desire. Let me have the liberty to say this: America is baying for Japanese and Chinese blood so that they can fish in murky water. After all America will be important only if there is confrontation! Deeply in my heart I love Japan but that does not mean that I condoned their foreign policy. My comment has nothing to do with my attachment to China. To be very frank, I deeply mourn the Japanese lost of WWII. I mourn the death in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I still cry watching those videos and yet I should call them Allies or are they Aliens? My comment is for kaimycahl only if you are Japanese and not a decoy.

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Posted in: China considering new Air Defense Identification Zone over South China Sea: report See in context

Being from the Department of Political Science, my perspective on China-Japan conflict vis-à-vis the ADIZ has to be viewed from historical, political and strategic angles. The response of China ADIZ in East China Sea is inversely proportionate to the presence of approximately ninety (90) US military Bases mainly concentrated in Okinawa and Mainland Japan. According to NEO CON's policy of America and at present under the policy of New Asian Pivot under Obama, America has been secretly using Japanese bases to encircle and provoke China under its China Containment policy, all at the peril of Japan. US has been hell bent to create a mortal enemy between Japan and China under the obligation of Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) 1960 even to the tune of costing Japan $ 6 Billion in 2001 to the host nation. America has been consistently doing the same in South Korea and Taiwan all at the peril of the host nation. The ultimate end product is the harsh response from its powerful neighbour, China and Russia with contempt and to certain extent North Korea. How many provocative war games has been exercise by Japan, South Korea with America all simulating the invasion of China or for that matter simulating Chinese and North Korean invasion? Has Japan been more secured doing so? Has Korea been more secure doing so? It has driven the poor North Korean state to extremity by nuclearising their state. After all that's the safest way for deterrence. America has used its military Bases in Japan excessively during the Korean War. Where is the guarantee that US bases in Japan will not be used in its American policy of self Aggrandizement under the New Asian Pivot, or containment and encirclement of China? America has never given Japan and China to develop its normal and friendly relations since the dropping of Atom Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or rather after the surrender of Japan to America in 1945. America has been interjecting in the normalisation process only from view point of its national interest, or American perspective and not in Japanese perspective. Therefore whenever there is a Security response in the form of ADIZ either in South China Sea or East China Sea, it is always seen as a response against Japanese interest. America has been shrewdly and meticulously exploiting the loophole from the past historical discord of their neighbours. On the other hand, China could not mustered its strength to confront and condemned American policy exploiting Japanese territory; China choose to pour its contempt to Japan for allowing America to used Japanese territory against China. At the end, when actual confrontation takes place, Japan will absorb the full impact as it had in the past while America will turn its tail and run saving its territory from full confrontation. America does not want any missiles to land in its territory yet they do not mind confronting using others territories. I will rather caution Japanese Policy Makers to be beware of such dirty tricks of America. The only solution lies in kicking out America from its territory and urging China to scale back from its war mongering gesture which China will proudly comply. Any historical discords are the left behind legacy inherited by the younger generation without their fault. They can sit together as free nations and sort it out without any confrontation by subtracting American hidden agenda, thereby minimising their problems. The policy of diplomacy base on negotiation will make Japan far more secure than having America at its side ready for confrontation. This is definitely a false sense of security for Japan and South Korea lest they may live in perils of doomsday.

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Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan spar at U.N. over Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Shinzo Abe visiting the Yasukuni Shrine is not just about an individual visiting the war shrine but a public figure endorsing the wrong committed by its armed forces. It is basically like rubbing salt into the scar that has not been healed. However what has happened cannot be undone, but what can be done by Japan has not been done yet. The future of Japanese stability is in the hands of the Japanese people not in American military might. What wonders me as a foreigner is how Japan could easily submit and forget the atrocities of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear bombing of 1945 committed by United States of America killing hundreds and thousands of Japanese instantly and maiming and poisoning hundreds and thousands thereafter. America has never said sorry to Japan, rather the man who dropped the nuclear bomb reiterated without any remorse to the manslaughter that if such situation so arises again, he will not hesitate to drop the same bomb over Japan. I am just sick at how America considers the Asian as guinea pigs and yet Japan refuses to say sorry to the actual deeds committed by their so called war heroes to China and the two Koreas! It appears that Japanese people are accepting the racial inferiority of their own kind against the whites for they do not maintain the same ego on these issues. America cannot be by the side of Japan all the time. The world is fast changing. Any war with its powerful neighbours will not be intervened by America as it will annihilate the whole world. It is most certainly clear that America will not dare to venture in such deadly confrontation. It does not matter how many bilateral treaties are signed for Japanese protection, at the end it will be Japanese affairs. I believe Japanese be politically correct than pursuing dead diplomacy for no gain of its future stability. What Japan stands to gains is just ego, the substance has evaporated. I hope Japan be late than never. None of the Japanese living today is responsible for the wrong committed by their grand military during war time, they only own the legacy. Therefore saying sorry for the atrocities do not mean surrendering Japan, it only releases the wrong legacy that only hurt the ego but not substance.

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