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Single Mothers by Choice does not imply a partner in the raising of a child. Are these pregnancies a mutual business transaction between parties, or do they involve some kind of deception (does the father know they are going to be an anonymous sperm donor or anonymous financial provider), or have they become a single parent due to relationship breakdown or divorce? Is the child allowed to have a meaningful relationship with the non-custodial parent? There is nothing wrong with being a single parent but how the decision is made matters.

@GW: I totally agree.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

What immigrants are going to want to come to Japan to work 5 hours overtime per day?

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Posted in: Osaka 1st city in Japan to recognize same-sex couple as foster parents See in context

Will same-sex parents have the same issues with loss of custody at the time of child abduction? Will their child lose the right to both of their same-sex parents as a result of the selfish action of one of their parents?

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Posted in: Kindergarten teachers taped child’s hands and feet for discipline See in context

There are no excuses for this action. This is just a case of teachers not being able to deal with the situation correctly.

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