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I am a Japanese woman who was stalked for many months by a stranger (most stalkers tend to be someone the victim knows) - it started with when the man saw my lights come on he would bang on my door and window all the while yelling to let him in - or he would ring my phone - all this would continue till the early hours of the morning. As a result when I came home from work I would not turn on my lights, nor turn on the TV, nor pick up the phone so the stalker wouldn't know I was home. One day he knocked on my door and said he was from Yomiuri Shinbun and he would not stop knocking so I opened the door with the chain on to tell him to go away. Turns out it was the stalker. He broke the chain, forced himself into my apartment, and pushed me down really hard - I screamed at the top of my lungs and he went away. By this point I was scared for my safety and went to the police to see whether they could do something. They told me that even if he broke down my door and put a big hole in it they couldn't take any action unless he had physically harmed me - broke my bones, stabbed me, etc. - at this point I was "only" bruised. Hence, it wasn't worthwhile filing a criminal report against the man and putting a smear on his name. I was extremely shocked to hear this and my confidence in the Japanese police plummeted. The only action I could take was to move out of that apartment and move into a high security apartment paying triple the rent. I think the fault lies largely in the police's lax view on what is stalking and the seriousness of the crime. By the time I had broken a bone or had been stabbed it would have been too late. In Hayakawa-san's case I have a feeling that the police didn't try hard enough to prevent this ending.

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