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Posted in: JAL pilots say they did not see coast guard plane when touching down See in context

sakurasukiToday  07:30 am JST

JAL pilots say they did not see coast guard plane when touching down

That was A350, not a small kei car where drivers can easily see whatever in front of them. That plane need to have nose up while landing with certain angle. Also pilot have green light dashboard from their panel, with backdrop many lights from airfield and city lights. That coast guard plane is small plane 30% less than A350 and really have small profile to be visible during night time. 

Also check again from moment of collision, can anyone tell where's the coast guard plane? 


Agree JAL was probably in flare attitude with nose slightly pointed up just before touchdown. Difficult to see what’s on the runway just before them at that moment.

I flew on a JAL domestic configured A350 and I recall there are “chin” and “tail” cameras available for passengers to view outside. I wonder if that is recorded. Would be interesting to see what happened just before touch down.

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Posted in: SpaceX launches 4 amateurs on private Earth-circling trip See in context

The G force trainer jet is Russian SU 30 or MiG 29? Doesn’t look like anything in US arsenal.

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Posted in: Yokohama's Chinatown restaurants start drive-thru service See in context

1.5 million yen = about $14,000

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Posted in: 3 Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus See in context

“A total of 206 people arrived in Tokyo early in the morning on a government-chartered plane, and 204 of them are being tested for infection with the new coronavirus. The remaining two did not consent, according to the health ministry and the Tokyo metropolitan government”.

Japan needs to make testing and possible quarantine a condition to board the evacuation jet. If a person doesn’t consent, they stay back.

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Posted in: Story of boy killed in 1985 JAL crash resonates with kids, parents See in context

Very heart wrenching story... RIP Ken. Thank you Mrs. Miyajima for helping others. Ken’s death was not in vain...

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Posted in: Japan's planned SDF dispatch to Futenma hits U.S. snag See in context

@Fizzbit. You’re not imagining things. Two F-18 squadrons from Atsugi NAF have relocated to Iwakuni.


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Posted in: Researchers to visit wreckage site where Pearl Harbor mastermind Yamamoto died See in context

I concur with Dougan Nash. Although not a confirmed direct quote, he knew Japan will be defeated if they entered into war with the US.


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Posted in: Coffee milkshakes from McDonald's Japan See in context

Sounds good! Why don't they release this in the US?

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Posted in: Man arrested after trying to steal car with police officers inside it See in context

Doh! (_

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Posted in: ANA takes delivery of first Airbus A321neo See in context

ANA uses the Boeing 787 which competes with the Airbus A350 in the medium size twin aisle aircraft. I guess they chose Airbus A320/321 instead of Boeing 737 for single aisle aircraft.

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Posted in: Navy confirms 7 died in USS Fitzgerald collision off Japan See in context

Condolences and fair winds and following seas to the families and shipmates of those lost.

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Posted in: Relatives mark 5th anniversary of fatal reckless driving case in Kameoka See in context

If I were the husband, I would be waiting outside the prison on his release and administer real justice...

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

@San_Diegan (or anyone else who may know) I'm a US Air Force reservist and come to Japan on vacation or short TDY's. I know the law requires a temporary visitor to carry a passport with you at all times. However, I don't like carrying my passport around in my pocket when out on the town in fear of losing or damaging it. Would producing a valid military ID suffice if stopped by police in lieu of a passport?

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Posted in: Clam seekers See in context

@ Sabrage


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Posted in: 2 Japanese women killed after driving into shootout in Brazil See in context

Need to keep situational awareness (SA) high at home and abroad especially after the Paris attacks.

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Posted in: Consumer Affairs Agency urges people not to walk on escalators See in context

I use the stairs. Burns more calories...

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific Fleet chief joins surveillance of South China Sea See in context

I hope the mission went out with fighter CAP since it was a high asset value aircraft. Fighters probably couldn't be "seen"...

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Posted in: Body of 16-year-old girl swept away in canal found See in context

Damn shame...RIP... I concur with Alan as to why the schools weren't closed.

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Posted in: 40% of unattached singles in their 20s, 30s don't want relationship: survey See in context

Isn't it a characteristic of the Millennial generation in the US too?

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Posted in: Convenience store employee injured by robber See in context

In the U.S., convenience store staff suffer one of the highest on the job injury and death rates. I doubt Japanese violent crime rate will come close to the U.S., but combini staff (especially graveyard shift) need to undergo workplace violence training. No amount of money is worth risking serious injury or death. Just give them the money and call the cops.

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Posted in: Shin-Koiwa Station going all out to prevent human injury and death See in context

Sorry. wrong link. This is correct:


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Posted in: Shin-Koiwa Station going all out to prevent human injury and death See in context

I agree with other posters that money is better spent improving mental health care in Japan and trying to remove the stigma of seeking help for mental illness.

I really feel for the others that are traumatized by witnessing such acts. This poor driver tries to remain calm after a jumper jumps in front of his train. I'm sure he was mentally scarred and hopefully recovered.


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Posted in: Phallus Festival See in context

Sausage Fest? Why isn't one of them riding on top?...

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Posted in: Abe visits Univ of Southern California before returning home See in context

@toshiko: I can't fully understand your message but SC is not bad. Just a little jab at the Trojans in jest since I am a proud alumni of its crosstown rival UCLA. If you follow college athletics and have ever attended a USC-UCLA football game, you would understand.

btw. UCLA IS a top U in the area. Very highly ranked in the world (even above Todai).

http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2014-15/world-ranking http://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/rankings

Several notable Japanese have attended, taught and graduated from UCLA.

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Posted in: Hawaii food festival explores the wonders of canned meat See in context

I occasionally enjoy teriyaki spam musubi. The spam is marinated in teriyaki sauce and placed on rice Nigiri style. So Ono! Of course eaten in moderation. I make it with spam lite which is lower in fat and sodium.

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Posted in: Abe visits Univ of Southern California before returning home See in context

What?! He probably couldn't get in to UCLA... Go Bruins!!

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Posted in: Risa Yoshiki is back to yell at us, help us become better workers See in context

Damn! She better chill before she has a stroke...

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Posted in: Man drives into 2 kids, father; then gets out and punches father See in context

P*#ck needs a swift kick in the teeth then a long term prison sentence.

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Posted in: Residents up in arms over children's noise at daycare centers See in context

These old geezers need to lighten up and accept the "white noise" of children at play. These geezers need to realize that these young people are the ones that will be paying their (Japanese equivalent) social security checks...

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Posted in: No. of flu patients exceeds 2 mil in week to Jan 12 See in context

In the US, the predominant strain infecting people is the an Influenza A H3N2 type that is different from this years H3N2 component in the vaccine. This change in the flu virus is a result of "genetic drift" or change due to random changes in expression of its DNA. Estimates indicate that this years vaccine (based on last years flu viruses) is only 23% effective against the predominant circulating flu virus this year. Therefore, basic hygiene and infection control measures are important in protecting against flu. Also, early treatment with antivirals (Tamiflu) within the first 48 hours would lesen the severity and duration of illness.

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