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MaikuC comments

Posted in: Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years See in context

The victim is the child.

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Posted in: Kishida calls on people to drink more milk See in context


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Posted in: Woman turns herself in at police box, saying she killed her husband See in context

In Japan, your family kills you.

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Posted in: Man ordered to pay damages for tweeting insults over late 'Terrace House' star See in context

The ruling wraps more cotton wool around the unresilient mind. It does not help someone build mental resilience to survive in this world.

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Posted in: Mori makes another offensive remark toward women See in context

Keep on stepping down, down, down... No amore lost for Mori.

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

For what political reason did the US Government throw these American citizens under a bus?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic creative chief quits over derogatory remark about Naomi Watanabe See in context

What does Naomi think about it?

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

It begs the question who are the paedophiles enforcing these regulations?

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Posted in: Officials dealing with COVID-19 working nearly 400 hours overtime a month See in context

When does the amount of overtime become evidence of incompetence?

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

This has absolutely nothing to do with gender equality.

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Posted in: From Twitter star to vaccine czar: Taro Kono's moment in the spotlight See in context

Kono latest update in his role as COVID-19 vaccine minister... https://twitter.com/konotaromp/status/1362181078706839553?s=19

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Posted in: High school student arrested for sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl in toilet See in context

The darkside of kawaii culture...

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Posted in: Nurseries' attempts to cut operations during pandemic spark confusion See in context

Didn't anyone notice some of the children are actually walking on the road...

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

Japan is an advanced country...

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy kills aunt, then commits suicide by jumping in front of train See in context

Where are the parents?

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Posted in: After hospital visit, Abe says he will do his utmost as prime minister See in context

A leader more concerned about personal world records than the needs of his people.

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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context

I support Ms. Ito but not in this action.

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Posted in: Abe to return to work after 3-day break See in context

But Mr Aso, Abe gets most of his shut eye in the Diet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting 9-year-old girl in car See in context

Japan stop sexualising children.

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Posted in: Man arrested over older brother’s murder in Yokohama See in context

Japan is a safe country.

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Posted in: Mother who drowned 11-month-old daughter in bathtub ruled mentally fit to stand trial See in context

There are so many other alternatives than killing your children. Why do so many parents particularly mothers choose murder?

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

@Cricky would you prefer a competent manager or one chosen based on some arbitrary criteria such as gender, sexual preference etc?

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

Joint custody after separation and divorce is very beneficial for children and even mothers too. However, the Minister of Justice appears to prefer one parent usually the father is a mere bank account than a parent. You reap what you sew Japan.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to her death from 6th-floor apartment See in context

Maybe it's time to retrofit apartment windows in Japan with child safety locks.

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Posted in: European lawmakers chide Japan over parental child abductions See in context

Also, those MOFA Hague Convention successful child return and return order stats are highly suspect.

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Posted in: European lawmakers chide Japan over parental child abductions See in context


Conversely, abusive partners could flee to Japan to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. In either case these matters should be dealt with in the jurisdiction the child was abducted from.

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Posted in: The odd phenomenon of some Japanese husbands making their wives put their socks on for them See in context

Pathetic mother complex....

Ironically caused by women.

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Posted in: Japan wants U.S. to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee See in context

Japan does not extradite its citizens on the FBI most wanted list. So why should the US extradite its citizens to the Japanese hostage justice system?

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun arrested on domestic abuse charge See in context

Innocent until proven guilty.

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Posted in: Japan, faced with criticism, scrambles to do more coronavirus testing See in context

The Japanese government has shown time and time again it needs to be pushed to wake up and act. Is the Japanese government too obese with corruption and cronyism? Had the ruling party been in power without any accountability for too long and is complacent?

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