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I wondered why it was a light information providing article, then I saw it was written for the American Chamber of Commerce-Japan members.

1) Did not touch on the issue of larger number of moving engine components needed for hydrogen engines vs electric motors

2) Did not touch on the issue of decreasing lithium battery price (Morgan Stanley)

3) Hydrogen, as a green energy source, is viable for shipping, rail, and heating, even if hydrogen powered cars don't take off.

4) Usage of hydrogen, keeps energy providing services under the control of government and large corporations.

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Hopefully it doesn't take 100 years, like it took Nikka Whiskey, to become world class.

In other news:

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Shouldn't we be more concerned with China?

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Posted in: Russia proposes building natural gas pipeline to Japan: Nikkei See in context

South China Sea is looking unstable! Japan is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Japan should go green! Tap into the magma generating heat to provide MORE electricity, etc. Throw off the shackles of "sending cash" overseas for electricity.

Put an "electric surcharge tax" on imported manufactured products to assist the companies which do manufacturing in Japan (and pay higher electric rates.)

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Posted in: New high beam lamp does not dazzle other drivers See in context

Japanese drivers shutting off their lights at an intersection started off as a measure to "save energy", during the oil crises in the early 1970's.

I can't count the number of times I have seen Japanese drivers forget to turn their headlights back on after the light changes. Dangerous!

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